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When Small Voices Don’t Speak For The Larger Community

When Small Voices Don’t Speak For The Larger Community (Randyjw; April 29, 2018)


There are many good reporters out there, whose work as “watchdogs” ought to, and often do, help to uncover important issues and actions which might need addressing by the larger community. Sometimes, they go unheard.


This one bears reading (it’s a reprint of a reprint, linked to at the secondary source, because I prefer it over the primary source in which it initially appears):




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Where In The World Is Berlin, Anyway?


Where In The World Is Berlin, Anyway? (Randyjw; April 26, 2018)


Where in the world is Berlin, anyway? Right — it’s in Germany. That’s “Germany” with a “y” at the end of it; not an “e,” because, otherwise, that would be “germane,” — as well as being a major mistake.


And where in the world is Jerusalem? Right; it’s in Israel. It has been the capital of the Jewish people for several -thousand years — way longer than there has ever been a country known as “Germany.” In fact, it has also been there for longer than most countries known in existence. It’s ancient. It’s ours.  And I can confirm that it is an actual location, which I lived in, in the country (or call it “state,” which is how it is known) of Israel.


But the German government thinks that Jerusalem exists nowhere. They believe there is no such country with Jerusalem as its capital. They refuse to acknowledge that the Jewish people have a capital. I guess they still want to erase our existence, somehow.


That is definitely not “germane;’ but, it is, definitively, German, uber alles.



Read the article at United With, here:





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On: Yehudim


On: Yehudim (Randyjw; April 26, 2018)


Of many reasons and examples for the meaning of the Jewish peoples’ Hebrew name synonymous to the term, “Yehudim,” a good synopsis for one of them is provided by, which is extracted from the Book of Prophets (or, “Nevi’im,” in Hebrew) in the chapter, Ezra (or, “”Help”; “Helper,” in Hebrew):





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News on the Nation – April 26, 2018


News on the Nation – April 26, 2018 (Randyjw; April 26, 2018)


Yesterday, a release issued through the public 1600 Daily newsletter gave optimism that the administration under President Trump is working to revamp or implement more-effective policies in the area of national security and defense.


A broad-based statement outlining some of the specific results already achieved in relation to the Proclamation signed by President Trump on September 24, 2017 regarding entry restrictions indicates that these measures may be enhancing security efforts to protect the nation and to provide for a more transparent collaboration on these issues with other foreign governments.


For a further look at the results, please see the link, here:




Update (June 27, 2018):

The U.S. Supreme Court upholds President Trump’s actions:


Update (September 26, 2018):

Cutler, Michael. “Google vs. Border Security: How Google employees colluded to undermine Trump’s executive orders.”; September 25, 2018: is not affiliated with the U.S. government and does not hold press credentials to the same. Endorsement by either site is unimplied.


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Mighty Response to Iranian Belligerence


Mighty Response to Iranian Belligerence (Randyjw; April 24, 2018)


The book of the Bible we commonly refer to in English by the name of Exodus, is actually termed Sefer Shemot in Hebrew, the meaning of which is “Book of Names,” due to its beginning lines, “Ve-el-eh shemot b’nai Yisrael…”: “And these are the names of the Children (lit. can be also read ‘Sons’) of Israel…”.


Exodus contains the accounts to which Jewish holidays bear adherence to our ancient Jewish traditions and holidays, several of which are: the giving of the Law on Mount Sinai to the Children of Israel, which is known by our holiday name of Shavuot; and Pesach, or “Passover,” referring to the time when, after 430 years, we were delivered from our slavery under the Pharaoh of Egypt through the petitions of Moses and his brother, Aaron (the future first Levite), to release us to let us worship our G-d, as we please.


Pharaoh did not wish to lose his free labor force, and refused consistently to let us go. Through ten plagues rained down by G-d upon Egypt, he finally must relent, when realizing that his decisions will merit G-d’s consequences for his refusal to acquiesce. So, our Israeli family moved from Egypt and were on our way to Israel (Canaan), when G-d decided to harden Pharaoh’s heart, again, in order to serve Pharaoh’s iniquity upon himself. When we reached a sea boundary, Pharaoh and his chariot cavalry had almost caught up with us. G-d told Moses to stretch his rod out over the sea so that we could pass through it on dry ground. When Pharaoh tried to follow with his chariot cavalry, Moses let the rod down and the sea closed upon the Egyptians and drowned them. It is commanded of us by G-d to retell this story annually, since from that time, which we do, and we also hold a special Seder, as well.


There are numerous instances in the Tanach (Jewish Bible) which refer to the presence of G-d being accompanied in cloud or in fire. Some of the fire references occur in these instances: on the giving of the Torah on Mount Sinai to Moses for the Jewish People; during the challenge of Elijah the Prophet (Israel) to the worshipers of the false gods of Ba’al to distinguish the real Lord, versus any fake; hail and brimstone raining down on the inhabitants of Sodom and Gomorrah; and the eternal flame within the Holy of Holies in the Jewish Temple.


Fire is also used by G-d as a guiding light to lead our people in our path, as is cloud. Pillars of each formed before us and behind us in order to light our way and to obscure our passage from our enemies. These occurrences are frequently mentioned in the Tanach. One such instance is the chapter in Genesis describing this phenomenon, read in verses twenty and twenty-one of the thirteenth chapter.


Thus it reads:




In other such instances, fire was used against those who trespass against G-d by committing attacks against the Jewish people as being surrogates to G-d’s word. Cloud coverage from G-d is often used to obstruct our enemies’ paths against us, while ensuring our safety. Plentiful examples abound in the Tanach, but here is an example where the Lord separates us as we depart Egypt, from the Egyptians desiring to recapture us (the entire Chapter of Exodus 14, in Hebrew and in English, follows: scroll down to verses 19 and 20 — or read it in full, if you prefer):




Here is a good example in modern day of such instances occurring, in this must-read article regarding Iranian belligerence against Israel, and a mighty response, following:


Berkowitz, Adam Eliyahu. “Are Natural Catastrophes in Iran End-of-Days Divine Retribution?”; Breaking Israel; April 24, 2018:




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From My Chest


From My Chest (Randyjw; April 24, 2018)


Having got(ten) it

from my chest

I’ve made the bed

perhaps to rest



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Love (Seven . . . )


Love (Seven . . . )


The one thing you’ve asked for

You’ve always had

You’ve held it close

in the palm of your hand



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Shellter Skelter

Shellter Skelter (Randyjw; April 23, 2018)


Through many years

was its love displayed

to create the home

the crab had made

She wore it proudly

on her back

constructed soundly

to thwart attack

Forgotten was her underside

the tender part she tried to hide

As each day brought a new growth spurt

her hardened shell began to hurt

Of the many, and plentiful, beautiful designs

Only one she particularly had in mind

A sweet and soft-shell kind was he

she cracked his shell to break it free

And now the two were both laid bare

in salty oceans that they shared

The one, despaired, a hermit she

in soft-blue shells she couldn’t be


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Genesis Prize 2018

Genesis Prize 2018 (Randyjw; April 22, 2018)







HonestReporting wrote an article on The Independent’s coverage of Ms. Portman’s alleged responses via her representative:



My email to The Independent, in reply:


Your reporter’s usage of the term, “regime,” reflecting Natalie Portman’s decision to accept her Genesis Prize in-absentia, is misleading, due to the fact that parties, and members within them, are mostly chosen democratically in Israel via votes of the public.


Update: provides an update to indicate that the Independent has now changed its usage of the term, “regime,” (see the initial link provided to the article, above). I received an email message from the Independent stating the same.


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Locket And Loaded

Locket And Loaded (Randyjw; April 21, 2018)


When you unlocked it

and set it free  ~ ~ ~

You didn’t know

that around my neck

with the locket

came both keys?


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I Am Also President Reuven Rivlin

I Am Also President Reuven Rivlin (Randyjw; April 19, 2018)






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Yom HaZikaron / Yom Ha’Atzma’ut

Yom HaZikaron / Yom Ha’Atzma’ut (Randyjw; April 17, 2018)
(Reposted May 1, 2019)
Soldiers, warriors, heroes, victims
mothers, fathers, siblings, children
departed, terrorism, so many gone, in memoriam
never forget, ever learned?
millions strong, remembering
Israel Stands Still


Israel Stands Still (Randyjw; Originally Posted: April 22, 2017)

Israel stands still

when the siren sounds across the land

recalling the fallen

the never again

You are not forgotten

but remembered again


Siren of Rehovot, Israel (2012):




I Am poem – Anne Frank

by Natasha Hashemi and Claire Hawer




Eli Atah – Shlomo Gronich and the Sheba Choir





In Happier Days (Randyjw; Originally Posted: April 23, 2017)


Through the slavery of Egypt;

through the auto-da-fe’s; the pogroms;

through the Inquisition; the Crusades;

and the exile of Babylon.


The destruction of our Temple

was more than the razing of a building;

it was the attempt to destroy through deicide

what they couldn’t destroy within.


The burning of our skin

in the synagogues

as they torched us alive in flames

worshipping false G-ds with idols

and blaspheming the Good L-rd’s name.


They eradicated us en masse in genocide

and overtook the Holy Land,

What they didn’t take, through Holocaust,

was that G-d would foil their plans.


G-d knows how to make it rain,

blessing, in its proper times.

As much as is done for the earth,

He has done, as well, for our minds.


Happy Rebirthday: Eternal, Israel


Happy Rebirthday: Eternal, Israel

(Randyjw; Originally Posted: 05/11/2016)



Yom HaZikaron

Remembrance Day (Memorial Day)





Yom HaAtzma’ut

Independence Day




Yom Holedet!

Happy Rebirthday, Israel.

Always Eternal.

Eternally Yours,


HaTikvah (The Hope; a poem by Naftali Herz Imber; also it is the Israel National Anthem)


Kol od balayvav pnima nefesh Yehudi homiyah

Ul fatey Mizrach kadima

Ayin L’Tsion tsofiyah

Od lo avdah tikvatenu

HaTikvah shnot al payim

Liyot Am chofshi be’artzenu

B’Eretz Tzion V’rushalyim.


(HaTikvah “The Hope” translation from “My Jewish Learning”:)

As long as within our hearts

The Jewish soul sings,

As long as forward to the East

To Zion, looks the eye —

Our hope is not yet lost,

It is two thousand years old,

To be a free people in our land

The land of Zion and Jerusalem.


Hear The Israel National Anthem, HaTikvah, on YouTube:


See excerpts of Israel’s first Prime Minister, David Ben-Gurion, proclaim the State of Israel, with HaTikvah in the background:


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Sea Reverie

Sea Reverie (Randyjw; April 15, 2018)


Icons of my memories

scattered like treasures found at the bottom of the sea

Glinting lights reflecting their proximity

awaiting discovery via divers of the deep


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Dark Ocean Ink

Dark Ocean Ink (Randyjw; April 14, 2018)


Within the inky black depths

of submersion

riding hollow currents

sightless to the

seafarer’s excursion

Not yet letting forth

that which will give me propulsion

Milk of pearlescent

expellant liquid jets

flowing midnight blue

on anemoned coral cushions


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The Fan

The Fan (Randyjw; April 12, 2018)


Unravelling the fan,

She picks it up

and the dance begins

From a darkened corner

merging with the light

shadows play in the sleight of hand

Concealing the darkest of sweltering nights

Castanets, tambourine and violin

music adjoining in a slow and urgent rumble

Stiletto heels, jasmine, chrysanthemum,

wooden floors echo their vibrations in the ensuing crescendo


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Rattle And Roll

Rattle And Roll (Randyjw; April 7, 2018)


These bones are old

They creak and crack

and resist unaccustomed movement

They’re unquestionably


and inhospitable to contortion

They’re staid

and plaid

wrapped in mommy jeans

and flannel

But, they’ve got my back

a metaphoric match

to the orb intellectual


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More On Nazi Gold And Other Interesting Info

More On Nazi Gold And Other Interesting Info (Randyjw; April 7, 2018)


Newsmax TV will be airing their documentary program, dated three years ago, called “The Search For Nazi Gold,” on Sunday, April 8, 2018 at 7:00 p.m., Eastern Time.




The following list, as of this date, from Newsmax TV provides U.S. carrier station information:





Here are some further, unvetted, article sites and information I made a search for and uncovered/discovered, which may be of additional interest:


Nazi Gold:








Lawsuits; Restitution; In the (so-called) “Interests” of the United States*; State Department; etc.:


  • Please note that, in my opinion, it appears that many of these legal rulings of the official U.S. courts, in instances of Jewish plaintiffs suing over Nazi-era claims in United States’ Courts, have been (purposely? –ed.) formatted in Word Documents, rather than in pdf-file form (as per many of the other State Department listings of other topics), and therefore open only as a download, rather than the end-case of being able to properly link to and save a pdf-file formatted document.


  • Department of State articles listed include only select entries from the first fifteen pages of a search under the term “Nazi”.

















( – This document may not open. It was a downloadable file, only, and I added the https prefix as I listed it.








( – This document may not open. It was a downloadable file, only, and I added the https prefix as I listed it.




( – This document may not open. It was a downloadable file, only, and I added the https prefix as I listed it.








State Department Articles On Other Items Of Interest/etc.:




















Also (Added June 20, 2019):




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Completing (Randyjw; April 6, 2018)



In your poetry,


words needed,






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Breathless (randyjw; April 6, 2018)



When the stars fell,

so felt the sense of breathlessness…



the air expelling

a force exhaled



In this vision I’ve held,


your outstretched hand

acts as a dream-catched net



gathering each gasp of breath

with infusions of air


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Wrap: A Five-Word Story

Wrap: A Five-Word Story (Randyjw; April 3, 2018)


The greatest gift is returned.


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Awaiting Silence


Awaiting Silence (Randyjw; April 1, 2018)


Wandering at night

Lone paths of peaceful quiet

Awaiting silence


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In Deep

In Deep (Randyjw; April 1, 2018)


Think not that I feel?


Yet my eyes drown in depths of

a wetness that’s real



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