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Hillel Neuer Of UNWatch.Org At The UN


Hillel Neuer Of UNWatch.Org At The UN (Randyjw; May 30, 2018)



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UN Conference On Disarmament – Headed By Syria?


UN Conference On Disarmament – Headed By Syria? (Randyjw; May 30, 2018)


Like a fox in the henhouse….


Read here:



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Fuming (Randyjw; May 26, 2018)


You know there’s a first-world problem

If the difference you can’t tell

between a pest-infested

arc-sprayed rotunda

and the smell of a

garlicky szechuan


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Bernard Lewis z”l

Bernard Lewis z”l (Randyjw; May 23, 2018)



The Middle East Media Research Institute (MEMRI); Arab Writers On Renowned Historian Prof. Bernard Lewis (1916-2018); Special Dispatch No. 7517; June 12, 2018


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Happy Shavuot 2018

Happy Shavuot 2018 (Randyjw; May 20, 2018)



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In Absence Of Touch

In Absence Of Touch (Randyjw; May 18, 2018)


More than a whisper

enveloped in your presence

strong, each encounter


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Temple Mount Sifting Project

Photo not representative of actual artefacts

Temple Mount Sifting Project (Randyjw; May 18, 2018)


The Temple Mount Sifting Project is an important archaeological undertaking to recover artefacts as yet-to-be-unearthed in the 9,000 tons of dirt removed illegally from around Solomon’s Stables by the Muslim Waqf and dumped into the Kidron Valley.


I was fortunate to have been given a ride to the site by one of the founders of the project, Zachi, and to have been able to take part in this very touching facet of Jewish history, associated with one of our most iconic sites and structures bespeaking Jewish ancestry: the Holy Temple. The other of the Project’s founders, Gabi Barkai, is one of my favorite teachers from my archaeological- and tour-guiding courses.


Israel is a small country, and we remain a miraculous improbability in terms of our existence. Yet, by G-d, we do.


You can sign up for their newsletter, if you’d like, at their crowdfunding site, here:


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