The Sky Is Not The Limit

The Sky Is Not The Limit (Randyjw; May 2, 2018)


A child sees the clouds

and exclaims aloud

they exist where the sky is the ceiling

Though the days will arrive

when she’ll soon realize

yet a universe slowly revealing




Filed under Poetry

2 responses to “The Sky Is Not The Limit

  1. Your poem and the image, which really does look like a ceiling, remind me of how much of our reality is inside our minds. It’s easy enough to tell a child that the sky is not a painted dome, but we grow up and start thinking we know so much better. I’m not so sure that we do. Enjoyed this piece, Randy.

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    • Popcorn ceiling. Liked your comment, too. You’re so right. People’s perceptions are all just that — unique to the self, shaped by various factors, innate physiology, influence, etc. It’s interesting.

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