Fuming (Randyjw; May 26, 2018)


You know there’s a first-world problem

If the difference you can’t tell

between a pest-infested

arc-sprayed rotunda

and the smell of a

garlicky szechuan




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24 responses to “Fuming

  1. There is definitely a first world problem. I’m imagining a particular scenario here, seeing the guy spraying in your illustration. In Sydney, we have the charm of the café with tables on the street, where your food is scented with emissions from passing vehicles.

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    • Yes… This was an actual, real-life scenario that occurred the other night. Being a homeless person and walking around with my two bags is a bit burdensome. I was super-tired, in the city area in a fairly tony area, HUNGRY, and suddenly I smelled this garlicky odor, which smelled like Szechuan food to me. The mouth started watering, the appreciation started kicking in, and then I was, like, Wait… where is there a Szechuan restaurant around here — or even any type of restaurant which would produce that odor? And then, I was, like, Oh my gosh… it’s likely just residual fumigation odors, which just hit the wrong “nerve” with me. I thought it was cruel and unusual punishment for a hungry, homeless person to have to go through this sensory experience, and be left with salivating with a growling stomach. Guess I have a problem, as well. But, emissions? Do you have to pay extra for those?

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  2. What kind of food do you enjoy, Rach? Curious after reading your comment.

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