Paths Unknown

Paths Unknown (Randyjw; June 10, 2018)



No soul in sight.

Sprawling through the canyon

on a dark and empty night.

Falling from the edge

of a dream-landscape in blue-grey

an airless container

caught in shadows of summer

and labrynthine tunnels

bisecting caverns below

The thought connections…


but needing to be broke,

the being remains,

its contents now drained,

a cry of the soul,


releasing the hollows of its vessel.

A bonded echo

still reverberating and slow

carried off, as yet,

into paths unknown.




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17 responses to “Paths Unknown

  1. Awesome. Loved this !!

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  2. Beautifully enigmatic, Randy and for me, with an underground undertone, kind of equivocal. Your comment above: I’m not sure that direct feelings are always the way to go. I occasionally have curious subterranean dreams, I don’t understand them and they have a fairly neutral feeling to them. Maybe something from childhood.

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  3. Beautiful, Rachel. The space that is occupied, and then not…

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    • Hi, Vidur!

      Sometimes it helps to give the tree swing a big, giant push, in order to fly beyond the edge — then fly off into the water — It loses momentum on each pass, so it’s better to fly off on the first leap into the depths (literally, not metaphorically, all that). I love to fly, especially when my stomach drops, as in rollercoasters (but not much, anymore), air turbulence (ha-ha, but really), etc.

      The Star Trek theme, and space esploration, just popped into my head…

      “… To boldly go where no man has gone before…”

      Really had something else in mind to write, encompassing the feelings I was thinking at those times, but just couldn’t put the words to paper, as it would’ve been taken incorrectly; even as some of the last poem, and this one, above, might. It’s got to be read with deeper layers of coding; yeah.. that old coding bit… The last one, as a matter of fact, started out in your reply section to something you had written, but I just brought it over here.. and then lost the darn thing; it was better, when it came from the top of my head. Anyways, thanks for your thoughts; I appreciate each one.


      • It is strange where the journey begins and where it ends…and sometimes that happens with words too. They take their own direction…and somewhere the writer allows them to.

        Hope all well with you.

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        • Journeys, enjoyed, regardless. Unexpected, where they can lead; not always appreciated, where they’ve been; but forming our journey(s), nonetheless, yes.

          Still hanging in there. Getting to exasperation with this homeless “bit”; body takes it hard, and it kindof grates on the mind, after a year-plus. Now I’ve got a cold I picked up from the shelter, where I escaped to for some respite from the outdoors. Otherwise, doing okay! Hope you’re also doing well, as well.

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  4. Thanks for that wonderful wish, Rachel. Maybe its the spark that helps light a flame.

    Yes, hope so too.

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