The Roar Of Thunder

The Roar Of Thunder (Randyjw; June 15, 2018)



nothing is needed to say —

nor can it find the means

or the proper venting

with which it can even be said.

Listen with your ears

to the low rumbling of thunder

as the clouds rub together, instead

Stand in,

as the black clouds gather

the rain pitter-patters

and the lightning subsides again

Watch the petals roll

over concrete pavilions

in a burst of storm rain

blown by a sudden wind

Seek shade by the pine

to hold private conversations

in the mind

Whether that would be

thought to be by myself

or else with someone

I dream of by my side





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16 responses to “The Roar Of Thunder

  1. A kind of accepted solitude under a sky that seems to portend the unknown, same weather right now in Sydney. I particularly like the “private conversations.”


    • More like a “Just Be” message. Enjoy nature. Listen to it with your senses. Listen to your mind. Listen to the stillness. A message directed outwards, to others, as well as inwards, towards the self. Appreciating being able to find a refuge from a bombardment of outside noise, such as might be found in urban life, or from manmade technology, or from cyber blankety-blank-heads.

      Describing one’s own private conversations would be a very “telling” experience, I should think (hee-hee) 🙂

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  2. To hold private conversations in my mind. I do that all the time. I love your last lines too.
    You have a way of connecting with the reader, Rach.
    I can almost see you and hear you reciting these lines.


    • Heard with the inner voice. I suppose that imagery, emotionality (is this a word?), common situations or predicaments, love, loss, and sharing of such expressions helps draw people together and bind them through these connections. All the imaginary, silent conversations held with other people, too — it mostly tends to work out just grandly in my utopic imaginings of alternate realities. No, I don’t hear “real” (imagined) voices telling me to “do” things; It’s just that I drum up thinking of people who might not actually be present, at that time; or sometimes replay the things I coulda/shoulda said/done, etc., when, in reality, I didn’t…

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      • I understand perfectly. I do that all the time.


        • Energy of thoughts
          in recognizable language, transformed into binary data,
          so easily read.

          The generation of this independent process,
          to begin with, though,
          an act of G-d
          inside our heads.

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          • You must post this comment as an I dependant verse on your blog.
            I so admire your sensibilities , Rach! You must have an audience for your wit and wisdom.


            • I did. Thanks, Yas. Time is a limited commodity, and people, therefore, tend to be rather selective in choosing how they spend the time that’s theirs. There are far better poets than I, and as for my strongly-worded opinions, people tend to gravitate toward issues that concern their own interests, as well. The media is awash in counter-opinion to my own, and all I can do is to try to state what the issues might be, how these also affect myself or others, and fight like the Dickens (thought that was apropos, in this writing forum) against it. Because, such matters may mean life or death to the Jewish people, and because apathy would make me complicit by default if I did not speak out to defend the People I am a part of. Jewish people are such a small part of the total world population, and Israel is such a small piece of land. The brouhaha over both is disproportionate to the number of our people and to the size of land mass which is our state. But, yeah… there are readers for all kinds of written materials, so I’m happy with those who stop by to read a word or two. (More happy when they stay…)

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