Language And Thought

Language And Thought (Randyjw; June 22, 2018)


Energy of thoughts

in recognizable language,

transformed into binary data,

so easily read.


The generation of this independent process,

to begin with, though,

an act of G-d

inside our heads.




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12 responses to “Language And Thought

  1. Awesome mind of yours. Bravo. And kudos. 👍👏🏻😊

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  2. Not quite sure about recognizable language in my case, but I like the concept, and the illustration, was that a rainbow?

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    • Yes, it’s an enhanced photo of part of a rainbow and a phone line in the foreground, appearing seemingly almost next to it. It’s kinda like… “Hello, G-d? Hi, it’s me…” Now that I think about it, it kindof reminds me of the Biblical verse of when Jacob lay down to sleep, and then dreamt of the angels ascending and descending the ladder. Some of that was part of my given portion for my Bat Mitzvah — the part where Jacob anoints the rock with oil and calls that place Beit El (which means “House of G-d”), although its previous name was Luz (“Light,” in Spanish). The rainbow in the photo was prettier in real life, though, and lost some of its luster in digitizing. So I just played with the processing, so it would at least show up in the photo.

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