Happy Independence Day

HAPPY  INDEPENDENCE DAY !!! (Randyjw; July 4, 2018)


(PS – This was going to be a short animation, but I haven’t figured out how to do that yet; i.e., which program to use, and just what to do once I find it; I’m working on learning new things. For instance, I figured out how to utilize the screenshot feature of this computer paint program as I went along, to wind up with all of these “paintings,” plotting out the animation in my head.)




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10 responses to “Happy Independence Day

    • I always found it fascinating. It’s like stop-motion life, frame-by-frame. It also can record each step (“brushstroke”) and make a digital “video”. I wanted to make one, but couldn’t see a way to edit out my erasures (which is the beauty of undoing a digital brushstroke you don’t like), or the agonizing decision as to what “canvas” size to use. It also seems I have to post it the same day, or lose it, since it’s a public computer. I was running out of time (I’ve missed a lot of dinners this way), so I just went with the screenshots I’d taken along the way. I wished I’da taken some more between sudden night-time, as the colors had come out rather pretty as the “sun” was setting and night-time was reigning. Glad you liked it! Thanks, Dolly!

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  1. The frames look great, Randy. A video would definitely be worth the effort.


    • Thanks, Steve; that’s sweet. I’m not really sure how to go about that. I’ve only got it saved to WordPress now, since I use communal computers and it all goes away when the session’s over. Maybe I could export the files from WordPress to something else…? and then re-import it when it’s done? I don’t know; perhaps…. The animation would last, like, less than a second, since it’s only a few frames… Blink, and you’d miss it!!! Haha!!!

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      • My pleasure, Randy. The short answer: sorry, I have no idea. Slightly longer 🙂: When I’ve made vids (I I probably should do some more) I’ve used free software called ffmpeg which is quite a pain, and interpolated more frames to make it last longer. I can’t see how that would work for you. There may be online sites that do it, but with video I’ve noticed it can be hard to find free stuff.


        • Thanks. Yeah, I already realized I’ll need to duplicate the frames to extend the length. I haven’t heard of that software you mention, but I could check it out. Thanks for the recommendation. I suppose I could also screenshot it again, and plug it into a different software program, as well. In the end, though, I don’t have upgraded WordPress, so I don’t know if it’ll work. I don’t even know how I have other videos on my site without having upgraded my WordPress, to begin with. Pssssttt —— Shhhh…. (I’m grateful, though, anyways…)

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    • Actually, I have another video animation in mind I’d like to make, but same sich as explained. Maybe….

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