Two Jewish South Africans Killed In Past Two Weeks



Two Jewish South Africans Killed In Past Two Weeks (Randyjw; July 6. 2016)



Two Jewish men, both in their sixties, were killed in a violent manner in South Africa within a two-week timespan of each other recently.


Jeffrey Zetler, a 62-year old strawberry farmer was stabbed to death at a strawberry farm.


Sergio Kowensky was shot several times outside near his air conditioning factory. Kowensky was 67, and the World Likud South Africa Chairman. His vehicle, wallet, and cell phone had been “untouched”.




Arutz Sheva, JTA. “World Likud rep. shot in South Africa:;; July 6, 2018:




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17 responses to “Two Jewish South Africans Killed In Past Two Weeks

  1. How could we be “nice” about something like that!


  2. It’s a tragedy , why do these things happen.


    • I know, Yas. The Anti-Semitism is so ramped up around the world now, it’s giving me anxiety; making me feel like we’re in the years leading up to the Holocaust. The hatred against the Jewish people is so strong and internalized, that I don’t even know if the “haters” realize the intensity of their feelings, or that they even exist as such, at all. If you (generalized) don’t follow what’s going on around the world, or it doesn’t apply to “you” (generalized), then “you” (gen.) might not realize what’s even happening. It’s true of all things. But, it’s really, really bad. Nations that are supposed to be civilized, though they were never really civil towards the Jews, for the most part, anyways, are now actively seeking boycotts against Israel with legislation they hold up as akin to the anti-apartheid sanctions that helped to topple South African apartheid, but that are so historically inaccurate and morally discriminatory, that it’s hard to believe. Ireland is one country recently contemplating legislation; they’re awaiting passage by the lower House. Here in the U.S., we have had individual states, and politicians who represent those states, trying also to enact BDS-like discriminatory laws against Israel. One such state, with its own horrid history of slavery, the Ku Klux Klan, the bombing of black churches to kill little black girls, and other ignominious alabtrosses around their own necks — Georgia — has produced their own special brand of Anti-Semitism, the likes of which have been beared by ex-President Jimmy Carter, and politicians Cynthia McKinney and her equally repugnant successor, Hank Johnson (Democrats, all…). Now there are black people, individually or in groups, who insist that they are the original Jews, and that we are liars trying to appropriate that heritage (no, that is what THEY are doing). I was in just such a conversation with a black, homeless guy, who insisted that was true. He was so ignorant of facts, which I helped to explain to him. For instance, he thought Canaan, Israel, and “Palestine” were all located in North Africa. I set him straight on many of his mix-ups, but then he’d just go back to the inanity of his beliefs, as if the proof of how the Old Testament accounts of history, such as the Assyrian attacks against the Jews, the Babylonian “exile” of some of our people (the two Talmuds, Babylonian and Jerusalem, prrof that Jewish communities existed both in Babylon, and still in Jerusalem), the Greco-Roman attacks against the Jews and the following period of both vassal kings (Herod, under Rome, for instance; he being known as a definite historical figure in extant sources, as well) and the lesser-known (to the outside world, anyways) Hasmonean dynasty of kings (those who fought against assimilation into the foreign values and culture imposed by the foreigners anti-thetical to the Jewish religion), indicating that we still held rule to a certain extent and were not exactly vanquished enmasse, never to live in Israel again (there have always been Jewish communities living there) — everything points to the fact that when the outsiders were attacking, they were always attacking the Jews. As I say, these outside sources can’t now say today that there was never a Jewish nation or people that lived on that land, if material culture of such outside sources corroborates the fact that the Jewish people do live there, since it was the Jewish people (House of David, HaIvri, Beit David, however you want to call us) they were always attacking there. We are practically one of very few ancient people with a continuous, written literary history to even exist to this day that can pretty much trace the entire history of our people, even throughout our dispersions — It is our dispersions and our treatment at the hands of the other while forced from one land to the next, which gives us our written history. Were it any other, it would not be so remarkable, and probably without need to be written. So, I argue all this history at this ignorant man, and then said, it is useless to argue with an ignorant fool who will not hear what he doesn’t wish to, anyways. And then the other day, the Pastor who puts together the dinners at the various churches for the homeless people, tends to have a triumphalist outlook that it is his Christianity that will march victorious over all others (yada-yada), and that those trying to ensure he is following his permitting requirements, because they “questioned” him, were obviously not “Christian” (yeah — he said this; as if the only good people in the world can be Christian and no other; Jewish person listening to this (myself) feeling hurt and slighted, insignificant a matter…). I also just finished a somewhat fictionalized book about some Jewish families in Eastern Europe as they were going through the deportations and Holocaust, etc., so this was also adding to my feelings…

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