What’s The Deal With Iran?


What’s The Deal With Iran? (Randyjw; July 7, 2018)


According to a June 5th article online at Newsweek, Iran is prepared to restart its uranium enrichment processes, having prepared the processes beforehand. How much beforehand? One can never be certain. But, as they say in wrestling, “Let’s get ready to rrrruummmmmmbbbbllllle…………”:

Here is the article, and some interesting related reading:




Levi Julian, Hana. “Iran Reopens Nuclear Uranium Enrichment Plant”; JewishPress.org; June 26, 2018:



Heinonen, Olli. “Iran’s Nuclear Breakout Time: A Fact Sheet”; washingtoninstitute.org; March 28, 2015:



Iranian Weapons of Mass Destruction: The Birth of a Regional Nuclear Arms Race? By Anthony H. Cordesman, Adam C. Seitz; Page Review/books.google.com (accessed June 28, 2018):



Heinonen, Olli. “Why the Monitoring of Movements of UF6 Cylinders Matters” – Opening remarks at the Global Cylinder Identification and Monitoring System Stakeholder Meeting, Washington, DC., 29 April, 2014; as published via Harvard Kennedy School Belfer Center for Science & International Affairs; belfercenter.org:



Update (March 18, 2019):

Carmon, Yigal and Savyon, A. “How Iran Deceived The U.S. Intelligence Community – Part II: Iran Does Not Allow The IAEA To Monitor The Most Critical Area Of Its Nuclear Project – Developing A Nuclear Explosive Device (Section T In The JCPOA)”. memri.org; March 17, 2019:





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5 responses to “What’s The Deal With Iran?

  1. All this nuclear thing is scary.


    • Yeah; and that the storage containers are old and leaky; that material has gone missing and still remains unaccounted; and that we are just stupid people with way too dangerous a weapon to use against others, which will also ruin the world. Yeah. And why doesn’t anyone want to stop these dangerous Iranians, who have shown no lack of trying to impose their own brand of chauvinist hegemony upon the world at large, as they do to their own? The world is going batty.

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