Restless Grey Matter

Restless Grey Matter (Randyjw; July 11, 2018)


I miss smoking

I miss smoking and poetry

and when you’re not around

I miss the urgency of the thought

the adrenaline-propelling acts

of living dangerously, dramatically

expending all that I’ve got

and the pivot of the fulcrum

teetering toward the side

of where I’m not

The time warp

where the world just stops

and the arms reach out

taking in vagrants

and fragrance

the carouselled stallion

flies off of its mount

How a grey day filled with rain

looks from the inside

the sheafs of papers

and the sweep of ashes

as they fall, non-committal-like

by the ashtray- and feature-less wayside

To seek vibrations in the water

the rippling undercurrents

with their possibly frightening and existential monsters

Enjoying it and living it

conjuring it, envisioning it

before some heedless reason

or aught reckless diversion

compels one or another

to ending it, mid-season




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8 responses to “Restless Grey Matter

  1. Very powerful, Rachel (and a gorgeous cat).


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