Oh Jolly Playmate


Oh Jolly Playmate (Randyjw; July 20, 2018)


My first attempt at “animation”; I tried a demo video editing product, but the audio tracks are a bit off (it’s actually a bit eerie — SORRY!).


So, I have no clue what I’m doing, but it’s fun, anyways….







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12 responses to “Oh Jolly Playmate

  1. Rachel, this is fantastic! Had you not mentioned that the sound was off, I would’ve thought it a part of the intended effect. I think I want use it in my next Lasting Joy Club post, with your permission and a full credit to you, of course.
    You are one incredible creative person!
    Shabbat Shalom, an easy fast, and may this Tisha b’Av be our last day of mourning! Next year on this day, we should all greet Moshiach and sit down to eat a great big gefilte Leviathan in Yerushalayim!


    • A big, giant Gefilte Leviathan — hahahahahha — that is soooo fantastically funny!!!! Hahahhaha!!!!

      No; Please don’t use my works… you know how I feel about that.

      So – – – A Quite Unhappy Tisha B’Av to you!!!! And no more, after this one!!!! Please!!!!

      Shabbat Shalom.

      I already experience life like in mourning on a daily basis, practically…. I had one shower in all of a week, last week, and it’s very difficult, as it’s hot and sweaty. I have to handwash my clothes, whenever and wherever I can, so that’s no great shake — I go through this all the time. So, I might just consider my sentence already served, if G-d would agree…. probably not, but I hope He’ll have Mercy; I already live like this, day in and day out. I’m in a bad mood and crying from lack of sleep, already. Dai and dayenu about this already, ya’ know?

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  2. Hey, it’s nice. I like it.


  3. I’d say it’s an interesting and quirky blend of imagery words and melody and keep going with it … I am sorry to read that your life is so difficult and I am sending you metta, Randy, wishing you happiness.


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