How The Mossad Got Eichmann


How The Mossad Got Eichmann (Randyjw; July 30, 2018)


I’ve read accounts of how the Mossad tracked Adolf Eichmann to place him on trial for his crimes of The Final Solution during the Holocaust. The Mossad, however, has helped to create an exhibit, entitled Operation Finale, which will be travelling to South Florida for display at the Holocaust Documentation and Education Center, September 6, 2018 – March 31, 2019, in Dania Beach, Florida. Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer (MGM) is releasing a film of this subject and title on August 29, 2018, which will star Sir Ben Kingsley (Krishna Banji) in the odious role of Adolf Eichmann.


Here is a YouTube clip on the exhibit:



And here is a link to the MGM trailer for the film, Operation Finale:



Ben Kingsley Filmography:



Update (September 18, 2018):


Here is a comparative review by Alan M. Dershowitz between this newest MGM-released film, Operation Finale, and the difference of Hannah Arendt’s reporting during the Nuremberg Trials, as recalled by Dershowitz via accounts given him by Professor Telford Taylor, the chief prosecutor at the Second Nuremberg Trials.


Dershowitz, Alan M. “New Eichmann Film Puts the Lie to Hannah Arendt’s “Banality of Evil””;;



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