Ideal vs Real


Ideal vs Real (Randyjw; July 30, 2018)


In a virtual world

it’s easy to forget

that the actual world

can be dangerous yet





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12 responses to “Ideal vs Real

    • Yeah; especially hearing about your hubby getting pickpocketed from his cargo shorts. Hope he got all his important stuff. Glad you’re alright, though; that’s most important. I need to go check out your blog again, soon. Will do so; sorry if I’ve been slagging a bit, recently.


    • Only too true; need to heed good advice, warnings, red flags, sixth sense(s), signs/omens, news, etc. I wrote the poem because I felt uneasy and like I may have been being followed. That won’t be good for me. But I have to be strong and live life while jettisoning fear; which , I basically do, anyways; I have to.

      I’ve been in two unfortunate incidents, as of late; luckily, I got out with only some minor trauma, end result. Will try to tune my ears better. I may try to write about these things; I know catharsis (writing and expression) is one of the best therapeutic methods of dealing with such things. Knew that long ago, but didn’t heed my own instincts and advice. Case anything seems weird in my writings, some of the above may be the reason. Or not.

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