What We Leave

What We Leave (Randyjw; July 30, 2018)


What can I concede to you

All that I am

All that I have

Nothing more

For in the end

All that remains

all we can retain

are our memories

held in store

And even they,

Sometimes, go




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14 responses to “What We Leave

  1. What about your poetry and your art? They will be remembered and treasured!


  2. Yes, sometimes they do…but I guess, the idea is to keep creating till we can. Beautiful click!


    • Will keep looking forward, and sometimes back… Thank you.

      I like to ponder at this “pond;” lots of animals, birds… I’m still waiting to get some good shots of birds and things, but my phone takes too long to power up, and by then, the bird has flown! Ha! Story of my life. I was happy for the shot coming out well. Well, gonna keep trying for those nature shots; will show you when (if?) I eventually DO get them… Rrrrrr……


  3. If they are happy and you are happy, you make the world a better place!!!


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