Platinum (Randyjw; August 21, 2018)


I emit peace and contentment

that’s taken my lifetime to embed

The frenetic pace of youth

that’s solely appropriate to age

like a noted piece of poetry

from a younger day’s continuum

The dispenser of advice and wisdom

of greater depth through experience

And here I am right now

Wholly radiant in platinum




Filed under Poetry

4 responses to “Platinum

  1. It is a beautiful thought, and an uplifting piece, Randy. To me, even a moment radiating tranquillity is a wonderful thing. I would like to be calmer, more at peace: sometimes I can manage it, other times I can’t. I know for sure that writing poetry helps me.


    • Writing is a cathartic experience, whether utilizing creative or linear processes. I also find myself needing to partake in this process on a regular basis, at present (and for the past number of years); I think it’s my escapist tendencies and procrastination which are the bad parts; but, in addition to choco-therapy, I self-meditate (couldn’t really say “medicate” here, as that’s not true) with creative therapy. Otherwise, I think I might go bonkers.

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