New Article By Denis MacEoin


New Article By Denis MacEoin (Randyjw; August 23, 2018)


Read the rest of the article by author Denis MacEoin at the Gatestone Institute International Policy Council website, here:



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5 responses to “New Article By Denis MacEoin

  1. I beg to disagree: Judaism is not a religion, whereas Islam is. One is Jewish by virtue of being born of a Jewish mother, whether they are observant or not. A Muslim is someone who accepts upon himself and observes the tenets of Islam. The state of Israel has not been founded, nor is it governed by observant “religious” Jews, as you very well know. Being a Jew is not a nationality, but a birthright. I don’t see where nationality is being identified with religion in this case, as opposed to Muslim countries where Shariah is the law of the land.

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    • A Muslim is born by birth, also. Of the father. Islam has the same type of birthright/religion thing that Judaism does. It’s just that Islam is extremely strict about apostasy, to the extent of killing adherents who try to leave the faith. Custodial battles over children from Muslim fathers becomes a very difficult case, especially when they kidnap the child and bring them to a “Muslim” country. The Jewish people are such by birth and are a nation of such by their common peoplehood: sharing from common ancestry, as well as other factors, including the nation of Israel (Am Yisrael Chai). Denis MacEoin points out the hypocrisy that nobody makes a hue and cry about all of the Islamic countries that espouse their peoplehood and religion as being above all others, which is entirely what Shariah is all about.

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      • While all this is true, my point is that Judaism is not the law of the State of Israel, and the country is governed by non-observant poeple (mostly), while the laws of Muslim countries are officially based on the tenets of Islam.

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        • Yup, that’s true. But the point of the article was that the whole world is condemning Israel for declaring a Basic Law that Israel is the Jewish nation state, which changes nothing in its treatment of its 17% Muslim minority and others; yet, while Israel is a Parliamentary Democracy with minorities in its government, as elsewhere, Muslim countries, which are relatively low in Jewish residents, and run their countries according to Sharia always get a free pass. They can be tyrannical monarchies, or theocracies, or corrupt governments, but nobody ever says a word about them. Nothing new under the sun.

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