Astral Rejection

Astral Rejection (Randyjw; August 29, 2018)


I decide to visit you this evening

Embarking on the astral plane

which will fling me into space

on this hologrammatically incorrect journey

where, in seconds, I arrive at my destination

Now a glitch in the reservation system

perhaps due to some human kind of communication error

changed the arrival gate,

along with the weather

And now my soul clinks back

against unanticipated glass

these veins top cool, white marble slab

a rather unexpected reception

(Just writing the way I feel,

of fictional fantasy fancied unreal)




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3 responses to “Astral Rejection

  1. I enjoyed this piece, Randy. Although it’s about rejection, for me, it has a light and whimsical sanity touch.

    I don’t know if it came from a dream, but my recent dreams, one after another, have been about rejection, and I must congratulate my subconscious on the variety it comes up with. All mundane things, for example, not being able to enter a building with others and being left out in the rain, yet for me all truly miserable. So I wonder whether me reading your piece as somewhat whimsical is just because it isn’t my subconscious.

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