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Simchat Torah

Simchat Torah (Randyjw; September 29, 2018)


Happy Simchat Torah!

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Sun Spot

Sun Spot (Rachelgv; September 28, 2018)


The day is so bright – –

fallen leaves reveal the light;

Thank you for this sight!


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In Our Dreams

In Our Dreams (Randyjw; September 24, 2018)


In dreams, words run free.

In dreams, they can say what you want them to mean.

In dreams, words can be want you want them to be.

The dreams I’ve dreamt, is the me which is meant.


(for Asha)


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Mystery Click 1


Mystery Click 1 (Randyjw; September 23, 2018)



( )




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Old Soul

Old Soul (Randyjw; September 23, 2018)


Is my old soul yet learning

to embrace the pain

When it still keeps returning

to face it again?



A song my father sang, and played on the piano (three versions, below):


Autumn Leaves / Nat King Cole (English):


( )


Les Feuilles Mortes / Yves Montand (French):


( )


( )




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Happy Sukkot

Happy Sukkot (Randyjw; September 10, 2018)



S U K K O!!!



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Yom Kippur (Randyjw; September 10, 2018)






Yom Kippur



Kol Nidre:



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