After Dawn


After Dawn (Randyjw; September 13, 2018)


Leaves holding on.

Each gust of wind

an arduous effort

in the gales of the storm.


Leaves coalesce,

becoming one;

brown underfoot

and as dry as the dust.


All seasons do come.

Even the green will turn

when trees fluoresce

into gold and orange.


After moonfall,

on bared branches

nests the solemn owl.

So the sun does set

as it will, after dawn.





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13 responses to “After Dawn

  1. Very powerful – thank you, Rachel!

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  2. This is so beautiful, Rachel!


  3. Love the poem and the photograph is quite special. For me, bittersweetness, melancholy. All good Randy, but I have to highlight the final verse: the owl and the conjunction of sunset and dawn.

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    • Steve, you’ve always been so kind to comment on my writing. I appreciate it, and thank you for finding time to do so. I find joy in the contrast of all-sweet versus bittersweet (milk chocolate or dark). Being content is nice, and experiencing joy often is also nice. Experiencing the other shades is probably necessary, as well, for reflection, growth, etc. I don’t know why we retain different balances of these emotions at different times, or at most times. I feel like I’m a bit of an old soul, with the wistfulness being a part of it. Sometimes I cater to it, sometimes it is just there, and sometimes it’s overridden in the joy of the present life, which is always a nice place to be. I don’t think it’s negativity, but it can be a potential dampener of others’ spirits, which I would not wish to be party to.

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