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A Dream Encounter

A Dream Encounter (Randyjw; October 30, 2018)


I’m taking us back into retreat

to the hideout, where I found you

in my dreams

Where you slipped beneath the

coils of the bedsprings

And the sleep-sofa cushions

were your impregnable fortresses’ walls

and its ceilings, with seams

Needing a refuge in defense of

the patronage of adults

their silly questioning and our

requisite performing,

like monkeys in a ring,

well-meant intent

yet keeping on to prolong our intrinsic suffering

Awake, these many days onward

and jumping in to join you

to wave a gauzy white banner

of surrender

with which to wrap us, immobile

and dampen our senses

Pretend to numbness

while reveling in a cocoon

of pure whiteness and stillness

The onslaught is tough, my friend

It attacks us on both ends,

from without and within

You grab my hand and have brought a friend

hurtling along before I can quite react or think things through to the end

It hadn’t gone as I had thought and it had not been as it seems

but I don’t know if it’s just the devil in my thoughts

or an actual one that turned up in my dreams

My life on the outside has suddenly plummeted rather steeply

At the moment, I’m muffling us in muted suspension

til we can unravel our protective coverings and take to discovering things more deeply


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Spicy Nights And Morning Fragrance

Spicy Nights And Morning Fragrance (Randyjw; October 27, 2018)


Like Icarus,

the angel wings were melted

upon nearing the sun

Caustic, and intemperate,

searing, scalding one

No love potion

or witches’ brew

no incantations sung

Just a plain girl’s heart in love

by this spell of magic that was wrung



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Stop Of The Clock

Stop Of The Clock (Randyjw; October 18, 2018)


Time pulls me down

like quicksand in its grasp

seeking stronger purchase

more days that scurry past


And G-d , who, in his pleasure,

creates both night and day

For man, who, in his measure,

turns such things to disarray


Both good times and regret,

the betrayal of a friend

Can this clock we aughtst forget

with each tock ticking ’til the end?



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The World Is Doomed Now


The World Is Doomed Now (Randyjw; October 18, 2018)



AP/World Israel News Staff. “UN shifts power to ‘State of Palestine,’ enabling it to head biggest bloc”.; October 17, 2018:




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US Universal Medicare?


US Universal Medicare? (Randyjw; October 18, 2018)


From 1600daily, comes something interesting to read about the Democratic proposal to socialize medicine within the U.S.


And we thought the Democrats were truly outraged when they accused Russia of colluding in U.S. elections? Really?


1600daily. “FACT SHEET: Congressional Democrats Want to Take Away Your Doctor, Outlaw Your Private Insurance, and Put Bureaucrats In Charge of Your Healthcare”;; October 16, 2018:



Updated (October 24, 2018):


Read more, here:

Investor’s Business Daily/Editorial. “Dems Won’t Tell Voters How Radical ‘Medicare For All’ Is”.; October 22, 2018:


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Auction of Monroe’s Siddur/Jewish Prayerbook

Auction of Monroe’s Siddur/Jewish Prayerbook (Randyjw; October 18, 2018)


Marilyn Monroe’s Jewish prayer book will be auctioned on November 12, 2018.


Monroe converted to Judaism in 1956.


Gold, Jack. “Marilyn Monroe’s Jewish prayer book up for auction”;; October 16, 2018:



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Night Blooms

Night Blooms (Randyjw; October 17, 2018)


Hanging in white space

amidst this gaping absense

Life without fragrance



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Untendered Words

Untendered Words (Randyjw; October 6, 2018)


Words, themselves, can’t be returned;

but solely exchanged in dialogue.


And coined words cast

from minted minds:

Uncommon cents – –

So hard to find.



(but you, reader, deserve the most tender of words)


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Ode To Hillel

Ode To Hillel (Randyjw; October 6, 2018)


Dream large, and hold lofty goals

embrace the day, and all it holds

remember to do so, manifold

Save the world, by saving one soul



A beautiful article inspired around Hillel:


Astor, Yaakov. “Me, Myself and I: Ethics of the Fathers 1:14”;; June 5, 2004:




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Glide-By Viewing

Glide-By Viewing (Randyjw; October 5, 2018)


Dreamily floating by

on top of apricot clouds,

watching the world glide by

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Bolton: “Palestine is a ‘So-Called’ State”

Source: Bolton: “Palestine is a ‘So-Called’ State”

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Disguise (Randyjw; October 5, 2018)


Blessing in disguise – –

Seen just with the days’ eyes;

With time, realized



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Dance Of The Cranes

Dance Of The Cranes (Randyjw; October 2, 2018)


Dancing of the cranes

introductory ballet

both plea and plié



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