Disguise (Randyjw; October 5, 2018)


Blessing in disguise – –

Seen just with the days’ eyes;

With time, realized





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13 responses to “Disguise

    • Thanks, Yas. I’m thankful for alot of things that happened to have been blessings, when at the time they seemed like no such thing. For instance, finally becoming able to take care of a basal cell carcinoma eruption on my forehead when I became homeless, where being a working poor person had closed all options to me, etc. Darn situation saved, possibly, my life. Now darn it if this homelessness still lingers, but there’s got to be some good from it. Actually, there is. I’m also eating way more nutritiously now, and the outward symptoms of its manifestation (pitmarks in my nails) are now growing out, seeming to show that my health is improving. Maybe I’m still homeless because my health needs to keep improving with this more nutritious food… (new chef, too, who seems to cook tastier and more healthful items)? Anyways, it is good to realize blessings.

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