Stop Of The Clock

Stop Of The Clock (Randyjw; October 18, 2018)


Time pulls me down

like quicksand in its grasp

seeking stronger purchase

more days that scurry past


And G-d , who, in his pleasure,

creates both night and day

For man, who, in his measure,

turns such things to disarray


Both good times and regret,

the betrayal of a friend

Can this clock we aughtst forget

with each tock ticking ’til the end?





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3 responses to “Stop Of The Clock

  1. A feeling of despair in this piece, Randy: time scurrying and no way to untangle, to set right. The past was, the future will be. It resonates with me, perhaps with everyone. We look back and seem to have so wasted our days; forward, headlong to nowhere. Thank goodness for coffee, chocolate, wine… 😸 (Actually the list of what I am grateful for is pretty much endless.)


    • It popped out from entirely different thoughts, prior. I was dwelling on the issue of how people use civility which often masks their true thoughts. It’s kindo maddening, to me. Yassy66 wrote a great poem about “Civil” war in that mien (sp?), but it can also be applied broadly. Had a bad dream, which is still bugging me. And one small snag is making my life so hard right now. It’s my main reason I’m not WP’ing much, lately. Thanks for keeping up. I like coffee and chocolate. I like the science of wine, but not so much the product. Manischewitz, maybe, cuz it’s really sweet.

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      • My pleasure, Randy. I agree, however I guess I’d add that civility keeps society going: we don’t necessarily want to know everyone’s true thoughts all the time. I find that good/bad dreams can leave you with a feeling aftertaste even when you don’t really remember them, or remember very little.

        Hope you get things sorted out; to be honest I prefer the opposite to sweet in coffee/chocolate/wine.


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