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In The Woods

In The Woods (Randyjw; November 29, 2018)


finally got it!

And I’m out of the woods now,

warmed by your jacket


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Air Bye-Bye

Air Bye-Bye (Randyjw; November 27, 2018)


AIRBNB has removed Jewish rental listings that had been posted listing areas of Judea and Samaria, discriminating against Jewish people in Israel.


In response, some men posted a song video about the discrimination, which was also discriminated against on Facebook by the Company’s actions in removing it. So, they wrote another version of it, and posted again.


Here it is:




Update (April 10, 2019):


Sued by Shurat HaDin on behalf of twelve Jewish families with Airbnb listings, Airbnb will not delist the properties and will plough any proceeds from Judea/Samaria into the support of humanitarian organizations.


Sales, Ben. “Airbnb will cancel its ban on West Bank settlement listings”.; April 8, 2019:



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Life Soul

Life Soul (Randyjw; November 24, 2018)


My life soul,

I feel your pain

and my heart beats out

rhythms synced to your name

In grief gone silent

like the whisper of breath

an unending torment

alive yet in death




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Winter Blanket

Winter Blanket (Randyjw; November 19, 2018)


A frosting begins

The doe, beneath mistletoe

Winter settles in

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The Rock And The Dock / Et Ha’Selah V’Et Ha’Mezach

The Rock And The Dock / Et Ha’Selah V’Et Ha’Mezach (Randyjw; November 12, 2018)



mi she’atah rotzeh


Al kol mah


huh ha’kol bishvili


(Todah L’Google-translate assist)




who you want

to be

For everything

you are

is everything to me



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Eleven (Randyjw; November 2, 2018)



Munich Massacre –                                                    Pittsburgh Massacre –

1972 Summer Olympics                                            2018 Shabbat / Bris Ceremony

11 Jews Murdered:                                                      11 Jews Murdered:


David Berger                                                                Joyce Fienberg

Ze’ev Friedman                                                            Richard Gottfried

Yossef Gutfreund                                                         Rose Mallinger

Eliezer Halfin                                                               Jerry Rabinowitz

Yossef Romano                                                             Cecil Rosenthal

Amitzur Shapira                                                            David Rosenthal

Kehat Shorr                                                                    Bernice Simon

Mark Slavin                                                                    Sylvan Simon

Andre Spitzer                                                                  Daniel Stein

Yacov Springer                                                               Melvin Wax

Moshe Weinberg                                                             Irving Younger



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Brought To You By: Florida Imams

Brought To You By: Florida Imams (Randyjw; November 2, 2018)


In the wake of the Pittsburgh Synagogue massacre of 11 elderly Jews engaged in worship, we have further pause to consider the vile intent of others in our neighorhoods, with these words by the religious leaders of another faith: Special Dispatch Number 7744. “Pompano Beach, Florida Friday Sermon By Imam Hasan Sabri: Palestine Must Be Liberated ‘Even If This Leads To The Martyrdom Of Tens Of Millions Of Muslims'”;; November 2, 2018:


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On: Illegal Votes In The U.S.

On: Illegal Votes In The U.S. (Randyjw; November 2, 2018):


Something of interest to read, prior to the November 6th election:


Billingsley, Lloyd. “San Francisco Treats Illegals, Tricks Citizens: California’s “motor voter” scheme may be sending one million illegals to the polls”.; November 2, 2018:



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Ruth Matar z”l


Ruth Matar z”l (Randyjw; November 1, 2018)


Ruth Matar z”l

Women In Green


Update: I should delete this post. I’m sorry, and made a mistake. It is Nadia’s mother, Ruth, one of the founders of Women in Green, who passed away.


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