In The Woods

In The Woods (Randyjw; November 29, 2018)


finally got it!

And I’m out of the woods now,

warmed by your jacket




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6 responses to “In The Woods

  1. Mysterious artwork and mysterious words, Randy. You might be wearing the skin of some ferocious creature, or maybe that is just my fantasy mind.


    • Unfortunately, I was trying to upload my original art, which was entirely different, when it disappeared into the cybervoid. I redrew something else, and it kindof looked like a fox. Maybe a wolf. Yeah; maybe that’s it. Uh-Uh. Bye to the wolves in the woods, from little red Randy-hood. Really, it was a realization mixing the concepts of expectations, judgement, and any chips on shoulders. It was a total appreciation of humanity in all its guises, without judgement, and just acceptance for what is, at the moment, in its purest form. I don’t know what lifted, but it did. And, I’m grateful. It’s because of the community here, and the power of expressive therapy, as well as patience, and love, through its finest moments. Now, I’m trying to pass it on to someone else, who I think needs it – – but, I’ll tell you… It’s really tough to break through, if I’m any indication of its stubbornness… But, you’re mind is correct; and, thanks.

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