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Ofir Ben Shitrit


Ofir Ben Shitrit (Randyjw; December 28, 2018)


Introducing Ofir Ben Shitrit to you (music performed and sung by female Jewish Orthodox person):





Eli, Eli:





Ofir Ben Shitrit – Im Ninalu:













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What Is “Intersectionality” And What Are Its Effects?


What Is “Intersectionality” And What Are Its Effects? (Randyjw; December 28, 2018)


It’s not all that you think it is…


Read this excellent article here, from a differing perspective than you might hear on-campus, or in mainstream media:



Levin, Kenneth. “The Other Intersectionality: Victims of Islamism”;; December 28, 2018:



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DOJ Funds Anti-Semite?


DOJ Funds Anti-Semite? (Randyjw; December 28, 2018):


Drain this swamp…


Rosenberg, David. “Why is the US government paying Louis Farrakhan to spread hate?”.; December 28, 2018:



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Nirvana (Randyjw; December 27, 2018)



Nirvana attained

at the heights of ecstasy;

Yet, more still remains




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Moments (Randyjw; December 21, 2018)


Moments are all they are;

and moments all they might be…

But, the nicest moment’s I’ve spent so far

have been moments I’ve spent with thee!




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Some Background On The “Russian” Thing


Some Background On The “Russian” Thing (Randyjw; December 20, 2018):


Here’s a link to Daniel Greenfield’s article with some background information on the “Russian” thing:


Greenfield, Daniel. “What Russian Trolls Were Really Doing”.; December 20, 2018:



Additional Reading (December 28, 2018):



Greenfield, Daniel. “Hillary’s Russia Doomsday Scenario”.; December 27, 2018:



Randyjw. “My Three Cents’ Worth”; newsnotes1.wordpresss,com; February 22, 2018:



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On: Palestinianism


On: Palestinianism (Randyjw; December 19, 2018):


Today’s interesting article by Judith Bergman in the Jewish Press showcases Arab historians and others on the true development of the “Palestinians”:


Bergman, Judith. “Arab Historian Admits there is No Palestinian People”.; December 19, 2018:



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