MEMRI Translation Censored; But Not Anti-Semitic Sources Where It Originated

MEMRI Translation Censored; But Not Anti-Semitic Sources Where It Originated (Randyjw; December 12, 2018):


The Middle East Media Research Institute (MEMRI) provides a valuable service in translating media sources from original languages, such as Urdu, Farsi, Arabic, Turkish and others, as well as occasionally adding commentary based on historical perspective.


MEMRI maintains a YouTube video channel with its efforts, in addition to having been the recipient of the late Senator Tom Lantos’ archival materials on anti-Semitism and Holocaust Denial.


Recently, YouTube censored MEMRI’s posted video of a Jordanian columnist claiming that the Holocaust was the greatest lie in modern history perpetrated by “Jewish-Zionist myths”, and that “the Zionists have managed to gain media hegemony in Europe”, etc. The broadcast originally appeared on Lebanese television. However, it wasn’t the Holocaust denier spreading falsities about the Jewish people which irked YouTube to flag a video under its Community Guidelines for Hate Speech; it was the translation by MEMRI of the source broadcast which then caused YouTube to limit the distribution of its knowledge , flagging the video and disabling most of its features, so that the world would not know about the disgusting things said on Arabic television about the Jewish people.


Okay, social justice criers. Where are you now?


See MEMRI’s visual documentation, here:




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