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Liberation (Randyjw; January 27, 2019)


International Holocaust Remembrance Day




Working Definition of AntiSemitism by International Holocaust Remembrance Alliance:



I Am poem – Anne Frank

by Natasha Hashemi and Claire Hawer





From Where I Come (Rachelgv; February 22, 2017)


From where I come

is by my ancestry.

By Adam and Eve

through Terach and Abraham


And, yet, again, in

further meanderings


Ur-Kasdim, and into Haran

in captivity in exile

by the rivers of Babylon

Asarah B’Tevet


By the well of Dotan

to the right of Pharoah’s rod

at Rameses and Pitom

in fields of Padan-Aram


and maybe by Paran

the cities of Shushan

released with help from King Ahashveros (of Iran)

who would assist us in rebuilding the Temple


We commemorate in memory

that the woman he wed to wife

Hadassah, known as Esther,

the Jewish Queen that saved our lives


And this is known as Purim

it’s also part of the Jewish story

and Chanukah you’ll know

by our defiance of Roman glory


From Egypt, in Goshen

having first lived in Knaan

through Avram’s sons and Yosef the one

and led out again by Moshe


And that’s the story of Passover

when we were freed from our bonds

When G-d redeemed us and saved us

with ten plagues to our oppressors rained down


When he brought us to the mount

and to the wilderness of Zin

and gave the commandments of Torah

the Sukkot and the Mishkan


And that’s the backgrounds of the holidays

of Passover, Shavuot, Sukkot,

of simple days under desert stars

happy in Simchat Torah


And back again

to the Holy Land

promised to us

and delivered by hand


Through Inquest, Expulsion,

and auto-da-fe,

through Kristallnacht, Holocaust,

forests and Babi Yar


In Zion, and Jaffa, Carmel and Ashdod,

Judea, Samaria and Jerusalem

In Ashkelon, Aza, and Yericho

in Hevron, and Shiloh, in the fields of Machpelah


By Isaac, by Jacob,

and all of his breed

and Rachel and Leah

and Ruth and David


Because where I come from

is where I have been

and by all of  G-d’s miracles,

Here I Am


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Cold Smoke

Cold Smoke (Randyjw; January 22, 2019)


Warm breath escapes me

Entwined with the frosted air

A slow dance of trails







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Tu B’Shvat 2019


Tu B’Shvat 2019 (Randyjw; January 22, 2019)






Happy Tu B’Shvat!






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Fixer-Upper, Practically Free

Fixer-Upper, Practically Free (Randyjw; January 18, 2019)


Nope; this isn’t a blatant single’s ad – – it’s a real-estate deal! And, it’s for real!


Ever dream of having a home on an island? (For a long time, that was all I had wished for… a Deserted island! Just me and the mangoes, coconuts and fish!) Would you like wild horses (okay; maybe they’re mules, but they’re still almost a cousin, if you squint from a distance…) nibbling the scenery? Mediterranean clime? Fertile soil to plant fruit trees or grapevines? Old homes that they don’t even build anymore?


How about in Sicily?


Okay; it’s the town of Sambuca (the drink my parents used to like). They are offering homes for only ONE EURO! Can you believe it? One catch is that many of them are in need of major repair work, which must be completed within a three-year timespan at personal expense. Also, I have not looked into further details, such as issues of back-taxes, liens, property tax, etc.


But, I think it’s worth looking into.


See this video I found on MSN about this:




More locations abound (Cantiano looks nice!), for which you can see some, here:





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Abstract By Design

Abstract By Design (Randyjw; January 16, 2019)


Sitting in this chair

Invisible to the air

Open to your ears







(Above photo uploaded April 24, 2017; YouTube choices made April 25-26, 2017 and Draft post saved)


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HyperCacher 2015: In Memoriam

HyperCacher 2015: In Memoriam (Randyjw; January 10, 2019)



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Figure Eight

Figure Eight (Randyjw; December 7, 2019)


Graceful figure-eights:

The signs of infinity

etched upon the lake






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