Figure Eight

Figure Eight (Randyjw; December 7, 2019)


Graceful figure-eights:

The signs of infinity

etched upon the lake






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7 responses to “Figure Eight

  1. I particularly like the subtle layers in the artwork giving a suggestion of infinite depth, to match the poem. When I watched the video I saw how it had happened. Great work, Randy.


    • Thanks, Steve. Wish I had more time than just a few hours, if that, to work on a piece; perhaps it wouldn’t be so sloppy. But, I don’t suppose the underlayers, or canvas cover, are as essential in these quick pieces, where time has to be a consideration, as I can’t save my work overnight and work on it another day. Oh, well. I’m learning as I practice, as well as admiring others’ artwork. I appreciate your taking the time to read and give your thoughts on it. Hope your New Year is going well – – Happy New Year to you, and lots of well-wishes for you in the years ahead.

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      • My pleasure, Randy. It’s been a busy time for me and I’m playing catch up with WordPress again. I appreciate that not being able to save your work is a real nuisance: I couldn’t handle that. In any case, when you can, I think the indistinct detail adds mystery and interest.

        And the same to you for the future, onward and upward.


        • Thanks, Steve. You do a good job of keeping up, in any case. Me, I’ve always been guilty of over-extending, and then letting the ball drop on most things social. Sorry to all I’ve let down on that, but I just can’t do it. Guess that’ll just have to suffice.

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