Homeless Update 2


Homeless Update 2 (Randyjw; March 26, 2019)


I came back from church dinner tonight to find that my sleeping site has been padlocked.


The skies are black, it’s starting to rain, and I have nowhere to go.


There are some other homeless people sitting across the street to where the building is. From there, where I also was sitting, I just saw a huge, fiery explosion leap into the sky from what appeared to be the rear side of the building. All the lights have gone out in the surrounding vicinity. They briefly came on again, but have since gone out. I heard a loud bang in the interim.


Now, it’s absolutely pouring, and the tree I had moved to wasn’t providing enough cover. I crossed the street to take cover beneath the overhang of a commercial building. Oh, wow. I just heard another big bang. There had been a large, nearby lightning strike, but I don’t know if a transformer has been struck. Maybe G-d is providing the cloak of darkness to us to help protect us, tonight. Maybe he sees our plight and is chastising the city for shutting us out and leaving vulnerable people with very limited options.


As an aside, there has been alot of construction starting up. However, I couldn’t believe the sign I read at one of them. It said: No Soliciting Not Hiring! If I chance to pass by there again, and have enough battery power on my phone and am not too tired to take a photo of it (like I was at the time I saw it), then I’ll try to remember to snap a pic of it to update this post with it. Over and out, for now.


Update: There was a huge fire raging a few blocks away, which now appears to be out. Here are a few pix snapped from where I’m sitting:












Update 2:

I was up all night running around, trying to get away from very scary people who were coming at me all night. They’d stare and stare from 150-200 feet away (?), then start walking toward me and following. I had to go to a motel entrance for safety, and a guy followed me there. Another guy came out of a parking garage, looked for awhile, then weaved toward me. It looked like he had a knife in his right hand. He passed near, then sat with some of the other homeless people I’d been sitting near. I walked around the city for a long time. Another guy doubled back, as did a car: it went straight, instead of making the lefthand turn its car signal indicated, then made a u-turn in the middle of the street, then kept reappearing, going around and around the block.

Oy, vey. I’m so tired.



Update (May 11, 2019):

I recently went back to the location of the No Soliciting Not Hiring sign, and they had removed it. I guess they could always refer them to the hiring manager, go through the motions of pretending to give the applicant a fair review, and just not hire them, anyways. At least it wouldn’t be an in-your-face bad public relations move, as the sign had been…



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