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Shomron (King Omri bought hill for two talents of silver from Shemer; hence, the name) / Christian: The City of Sebastia (Randyjw; April 24, 2019)





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Land Theft In Judea/Samaria


Land Theft In Judea/Samaria (Randyjw; April 24, 2019)


This is another really important and informative article toward understanding what is occurring now in Judea/Samaria (the so-called “West Bank”):



Linder Kahn, Naomi. “The European Union: Nurturing Instability and Terrorism in the Middle East”.; April 24, 2019:



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Best Yet Article


Best Yet Article (Randyjw; April 22, 2019)


This is the best article I’ve yet read on the Jewish people vis-à-vis Israel (and mostly what I’ve been saying, all along):


Sylvetsky, Rochel. “The legal status of Jerusalem: Examination of Israel’s lawful rights”. Op-Ed; April 18, 2019:




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Passover Songs And More 5779


Passover Songs And More 5779 (Randyjw; April 18, 2019)



Bachatzi Halayla (Midnight Escape) – Yehudah Katz

Published on Apr 2, 2012




Od Yishama (There Will Be Heard) – Shlomo Katz

Published on Apr 23, 2012




(Added April 24, 2019):

Mordechai Ben David – Kumzits 1 / Shiru LaMelech

Published on Oct 27, 2015




All About Those Plagues – Chuck Green

Published on Mar 23, 2015



Passover Rhapsody – A Jewish Rock Opera –

Published on Mar 27, 2012




Avadim Hayinu (We Were Slaves) – Yuval Grumer

Published on Apr 16, 2019




Pessach Medley with Micha Gamerman (Official Animation Video) –

Published on Apr 5, 2017




The Passover Seder Symbols Song – runsing

Published on Apr 7, 2008





Published on Apr 12, 2011



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DK Eyewitness Books: Judaism – Discover the History, Faith, and Culture That Have Shaped the Modern Jewish World


DK Eyewitness Books: Judaism – Discover the History, Faith, and Culture That Have Shaped the Modern Jewish World (Randyjw; April 19, 2019)


CHARING, D. DK Eyewitness Books: Judaism – Discover the History, Faith, and Culture That Have Shaped the Modern Jewish World. First American Edition 2003. DK Publishing, Inc., 375 Hudson Street, New York, New York 10014. Copyright 2003 Dorling Kindersley Limited, London.


This great book is one of a series, called DK Eyewitness Books, on multiple educational subjects aimed at children and young adults. This older, 2003 library version, is a slim, hardcover coffee table-style book, compiled with factual short paragraphs of information and glossy, full-color photos. The photos are especially interesting for their archaeological- and museum-quality details, showing both verbally, and visually, some highlights from the periods of Jewish history, both modern, and ancient.


DK Publishing is now under the banner of Penguin Random House. For more information on the parent company, see the Wikipedia reference, below. The newest revised edition of this book was published June 14, 2016, with sixty-four pages geared toward Middle Grades (8-12), and is available in hardcover and paperback. I highly recommend this book, for all ages.


DK (publisher):



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Let Us Be


Let Us Be (Randyjw; April 15, 2019)

(to the tune of The Beatles’ “Let It Be”)


When we found ourselves upon the Nile

bondsmen to our slavery

Built up Egypt’s cities

men unfree


And while the whips rained down upon us

beating us relentlessly

chained into our bondage




Let us be (x4)

G-d proclaims His answer:

Let us be!


But Pharaoh’s heart was hardened

and he had no eyes with which to see

He who rules above us



So G-d sent down ten plagues amongst us

sparing us eternally

G-d would let us worship





Then Egypt wound up devastated

livestock, land, and progeny

but now set forth to our freedom



Still Pharaoh’s woes had deepened

and he suffered economically

the wage paid for those slaves

had come free




The chariot army trotted

G-d endowed the rod and let us flee

by dry ground we departed

through the sea


And Moshe let the rod down

and two walls were one in unity

Pharaoh’s army drowned,

all but he




In wilderness we wandered

seeking solace and a destiny

and false gods we created



And G-d called Moses to the Mount

and gave Laws for eternity

And Torah’s words of wisdom

set us free


(Chorus) (x2)



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Doubtless (Randyjw’ April 15, 2019)


It would be close to impossible

to believe

that the silent conversations

I hold with you – –

without you

Aren’t expelled through

the ether

where they eventually

reach you;

it’s doubtless

Want them, or not,

there they are

before your heart


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Communion (Randyjw; April 14, 2019)


Aching beauty

often finds expression

only in communion

when our souls become one



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Old And Homeless


Old And Homeless (Randyjw; April 12, 2019)


You came out from the library,

looking forlorn

Garbed in like clothing

my father had worn

Then stopped on the walkway

and set your bags down

And you stared, and you stared

at that man, like your son

The man walked away

without once looking round

But you watched over him

as he gained further ground

Then you turned and went over

to sit on the bench

Your glasses were perched

and your shoulders were hunched

And looked around, aimless

Not knowing what to do

While here you sit, blameless,

Bereft of him, too



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WATCH Live: Beresheet Moon Landing


WATCH Live: Beresheet Moon Landing (Randyjw; April 11, 2019)





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Randy’s Recipes: Olive, Fig, Ricotta, Orange Sandwich

Randy’s Recipes: Olive, Fig, Ricotta, Orange Sandwich (Randyjw; April 10, 2019)


It’s been a long time since I’ve stepped inside a Walmart; I usually found them inconveniently located, and didn’t find much enticing selection to warrant the trip.


But, this time was different. As I browsed the aisles, I found the shelves stocked with the best brands of commercially-available offerings I would have chosen, should my local market chains have kept purchasing them. But, as usual, the buyers always seem to discontinue my favorites in any categories, from food to cleansers.


I put together this “Walmart special,” and it wasn’t bad.


Randy’s Recipes: Olive, Fig, Ricotta, Orange Sandwich (Randyjw; April 10, 2019)


French Bread ($1.00 USD), or other of your choice

Ricotta Cheese, or other of your choice*

Orange ($0.68 USD), segmented

Olive and Fig Tapenade (small jar; a bit costly – – probably better to make yourself. Includes sea salt, cardamom, assorted vinegars, more.)


Try other options:


Spearmint leaves

Sunflower kernels


* Walmart has a nice selection of sliced cheese in a platter, although not best quality, such as this one, which was $7.00 USD, featuring: Irish cheddar, Havarti, Gouda, Imported Swiss (it didn’t taste like it, and had no holes):

Layer olive/fig spread onto open face of French bread loaf. Top with ricotta, or other cheese of your choice. Top with orange segments. Enjoy.


5 Yums Up


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Passover 5779


Passover 5779 (Randyjw; April 10, 2019)


I wish I still had the index cards of all my Mother’s recipes (hers, friends, or curated) I’d laboriously copied over the years. I think they were lost with some of my previous items at a time when I was told I should store them at someone’s business location, but then was not allowed to retrieve any of my things back. My Mother, as well, has lost pages from her personal collection, as people just pulled them out, rather than copying them from her. But, here are some Passover ideas and inspiration from elsewhere. And, if sometime, I can try to recreate those missing recipes, I will.


Inspire your own ideas, and read Doreen Wachmann’s article on Charoset recipes through the ages:


Charoset: (flip pages to 12-13)



Here’s a recipe for Passover Apricot Squares that, if I’m remembering correctly, seems to be like the ones my Mother used to make:


Passover Apricot Squares:


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The Quarry by Pope John Paul II


The Quarry by Pope John Paul II (Randyjw; April 8, 2019)


New link / Hope this one works: (scroll down)


Interesting information about Pope John Paul II (Karol Wojtyla):



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Worthwhile (Randyjw; April 8, 2019)


Before entering the library today, I weebled over to the garbage can to throw out some trash. I rolled my eyes and said “eh” to the guy standing nearby, indicating my exhaustion lugging around my three bags, and other matters. The guy said, “I understand. You gotta make it worthwhile.” I said, “It is worthwhile; we’re here.” He nodded, and I went back to gather my backpacks. Sitting on top of one, I thanked the guy for his motivation. Combined, perhaps the two serve as the purpose and goals for our lives: To make it worthwhile, while we’re here.



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Chick-Fil-A Controversy

Chick-Fil-A Controversy (Randyjw; April 5, 2019)



McGuinness, Dylan. “Brockhouse apologizes to Chick-fil-A for San Antonio’s decision to remove restaurant from airport plan”.; March 26, 2019:



Update / Additional (November 22, 2019):

Greenfield, Daniel. “Chick-fil-A Put an Obama and Hillary Supporter in Charge, but Dumped Christians”.; November 22, 2019:





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Be’er Sheva

Be’er Sheva:


Brummer, David. “Evidence of Second Temple Era Settlement Found Near Abraham’s Biblical Home”.; April 4, 2019:




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TLC (Randyjw; April 3, 2019)








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Sydney Debate-to-Be


Sydney Debate-to-Be (Randyjw; April 3, 2019)



Rabbi Tovia Singer debates Reverend Samuel Green:

Is Jesus the Promised Jewish Messiah?


Tuesday, April 9, 2019

6:30 – 8:30 PM


University of Technology Sydney

1 Quay Street, Haymarket

Building 5C, Room 02.010



Free Audio Posts:



Update (April 13, 2019):


Rabbi Singer has posted the video of this debate on YouTube:





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Kicked Out of Library

I was just kicked out of the library because my three backpacks cannot fit under one small chair, although they would fit under the large tables. Therefore, I cannot charge my phone, and I need it in case of emergency, like being attacked, etc. Phone batt is about to die. I contacted nat’l center on homelessness and poverty to see what they’ll say.



Update (April 13, 2019):


I have still not had a response from the National Center on Homelessness and Poverty.



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