Kicked Out of Library

I was just kicked out of the library because my three backpacks cannot fit under one small chair, although they would fit under the large tables. Therefore, I cannot charge my phone, and I need it in case of emergency, like being attacked, etc. Phone batt is about to die. I contacted nat’l center on homelessness and poverty to see what they’ll say.



Update (April 13, 2019):


I have still not had a response from the National Center on Homelessness and Poverty.





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15 responses to “Kicked Out of Library

  1. I should not like this post because of what you are going through.

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  2. Keep strong, my friend. Its good to know helpful souls are still around…may you keep finding them whenever you need them. Take care.

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  3. Just retrieved this post from spam. I hope you found help somewhere, Rachel!


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