Rampant Antisemitism


Rampant Antisemitism (Randyjw; May 29, 2019)


Anti-semitic sentiment bears its fruit in influence and actions. Much as we would like to think that the degree and tone of an individual’s public expression to their commitment of non-prejudice toward all people might be true, it’s rather difficult to accept the excuses given, the non-apologetic justifications and back-pedalling, and all else that passes for non-pc-speak, by our elected representatives, officials, the spinners of propaganda passing for news, and those entrusted to uphold our constitutional values.


This should especially be true in our education system today, given how hard our nation has fought each other on the issues of equality, the right to vote, etc.


I must say that I cannot accept that most universities today continue to allow blatant hostility to its Jewish students to continue. If student clubs receive budgets for their activities through the school, and if that agenda includes sponsoring convicted terrorists as speakers on-campus; If the selfsame speaker has ties to, sympathizes with, or has even committed terrorist acts; if the US Department of State has listed such an affiliated group as a terrorist organization; is the material support and comfort given to this person or endeavor a treasonous act to our country?


If a faculty department of a university, which is comprised of teachers employed by such school, engages in such behavior; discriminates against students, particularly Jews wishing to study abroad at an Israeli campus by rescinding a previously agreed commitment to write a letter of recommendation for such study, upon learning that it would take place in (Jewish) Israel; if antisemitic violence against Jewish students, harassment of Jewish students by other students; if a collective body of students under their club, or student government promote such discrimination against pro-Israel Jews:


Besides lip service paid by the administration of such universities in simply stating that their administration does not share such values…


Isn’t it obvious that they do, if they will allow such actions to keep on? Isn’t silent agreement an act of complicity, in itself?


That is why, despite a Universities’ stated position, I still leave them on my listings, for having allowed the Jews to have to go through such things, here in America, as well as around the world.



“What You Do To Jews”:



See (Updated June 5, 2019):

Stellar, Richard. “UCLA: No place for Jews?”. jewishjournal.com (Opinion); September 1, 2016:






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6 responses to “Rampant Antisemitism

  1. You raise a very important issue, Rachel. To cater to pc, our educational institutions support those affiliated with enemies of this country. How does that make sense?


    • It doesn’t… but it’s been going on for a long, long time now. Unfortunately, it keeps rearing its ugly head, time and again. And the weird, but not so weird, thing of it is, it always happens around some secularistic, popular movement du-jour, which never lasts and is then replaced by another. And, no matter which one it is, its always antithetical, if that’s the right word, to us. Jewish and U.S. Apparently, they’re sleeping, and not ‘woke. But, I think it’s got to be more willful than that. ‘Cuz people don’t say anything about it. Then, they turn around and say you’re the hateful one for saying so. I mean, you’d think I’d have more support with such postings, but… crickets. Saudi’s been supporting the Chairs of many universities for a looong time. Harvard, Georgetown, etc all bend toward that. If the people let it continue, and support this nonsense, then soon be bending on their knees. Too late.

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