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Ilhan Omar… Al-Shabaab… Jew-Hatred…


Ilhan Omar… Al-Shabaab… Jew-Hatred… (Randyjw; September 30, 2019)


I don’t think we can sweep this explicit support for terrorism by Ilhan Omar under the rug, any longer.


Please read this report by Clarion Project, showing a Twitter screenshot of Ilhan Omar’s tweet openly addressing Somali government and peacekeeping forces to protect a telecommunications company, named Hormuud, associated with multiple affiliations to terrorists, terrorist attacks, the financing of such, and more.



Clarion Project. “Ilhan Omar Asks for Protection of Somali Company Linked to Terror”.; September 3, 2019:



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New Year 5780

New Year 5780 (Randyjw; September 24, 2019)



Rosh HaShanah is celebrated Sunday evening, September 29, 2019, in the Diaspora.



Never-ending joy and happiness, this sweet New Year…



Love you

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The New, Old Fiddler

The New, Old Fiddler (Randyjw; September 14, 2019)



Fiddler On The Roof / National Tour:*






Inside The Studio Recording The Broadway Cast Album:






Ticket Information:


*National Tour:




On-Broadway / Off-Broadway


In Yiddish; Directed by Joel Grey:





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Randy’s Reviews: The Bridge Across Forever by Richard Bach

Randy’s Reviews: The Bridge Across Forever by Richard Bach (Randyjw; September 14, 2019)


Bach, Richard. The Bridge Across Forever. Published by: Dell Publishing Co., Inc.; 1 Dag Hammerskjold Plaza; New York, New York 10017. Copyright 1984 by Alternate Futures Incorporated. Reprinted by arrangement with William Morrow and Company, Inc. – February 1986.


Also available in 4-cassette audiotape edition.



Interesting, intriguing, and involving, a reticent heart learns to glide and soar in this autobiographical account from author-pilot, Richard Bach.



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New Revelations Reveal Same Old Problem


New Revelations Reveal Same Old Problem (Randyjw; September 9, 2019)


Terrorism reveals its continued perpetration, from the same old perpetrators, with its same old mindset, against the same old (ancient) community:


Cohen, Ben. “Former French Intelligence Chief Alleged to Have Made Secret Pact With Palestinian Terrorists Behind 1982 Kosher Restaurant Massacre”.; August 9, 2019:




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Satyrous Satire

Satyrous Satire (Randyjw; September 6, 2019)


Greenfield, Daniel. “Banana Republic Can’t Cover Up Women Fast Enough to Sell Them Hijabs”.; August 8, 2019:



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