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Thankful (Randyjw; November 27, 2019)





caring people

and U-Deer



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Untitled (Randyjw; November 14, 2019)


I recently remembered this long-forgotten poem I’d written at a young-adult period during my lifetime. I guess that deep, and recent, grief in my life has somehow jogged this from the recesses of memory. I thought I’d include it here, now. I believe this completes my entire work-to-date now, except for individual poetry written to individuals, which may have never made it to these pages.



When I am torn with grief

and aching for a love I cannot yet understand

You smile, knowingly,

and say you understand.


Accepting this statement at face value,

I go on.


Once again, the hurt swells up inside me;

tugging. tearing.


I dare not return while the crowned king

reigns his one-man kingdom.



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The Arrowhead And The Gate


The Arrowhead And The Gate (Randyjw; November 14, 2019)


There are no longer any words I hold

that are my own

I shape yours in hidden poetry

taking flint to flint

etching sentiments into

sedimentary stone




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The Many French Connections


The Many French Connections (Randyjw; November 1, 2019)


There is something really strange about current, ongoing derangement syndromes whereby ineffectual people, who might normally never acquire the prestige or standing within their communities they might wish to have, suddenly latch onto and support causes and ideologies which directly contravene even their own potential survivals. It’s not even a Darwinian type of “survival of the fittest,” but the transverse: the “survival of non-thrivers.”


We are so insistent on the triumphalism of individualism, that we have long forsworn the collective community, and the supposed “good” for the whole we are to inherently strive toward achieving. How can we, when personal goals of achievement involve tooth-and-nail competitiveness; the directive to celebrate our individuality by being “special” requiring ever-increasing acts of outrageousness in order to stand apart from the crowd; the obsessive social media need to prove popularity online shaping our behaviors (if we’re prone to feeling shamed by public ostracism)?


Those who just want to fit in will do so, whatever the trending fads, thoughts, or fashions are currently prevalent. Support in numbers, even involving ideas antithetical to their survival are embraced, being perceived as the strong, authoritative voices they represent. In all actuality, most of these voices are just loud and continual, often like the school or cyberspace bullies turn out to be. They may represent a non-normative state of mentality which no-one has the strength to counter. The bullies engrain their methods and ideas into the less strong-willed, begin to form committees and memberships and “social” activism to enjoin others to cause – – often succeeding…. as so many people just want to fit in.


Why would there be any reason to open a floodgate, just to see your own downfall, were this not the case? Popularity, and the need to be seen standing with the reigning mode/modality of the day, seems to be the answer. Therefore, the reason for the constant flip-flop in opinions, and the need for the constant cover-ups of having to lie that one held those beliefs, in the first place. Identifying with an ideology that would see you as a non-compatible force would eject and annihilate the foreign body from within its midst, just as an army of white blood cells would attempt to attack a particle in the body which didn’t belong.


This is what is happening now with the many individuals attempting to identify with those people or alliances of individuals who commit terrorist attacks against others they see as just subjects: people as objects, not human. Inhuman. Sub-human. But because there are some very loud voices, marginal to the mainstream, but amplified to the masses, so many others contend that this must be the popular way to be – think – act, and so they join their voices and pocketbooks to this cause du jour they know nothing about and will likely forget about in the next five years. This can cause a lot of harm and damage. We just need to recall the master propagandist Joesef Goebbels to mind. No, let’s not, and say we did.


See what I mean?


And so, this is the popular bandwagon that is the terrorist-support system, emanating from the halls of Europe, the socialist-communist mouthpieces posing for education that the U.S. university campuses today represent, and the halls of Montezuma (and it’s revenge). Call it appeasement. Call it France and Algeria. Call it Seventh Century. Call it French Class. Just don’t call it the “T” word.






Yedid, Baruch. “Disguised as Agricultural Work, French Org that Supports BDS also Supports Terrorism”.; October 28, 2019:




Black, Edwin. “Funding illegal Palestinian settlements: Links to terrorists”. (Opinions); August 22, 2019:



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