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Oslo Redux


Oslo Redux (Randyjw; January 31, 2020)


I haven’t even read the Trump Administration’s Peace To Prosperity plan, yet – – and, I might, eventually. But, there are already intrinsic problems I see at a glance which tell me this will never work.


For one, the Arabs have never, and will never, rescind their war to eliminate the Jews – – especially those Jews living in Israel. The conflict is about genocide of the Jewish people (again), and nothing is going to change the Arab mind about that. That concept is as intrinsic to the Koran, as is that of taqqiya, the same Arab concept which allows for deception to the enemy as a means of strategic warfare to attain the goal. In it, all need to be of one mind, and, therefore, religion; therefore: join, or be gone (eliminated).


Seeing, briefly, the outline of a map which contains Judea and Samaria (or, as those siding with the Arabs will call it: The “West Bank”) and which connects via an underground tunnel to make an accessible roadway between the areas of the so-called “West Bank” on the east side of Israel near the Jordan River, and connecting it to Gaza, located on the western border at the Mediterranean Sea, would cut Israel in half, even if the tunnel is situated below ground. All the Arabs would need to do is amass in the tunnel, blow it up, and come pouring out of it — effectively eviscerating Israel into two.


Meanwhile, the Arabs would also be given east Jerusalem for their capital, and have another means of attack against the Jews spread very thin around the outer perimeters of land that had been left for us.


This is the same basic plan as the 1947 partition plan, to which the Arabs already said no. The Arabs continually void any treaties they have signed, as mostly seen even in the supposed Jordanian and Egyptian peace treaties. Put your right hand to your heart in a solemnly sworn oath, yet steal with the left hand, and what is left but a thief. We have already seen, since all these previous supposed peace treaties with the Arabs have gone, that they continually attack us and violate their treaties. The Arabs themselves have made each proposal, such as this “newest”-old one, completely irrelevant: null and void.


A plan that doesn’t send all of the Arabs to Jordan, since Jordan was already wrested twice from the land of Israel, is not a plan that any Jew should consider. To make pretend that this newest plan, reiterating old ideas that the Arabs have rejected, time and time again, is a gift to the Jews is just ridiculous. We need to be proud of our heritage. We need to stand up for our land. All of it. We should not pretend that we were totally ENTIRELY exiled from it for two-thousand years: because the fact is that it is not entirely true. We have always been there. We need to stop pretending that an acceptance of less and less of our own land is a gift that others need to give us. The good people who know this, and then go take jobs with governments that don’t have these interests in mind, corrupt the good people to their way of thinking. This is not a favor, but a disservice. Let’s not pretend that it is. We already know that this is a non-ending war of attrition against us. We need to fight it to win it, or just forget it. That’s it.


Peace To Prosperity Full Plan Download – 181 pages: (



Additional Opinion (Added: February 1, 2020):



Sidman, David. “Israel has Officially Ended its Love Affair with Trump”.; January 28, 2020:




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A Prayer For The Holy Temple

A Prayer For The Holy Temple (Randyjw; January 30, 2020)



This is beautiful … listen.



Yehuda Katz, Raphael Barkats, Chanan Elias, Shlomo Katz, Aron Razel, Yankele Shemesh, Chizki Soifer (recorded by Chanan Elias) – Yibaneh HaMikdash:




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Dr. Jack Van Impe


Dr. Jack Van Impe (Randyjw; January 21, 2020)


I just learned of the passing, Saturday, January 18, 2020 of Dr. Jack Van Impe. I’m saddened to learn of the news. He, and his wife, Rexella, had a television show called Jack Van Impe Presents. Where I could receive it, and when, I used to watch, and enjoy his presentations. The pair were well aware of the dangers of terrorism and I felt that they were good friends of the Jewish people, despite our differences. I will miss you, Dr. Van Impe, and send my condolences to Mrs. Van Impe.




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I Have A Wish (and A Dream…)

I Have A Wish (and A Dream…) (Randyjw; November 4, 2019)




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Randy’s Reviews: The Long Road Home: A Story of War and Family – by Martha Raddatz


Randy’s Reviews: The Long Road Home: A Story of War and Family – by Martha Raddatz (Randyjw; January 18, 2020)


Raddatz, Martha. The Long Road Home: A Story of War and Family. Copyright © 2007, 2008 by Martha Raddatz. Published by BERKLEY an imprint of  Penguin Random House LLC; 375 Hudson Street, New York, New York 10014. G.P. Putnam’s Sons hardcover edition / March 2007; Berkley trade paperback edition / January 2008; Berkley trade paperback edition (TV Tie-in edition) / October 2017. 338 pages, plus photos. ISBN 9780451490797.


Isaiah 2:4

And He shall judge between the nations, and shall decide for many peoples; and they shall beat their swords into plowshares, and their spears into pruninghooks; nation shall not lift up sword against nation, neither shall they learn war any more. (Translation:


I wish we were at the aforementioned point in time, as noted in the prophecies of Isaiah, as seen above.


Instead, we are far from it – – spiraling even quicker towards its counterpart of constant battles, skirmishes and full-out war between regions, countries and partnered nations vying for ultimate world power and dominion.


Though only a relatively minor percentage of a people’s nation actually participate in the fighting of a nation’s army, the entire population bears the consequences of the outcome of war, whether favorably or to their collective detriment. It matters not whether the war is enjoined on the offensive or defensive side, but to which side the favor falls. It is not an easy matter to enter the fray, especially when having war thrust upon one’s country, or in marrying powers to aid one’s friendly allies, betrothed to what each feels are the just cause, besides political, economic, religious, and other interests beholden to one’s beliefs.


Nevertheless, it comes as a surprise to learn that the honor of a “gentleman’s war” is a silly notion; when fighting for one’s life, some do so with dignity, and some scrap ’til the final breath, using any mean or method deemed necessary to survival – – the ends justifying the means.


This is what a war in the Middle East looks like. Though I’ve never seen one, up close and personal, I’ve been in the vicinity to support the noncombat efforts of one: the ongoing war of attrition faced by the Jewish people and citizens of Israel, who are surrounded by hostile forces intent on their destruction throughout the entire region of the mid-East. It’s not that the wishes of the populous twenty-two Arab nations couldn’t make the reality of Israel’s existence disappear, nor that an additional thirty Muslim states have lacked in trying to make that so… it’s just that the wars come in dribs and drabs, with great public perception in trying to stage it to appear otherwise.


Therefore, we see war by attrition: a constant picking off of the enemy through all means possible, including car-ramming attacks, stabbings, improvised explosive devices (i.e., creatively camouflaged these days in balloons. kites, books, printer ink cartridges, etc.) and other means.


It is essential that a book such as the New York Times Bestseller, The Long Road Home: A Story of War and Family, by Martha Raddatz has been written to bring the realities of war to consciousness, rather than as an abstract concept fought by far-off people in distant lands. This story, a reconstruction of the true events facing U.S. soldiers on Iraqi soil during the Iraq War (which, see: truly portrays in the U.S. perspective what it is like to be facing war in this region. Here, the boys are surprised that the enemy uses women and children as human shields; that regular neighbors are all armed and turn on you in a dime. Here, the war dead mount quickly and suddenly.


This is a must-read book.






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Religious Freedom Day


Religious Freedom Day (Randyjw; January 16, 2020)


Today is Religious Freedom Day in the USA. Go, USA!!!


Read President Trump’s Proclamation, here:





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