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Jewish Land

Jewish Land (Randyjw; February 24, 2020)



Read this important history regarding the Jewish Land and presence in Israel:




Shabiy, Dr. Yechiel. “The History of the Land Is Jewish, Not Palestinian”.; February 23, 2020:






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Beautiful Halo







Beautiful Halo (Randyjw; February 23, 2020)



I’ve lost my poetry, for awhile

I don’t know when it will return;

I guess when true smiles

return to my face

In signs and thoughts

imagined of the nearness

of your soul to mine




In the meantime,

without this heaven on earth…

Yet, with nothing lost,

I have this beautiful halo you misplaced

and unerringly dropped into my heart.






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Europe Recognizes Legal vs Illegal Border Entry


Europe Recognizes Legal vs Illegal Border Entry (Randyjw; February 18, 2020)


Kern, Soren. “Spain: European Court Approves Summary Deportations of Illegal Migrants”.; February 17, 2020:




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2020 Geneva Summit for Human Rights and Democracy


2020 Geneva Summit for Human Rights and Democracy (Randyjw; February 18, 2020)





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My Honey Valentine

My Honey Valentine (Randyjw; February 12, 2020)








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Official Anti-Semitism


Official Anti-Semitism (Randyjw; February 12, 2020)


It’s official: The United Nations has officially and flagrantly boycotted Jews. That means anti-Semitism is now officially sanctioned, according to the U.N., in this “Advance Unedited Version Of A/HRC/43/71. It seems we are in possibly worse times than 1930’s Nazi Germany.


Read the press release and the “Blacklist/Boycott” of companies sponsored/condoned by the U.N.:




UN Watch Press Release; February 12, 2020:




Update (Added January 18, 2020):


Here’s the Jewish response, listing allegedly known companies doing business with the U.N., and an article describing it:








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Tu Bshvat


Tu Bshvat (Randyjw; February 7, 2020)




Tu Bshvat!!!






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Hamstrung By Left


Hamstrung By Left (Randyjw; February 2, 2020)


I can’t believe what I’m seeing, here.


So much Spin… both by the leftists in Congress, and the Iranians, at their centrifuges (thanks to those U.S. Leftists).


Congress, dominated by Democrats, has just voted to hamstring the United States against a war involving Iran, called the No War Against Iran Act, which passed with a vote in favor: 228-175.


And, so, could you please tell me what would happen if Iran sent over their newest missiles, soon to be “tipped and equipped” [my coin — ed.] with radioactive material, to the U.S.?


What? We couldn’t make a war with them? Defend ourselves?


Do these political representatives of ours have any brains, whatsoever? Or, are they really that idiotic?



Read about this ridiculousness, here, and you’ll learn of even more further hamstringing:







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