Hamstrung By Left


Hamstrung By Left (Randyjw; February 2, 2020)


I can’t believe what I’m seeing, here.


So much Spin… both by the leftists in Congress, and the Iranians, at their centrifuges (thanks to those U.S. Leftists).


Congress, dominated by Democrats, has just voted to hamstring the United States against a war involving Iran, called the No War Against Iran Act, which passed with a vote in favor: 228-175.


And, so, could you please tell me what would happen if Iran sent over their newest missiles, soon to be “tipped and equipped” [my coin — ed.] with radioactive material, to the U.S.?


What? We couldn’t make a war with them? Defend ourselves?


Do these political representatives of ours have any brains, whatsoever? Or, are they really that idiotic?



Read about this ridiculousness, here, and you’ll learn of even more further hamstringing:







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