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This website has been created to voice viewpoints which may run counter to mainstream opinion; and, like opinion, it is solely my own. These may not be popular views, and courage is needed to voice them. I hope you find them informative and educational, as they are meant to be — to lead people to think outside the box and to question the propaganda which passes for “expert” opinion these days. If others call mine propaganda, so be it — personally, such viewpoints I find hateful and hurtful, but nobody seems to care. To those that do, this website is dedicated. Thank you.



All viewpoints, products, services, affiliations, listings, and any and all information is provided for educational or informational purposes only and does not imply fitness of purpose or use or its endorsement.

Please note that this site is created with a wide demographic audience in mind; therefore, not all materials will necessarily be suitable for all consumers. Works may contain situations, images, wording, information, and materials which may be contrary, incompatible, or inappropriate with regard to your own particular stances or viewpoints. Commentary and other works may reflect viewpoints not necessarily endorsed or supported by this site. No Halachic representation, warranty, or specific viewpoint should be implied, nor does this site warrant the same of others. All works are copyright to their respective owners, including my own. Please be advised.


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