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This website has been created to voice viewpoints which may run counter to mainstream opinion; and, like opinion, it is solely my own. These may not be popular views, and courage is needed to voice them. I hope you find them informative and educational, as they are meant to be — to lead people to think outside the box and to question the propaganda which passes for “expert” opinion these days. If others call mine propaganda, so be it — personally, such viewpoints I find hateful and hurtful, but nobody seems to care. To those that do, this website is dedicated. Thank you.



All viewpoints, products, services, affiliations, listings, and any and all information is provided for educational or informational purposes only and does not imply fitness of purpose or use or its endorsement.

Please note that this site is created with a wide demographic audience in mind; therefore, not all materials will necessarily be suitable for all consumers. Works may contain situations, images, wording, information, and materials which may be contrary, incompatible, or inappropriate with regard to your own particular stances or viewpoints. Commentary and other works may reflect viewpoints not necessarily endorsed or supported by this site. No Halachic representation, warranty, or specific viewpoint should be implied, nor does this site warrant the same of others. All works are copyright to their respective owners, including my own. Please be advised.



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  1. Better off behind closed screens (computer). Why did I know you’d ask?…

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  2. Hi, Aries! I enjoyed your poetry, photos, music – and I’m happy you like my blog! The production values on the recording were super… Where did you record it? (People will be curious… It’s ‘Black Swan’ (Aries’ song), on Soundcloud…). If you’d like to leave a link here, you’re welcome to… Thanks, Aries!

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  3. Dear Elia,
    Thank you for writing the sweetest note I may have ever seen in my lifetime. I can only imagine the wisdom you will have attained when you reach 120 years old, given this small sampling at age 15! You are welcome to repost, to link to, or to blig anything I have written pertaining to Judaism or Israel as you desire. You may not agree with everything I have done, evidenced in some of my posts, nor do I feel that I’ve always done the correct or wisest thung. Nevertheless, I believe that G-d has a plan, which includes people on all sides of the spectrum doing all kinds of different things. There is an end plan of lightness in the darkness of life’s episodes. I am not a Rabbi, but I loved mine immensely. Growing up in the Diaspora has been a psychically soulful burden, despite its attractiveness to many. We have been cut off, and it has not been so easy to return. I am a woman of mid-age and Reform upbringing. I lament the lack of Hebrew language instruction other than cursory alphabet recognition and writing, and only a couple of words in Hebrew: flag, fish, ears, eyes, legs, maybe a few others. We did receive fairly extensive Jewish history lessons, although I should have paid attention more, rather than gaze out the window, or make jokes about Hebrew phrases/names. I was too much of a jokester, and I’m glad to perceive that you are a serious and mindful person, probably contrary to myself. I’m glad my checkmarks to follow you so that I can further read your blog have taken, as my phone cuts out and doesn’t look like it completed the command (oftentimes, it doesn’t). In any case, my body might be here, but my spirit is in Judaism with the L-rd, and my heart belongs to Israel. By the way, is that gorgeous picture taken upon entering the Ramat Gan area? If so, I think I might’ve walked to the small building from the border of Tel Aviv and Yafo! It was quite a ways… I went to see a vendor whi has worked with my Mom, but the building was closed for a Jewish holiday! What a great concept! Sometimes we have to suffer and work on Jewish holidays in the Diaspora or risk losing our jobs. Do you live in Israel or the Diaspora? (I’ll read your blog). Thanks for your valuable work. May it merit the blessings you so richly deserve. B’ahava, B’shalom – Rachel (Randy)

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    • You have mine, too, as I also mistook you for male. I should have realized from your name otherwise. It’s a beautiful name, by the way. Randy is the name given to me, named after my maternal grandmother (although I’m adopted — but, I’m still Jewish, and it still counts). Rachel is my Hebrew name. You’re lucky your given name is a Hebrew one. I live in the U.S. (location undisclosed), but I’ve been to Israel. Somehow we met through Mukul Chand’s “enchanted forests” website. I had jyst responded to something in the comments section, and, I don’t know, I’d have to look back at the sequencing or something, but I guess you’d written a thank you (so sweet) to him for liking a post you had written about why people should live Israel. I said to myself, Yup, that’s for me — I gotta check out this blog. So I went to go do so, but my phone was getting all messed up, and I sometimes have to get out of email and go direct to websites, and sometimes I make comments and the whole thing doesn’t click through — an inherent issue almost from the start with my phone, so I don’t know. Anyways, it looks like you got my clicks. I got to your site once, but didn’t really get to read anything. Then I forgot the name and I’ve been trying to go have a look. So, I think I can do so now, so I’ll give it a try! I think it’s really great that you’re doing this! I wish I had studied terrorism when I was young, so that I would be that much further ahead of the curve. I got hung up on the confusing terms of Shia and Sunni, and felt that I should’ve known what they were (but didn’t) and so felt it was too far gone a subject ti ever catch up on and ignored it altofether. Here I am, many years later, having only recently learned those terms and more. There’s a moral here, somewhere. I’m saddened to learn your poor Rabbi’s status. It might hurt his feelings. Perhaps there are things that will later be appreciated: his knowledge on subject matter, hus devotion to faith (teach children in the way that they should go…) etc. But never sacrifice your safety and personal welfare. Try, also, to guard your soul from the way of the world. You can get easily sidetracked and distracted. The role of the Rabbi is to gird you in this strength and in this regard — sometimes strictness and firmness might be required. We all love inspiring teachers with wonderful personalities. But, it’s like doctors (not specufucslly, but as an example). We’d much prefer nice interactions, but some of the best are arrogant, bearish people (my orthodontist was one such, but he did the best job — I would cry at how mean he could sometimes be…). Nice of you to teach Hebrew — it will strengthen your own knowledge. I guess that was Lesson 5? The Tanach I use is from Koren Publishers (Jerusalem). The Hebrew lines up to the English, so you can figure out exactly the translation of each word (and I like its translation). You can try the free little flashcard-type words you can get from: dictionary.co.il and from Hebrewpod101, but I don’t know if you can sign onto the sites at your age, or anything. You might need to be an adult, so perhaps you can ask someone. Those sites DO bombard you with constant appeals to purchase their paid versions, though — but they continue to send stuff, just the same. I hope you will continue to learn and stay true and good. Your replies indicate that you already are/do.


  4. Thank you. Actually, I think you liked my comment at Anagha’s site, but I think I’ve seen your avatar at other mutually-liked sites! I think that makes us all one circle of blog-buddies, huh? I don’t really know French, but I can understand photo! Yours are cool! I liked your site. Love the romantic wedding dresses! You went into my spam folder cuz of your non-matched headers, etc. I had to pull you out! Welcome, then!

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  5. Thank you, Joy. My comments somehow didn’t post, previously. I appreciate it. I’m working on this, but it’ll be a little while longer to complete. Thank you so much.

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