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Butterfly (Randyjw; August 7, 2017)


Some things

as elusive as the butterfly

were never meant to be captured

but, instead given wings

Some tears

that find their way to a fall

are expressions of happiness

not of sadness, at all

Some smiles

can paper over halves that should be whole

My butterfly net

is full of holes

but I hope to catch one, yet





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Trump Suggestion Box

Trump Suggestion Box (Randyjw; July 28, 2017)


You know I “love” Donald Trump, but I thought this was funny, nonetheless…

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Misplaced Crown


Misplaced Crown (Randyjw; July 27, 2017)


Last night, in a discussion with one of the shelter program participants running the shift at the front desk, the “blessing” she bestowed on me was taken back upon learning that I am Jewish. She declared me the “anti-Christ”.


First of all, while the shelter may have its mission statement ensconced in Christian beliefs; and while an individual’s personal expression of faith may not wholly represent the views of the organization, as a whole… the shelter does, I believe, still receive public funds allotted them by the state, and it’s pretty horrible to face this hostility in such a vulnerable situation as I am in, and to be discriminated against, like this. I was less-tolerant in previous times, when I went to the same shelter group, and then left the facility due to Christian discrimination, yet again, when a visiting lecturer asked if any “Children of Israel” were present, and when some of us raised our hands, he said that he couldn’t say what he had wanted to, because of our presence there!


As far as this most recent incident involving this girl illustrates to me, is that I apparently know the beliefs her religion encompasses better than she does, as she is unaware that her Christian religion fancies that the so-called “anti-Christ” will be reigning in Jerusalem. Meanwhile, I’m living in America…


Has anybody seen my crown?


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Clarion Project Removed From YouTube


Yesterday, I received an email from Clarion Project, the group that helps raise awareness of people, mostly of Arab and Christian backgrounds, being persecuted by radical Islamists, stating that YouTube has taken down their website. If you have followed this group or my posts about them, you’ll, perhaps, see this as I do: as an act of unfair discrimination against people who are sticking up for the rights of others to live freely in their own skins, with their own religions intact, etc.





It would seem to me that Clarion Project is performing a service to the community in raising awareness of hate groups that do target and kill others, based on others’ religious affiliation; yet, YouTube seems to want to punish those who would raise their voices against such practices. This doesn’t make sense.


Make YouTube see! Perhaps you can write to YouTube and help Clarion Project regain their “site”. Here is another YouTube Contact page:




As always, thank you for your help….


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Longward On

Longward On (Randyjw; July 12, 2017)


The long trek

of a thousand feet

the faceless, displaced

the nameless, unmet

The journey to shelter

just past the next hill

Behind, the wreckage

wrought by orders to kill

reaching the crest

the zenith of purposeful mind

test of mettle and will

to leave it all behind

the road in rubble

piled high with remorse

the hilltops beckon

paths trodden by horse

The grey hood shuts out

the merciless night

the amber of daybreak

marks countless days’ plight

Strike the tent peg

to solid ground

a hollow victory

in another round


Inspired by Yasmin Khan’s powerful imagery in “Blood on the Bluebells”:


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Can You Say: “Code Violations”?

Can You Say: “Code Violations”? (Randyjw; July 10, 2017)


(Gross Subject Matter: Readers Be Advised)


Some updates on: ” As The Shelter Spins”…


The air conditioner has been either out or malfunctioning for several days at the shelter, so they have some floor and stand fans going. Let me tell you just how uncomfortable it feels to have full-blast fans blaring while you sit for six hours in soaking wet clothes that you got caught in a downpour in. I just did.


Me and two other girls were almost arrested for sitting in an empty parking lot. One car arrived; then two more showed up for backup. Luckily, we were released without further consequence, because there have been no warrants put out for us.


They actually did start breaking small soap bars into pieces to give us for our 10-minute, or less, showers — unwrapped and handled innumerable times for our non-sanitary non-protection.


The towels have become smaller, still — now they’re about 1/3-strip of a ripped dishtowel.


I was in an argument, yet again, with tonight’s supervisor. They aren’t paid workers, but homeless stiffs, like me, who happen instead to be in the program, and have to work, for free, helping to run this place, even though they have real employees who don’t have to do the drudgework they make us do, and they receive more money, per homeless head, then I could spend at a mid-grade hotel — perhaps even one with a pool! Usually we arrange our mats and move the desks from the classroom, ourselves (I usually wind up being the one to put it all back in the morning), but, this time, the desk-duty person did it, and it’s a horrible arrangement; not well-planned and taking too much space. However, she has a desk blocking access to the fire extinguisher (bottom photo), and another desk blocking access to the restroom, leaving only about an 18″ inch wide passageway to it. At least they started reopening the classroom bathroom to us, again, which is a good thing, because I had a little bit of an accident in the middle of the night having to walk some way down the hallway to the other side.


Now they’re sniffing drinks. I had to throw away my bottled iced tea, because I didn’t want breathed-out nose vapors in my drink that the Middle Eastern-looking bag-checker had to smell. Would you? I feel bad that they’re making him do that.


That’s about it for fun and games, right now. Stay tuned for more episodes of “As The Shelter Spins”.



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Jerusalem Jubilee


Jerusalem Jubilee (Randyjw; June 26, 2017)


The concept of “Jubilee” is derived from the laws of G-d handed down to the Jews thousands of years ago and pertains, in its overall aspect, with “release” and “wiping the slate clean”, whether of a bondsman by his master, an unfulfilled repayment of debt, or other specific instances of servitude without remission of one over another. Its occurence happens once every fifty years.


In its admittance to the lexicon of the English language, we have subverted its original meaning to stand-in for a substitute, whose new definition is abbreviated to mean a celebration marking the commemoration of an event recurring on a fifty-year anniversary, or something which will occur every fifty years.


2017 marks a fifty-year milestone since Jerusalem was recaptured by the Jewish people from its captivity at the hands of Jordan, who had been beaten back, along with their Arab neighbors, in their attack upon Israel in 1948, but who had, nevertheless, managed a toehold in the Old City at the time when an armistice was declared by outside forces. Continued Arab attacks led to the final Jewish push in 1967, which permanently ousted the Arab occupation from the City, placing it into Jewish hands, once again.


2017 also marks a centennial anniversary of the November 2, 1917 Balfour Declaration by the British Mandate powers handed their responsibility from the League of Nations to oversee the administration for the disposition of the control of Palestine to the Jewish people, then operating under their governing body known as the Jewish Agency, which is still in existence, today, and which still manages many of the Jewish issues worldwide, such as logistics and settlement to their homes and the return of Jewish refugees/exiles to Israel.


Gad Elbaz, an Israeli singer to which I’ve previously linked his beautiful family Passover YouTube video of “Mah Nishtanah” for you to see, will be performing a concert corresponding to this Jubilee and which will benefit the Chabad of Greater Daytona.


The event is scheduled for 7:30 p.m. on July 9th at The Fillmore Miami Beach, in the Jackie Gleason Theatre; 1700 Washington Avenue; Miami Beach, Florida, 33139. Doors open 6:30 p.m. Tickets available through


For a preview of his beautiful voice, please see his “Mah Nishtanah” video, again:



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