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Chanukah 5778


Chanukah 5778 (Randyjw; December 12, 2017)


Happy Chanukah 5778!!!



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Israel Update


Israel Update (Randyjw; December 8, 2017)


It’s been quite awhile since I’ve commented on or shared updates about Israel; a lot has been happening there. Here are a few interesting notations, worth your while:


First: In a bold and historic announcement, President Trump has recognized Jerusalem as the capital of Israel. Due to anti-Semitism, the world of nations has never accorded the same rights to Israel as it allows the rest of the nations: to designate their country’s own capital. December 6, President Trump reversed the unfair discrimination and prejudice and declared that Jerusalem is (as it has been for thousands of years, long before the United States and most of today’s nations has even existed) Israel’s capital. We have now received the fair rights that all other nations have enjoyed. Here is the official White House statement:



Second: A rare discovery of Muslim coins found in Israel indicate that the Muslims were using the symbol of the Jewish menorah on their coins in acknowledgement of the Jewish practice and usage of the menorah at the Holy Temple. Read the Breaking Israel News article by Adam Eliyahu Berkowitz on this issue, here:


Third: Four more days to Chanukah! Yay!


L’hitraot, for now…



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Cracking Up

Cracking Up (Randyjw; October 26, 2017)


Wearing reactionary emotions that dance across my face


I do not hide well these types of things, and never did!!!


So my tremendous smiles, shy blushes, out-loud laughter and unbottled tears


Just leave people wondering about my inner ideas


I’m super-glad my imaginings are something they can’t hear


but it gives me the greatest feeling and leads to so much inner cheer


So, if you know that reason, and I hope I’ve made that clear


I can’t pretend to secret when it always reappears


To complete and utter strangers, who see me in the day


It just appears I’m homeless; Thank G-d is what I say


It legitimizes my seeming craziness, walking in a daze


and validates my reason for being so distracted in this way


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FLIFF 32: IN SHORT (Randyjw; October 25, 2017)


Hooray for Hollywood!!! And Fort Lauderdale, Sunrise, and Davie, for acting as host home to the 32nd annual Fort Lauderdale International Film Festival (FLIFF), kicking off festivities on October 27th, and screening exhibits through November 19th.


Showing at several South Florida venues scattered throughout the above towns, the film festival represents more than forty countries, with 167 entries in this, the world’s longest film festival.


Included are many special collaborations, engagements, and soirees, apearances by Burt Reynolds and Karen Allen (I loved the movie, Starman!), themed dinner events, cruises, and more.


Signature Parties include FLIFF’s Exec At Large Board of Directors’ Steven Savor’s party, November 18th, in his home, Villa DePalma, to honor Karen Allen with the FLIFF Lifetime Achievement award. Open Bar, eats, entertainment by OTIS DAY & THE KNIGHTS, film screening (ANIMAL HOUSE) aboard-barge in the canal. Dress code is strictly toga; what else?


Karen Allen, who played a role in ANIMAL HOUSE, and hence the party theme, directs her first feature film, A TREE. A ROCK. A CLOUD. I love her take on the premise of the film, of a meeting between an older man and young boy. It’s one of my film picks of the festival.


Steve Savor helped renovate Cinema Paradiso Fort Lauderdale, now known as the Savor Cinema, one of several event locations hosting the films, and which, itself, hosts most of the food-themed reception dinners. The other screening locations include: the Hard Rock Live at the Seminole Hard Rock Hotel & Casino in Hollywood; Bailey Hall on the Broward College campus; the Museum of Art, in Fort Lauderdale; Cinema Paradiso Hollywood; and Sunrise Civic Center.


The Opening Night Party will be held November 3rd at Hard Rock Live to honor Burt Reynolds, who is adored worldwide, with another Lifetime Achievement Award. His new movie with Chevy Chase, DOG YEARS, will also be screened.


At The Centerpiece Film & Party on November 10th at Sunrise Civic Center, the soiree will include serving stations, a buffet, pasta stations and a cash bar. It follows the screening of SERIOUS LAUNDRY. The movie’s director and stars will be in attendance.


Other themed food-party receptions include:


– Festa Italiana, an Antipasti Buffet served al fresco following MOGLI E MARITO;


– Another Italian extravaganza of pasta Alfredo, meatballs in marinara sauce, minestrone soup, and tiramisu, following LOVERS;


– Arctic Chiller sushi sampler, following HEAVEN’S FLOOR;


– Chinese Reception of steamed dumplings, Sweet & Sour Chicken, and fortune cookies, following KING OF PEKING;


– Madras Party of Chicken Tikka Masala and biryani rice, following NEWTON;


– Estonian Party, with fried herring, cold cucumber soup, and rye bread, following THE SPY & THE POET;


and my probable favorite,


– Israeli Reception, with a make-your-own Pita Station, including falafel, kibbeh, and more. Yum! This follows the movie screening of IF & WHEN.


The films include a week-long retrospective of the past thirty years of Best Film awardees from the European Film Awards (EFA), free for FLIFF members, running October 27th through November 2nd. FLIFF member benefits are many — too numerous to mention — so, please call for details: 954-525-FILM, or visit FLIFF.COM. Some of them include: discounts, special FREE screenings, seating priorities, concession specials, parties, and more.


On Veteran’s Day, November 11th, there will be a FREE event, featuring an 11:30am snack, followed by KELLY’S HEROES, starring some classic class actors and acts: Clint Eastwood, Telly Savalas, Don Rickles, Donald Sutherland, Carroll O’Connor — I think I might have to stand and clap as each appear on-screen.


On the two days following festival end, there will be four screenings at Savor Cinema to benefit the recently hurricane-ravaged islands:


November 20th: Barbuda and Dominica


November 21st: Puerto Rico and US Virgin Islands


Here are some of my screening picks, which sound promising, based on their descriptions:




A Tree. A Rock. A Cloud. – Karen Allen’s directorial debut, based on the short story by Carson McCullers.


Acorn and the Firestorm – Documentary. Andrew Breitbart’s sting operation into the affairs of the non-profit ACORN organization


After You’re Gone – Russian ballet dancer faces questions of his legacy


Cries From Syria – Documentary. In the streets with the people, fighting this Syrian war


Darkest Hour – Winston Churchill weighs a negotiated peace versus a waged war against Nazi Germany


Dede – In isolated Georgia, men and women begin to address the issues of modernism versus tradition


If & When – Coping daughter makes Divorced father realize he’s not yet ready for romance. Can love return with the woman he fell in love with, one year ago?


Intent to Destroy – Armenian Genocide, Turkish Denial.


Larger than Life: The Kevyn Aucoin Story – A retrospective of groundbreaking makeup artiste, Kevyn Aucoin’s life, until his passing in 2002


Mogli e Marito – A Freaky Friday premise, but husband and wife doing the body switcheroo


Newton – Present-day problems and escapades of pollworkers on assignment


Pinsky – Crazy life for liberal (sorta), Russian Jewish family


The Bird Was Not A Bird – Afghani birdseller is recruited for a suicide attack


The Cinema Travellers – Documentary. Travelling film exhibits and their exhibitors. India.


The Cutlass – A woman is abducted by an unstable man


The Earth Is Flat – Emotionally non-expressive parents leave an Amish compound for the outer world, and their son discovers his inner artistic brilliance


The Sense of Wonder / Le Gout des Merveilles – Eccentric man meets a family


The Spy and the Poet – Secret Service officer falls in love with the enemy


The Tree – Two girls are friends since childhood


Young and Innocent – Past life loves and precognition in this retake like Psycho


European Film Academy (EFA):



Amour – Love in later years


Ay, Carmela! – Republican musical troupe team of husband and wife run into danger during Spanish Civil War


Goodbye, Lenin! – East German Mother awakes from coma in unified Germany


Ida – Poland, 1960’s


Life Is Beautiful – Father and son in Holocaust concentration camp


The Lives of Others – Stasi secret police in 1980’s East Germany




Assisted Living – A man who wants to dance, facing dementia


Girlfriend Killer – Man becomes obsessed with empathetic woman


Norman Pinski Come Home – Frankenstein for the Modern Age


Our Ghosts – Two girls, friends their life long


Peace of Heart – Non-communicative girl with autism and new possibilities


Program – Lost Love, Revisited


Rotten Mangos – Two estranged brothers, one now homeless, reconnect


Streetwrite – A graffiti art musical about freedom of expression


The Choice – Estranged daughter travels to United Arab Emirates to meet family after father’s death


The Luck Bird – Foolish decisions and bullying by others, leads man on quest to seek happiness


The Peculiar Qualities of Mr Mahler – A special investigator in 80’s East Germany


The Pirate Captain Toledano – Sixteenth century Jewish man escaping Inquisition


Rose’s Turn – A homeless woman lives in the park beside an upscale condo


Speak – Trauma gets in the way of a woman and her potential suitor


We Could Have, We Should Have, We Didn’t – Set in middleclass Germany

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Move Along


Move Along (Randyjw; October 16, 2017)


On Saturday, October 14, at a public art gallery in the park, my homeless friend and I were made to move from the doors and away from the area entirely, via security officer, although the sign clearly indicated that the gallery doors should have been open, and not locked.


On Sunday, October 15, 2017, we arrived to the nearby market, where he bummed a cigarette from someone, and proceeded to smoke it, prior to our entering the market to get some food to eat. He’d only just come to the end of his cigarette, when the supermarket manager, with security officer in tow, asked us to leave. Had this been a non-homeless customer, I doubt that they would have been told to leave. At another location of this market, I was told by a cashier that they don’t have any benches or tables nearby, because “there are alot of homeless people around here.” Yes; G-d forbid they should want to sit somewhere to eat the food they just purchased from your store. I also slipped and fell in their bathroom about a month back, and hurt my leg. It was still bothering me three days later, so I went to the hospital; they say it’s only bruising (internally), but it still sometimes really bothers me one month later. Aargh!


Today, Monday, October 16, 2017, a police officer asked my friend and I to sit up (we’d been reclining on the shady grass — I reading WordPress), and then made us leave the park, with a demand that we go to the soup kitchen somewhat distant, where I’m unable to eat, at present.


Both of us are becoming rather angry about the way people force us away, when we have every right to be in the public forum, as anybody else would. I’m sortof now on the outs with this person, probably for the last time, which seems to make a final, appropriate fit to the situation.


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Homeless Annoyances


Homeless Annoyances (Randyjw; October 16, 2017)


Here’s an eye-opener about being homeless in America, which will make your blood boil:


Many people who are homeless receive income in various forms, such as in disability checks. They often then blow their checks on hotel rooms or drugs, rather than putting the money toward a cheap apartment, and, thereby, ending their homelessness and freeing up the resources for more desperate people, like myself, who receive no checks, whatsoever. I’m sad to say that I know at least a half-dozen people who rent cheap hotel rooms every month. This seems like such fraud. It certainly is annoying.


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Simchat Torah 5778


Simchat Torah 5778 (Randyjw; October 12, 2017)


Happy Simchat Torah 5778




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