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How Coronavirus Is Affecting The Homeless


How Coronavirus Is Affecting The Homeless (Randyjw; March 18 and March 19 [updated], 2020)


We hear of instances during this coVid-19 coronavirus epidemic in which those who have been in possible contamination with an infected/infectious individual are requested to self-quarantine at home for 14 days. The cases of infection have increased substantially, and many countries have placed stay-at-home measures on their populations, closed their borders, and other arising instances. Public locations are being closed, such as schools, religious institutions, and others.


But, what if you have no home to shelter in? Here, where I live (undisclosed, for privacy), and across the nation, shelters are only temporary reprieves for the homeless; they are not a permanent solution. Stays are limited in duration, and the demand for shelter is always insufficient to meet the actual needs. During the daytime, on a regular basis, the homeless can only go to public locations, such as parks and libraries, or face the likely consequences of encountering a law-enforcement officer who will then ticket or jail the individual for loitering, lodging, trespass, or other such law designed to make it practically “illegal” to be a poor homeless person. The shelters, I heard from someone who has been lately trying to get into them, have stopped their “overnights,” which is a few-day stay which requires a pre-referral (running around after a van which goes to numerous cities and standing in long lines to see if there’s a bed available, and often, there is not… You can’t just “walk-in” to a shelter whenever you please…); they are also stopping their daytime harbor (if they ever had one, in the first place). The volunteers which help out at the shelters are no longer being taken, and staff is very short-handed. Today, I went to the other city I briefly stayed at; they handed out meals (no dining in) in styrofoam containers. They did a great job, even though some people complained.


In fact, it is getting downright scary during these times. I’m actually surprised that rioting hasn’t yet broken out. The tension is becoming almost unbearable, as homeless people are now congregating closer to resources, having a semi-martial law imposed (truly) with the closure of locations where the homeless did (but officially shouldn’t) sleep, and “homeless real estate” (i.e., a “spot” to sleep in, outdoors) becoming very scarce. Often, homeless individuals will watch other homeless people — their movements, locations, etc. — so that they can come and impose themselves on another’s “turf.” I’ve already had this happen; I was once severely beaten up due to this, with my head being bashed against a brick wall four times. The martial closure also takes away a few more options for the homeless: bathrooms and like facilities, etc. They are now closing down the libraries, so you will not be hearing from me until further notice from the library [except for today, March 19]. This is another location for a bathroom for me, as well as a place to stay indoors, out of the elements, and away from the cops and sheriffs, and keep me out of trouble. No longer. Where are we to go?


Also, the extraneous people, who help to provide food for the homeless, such as religious institutions, individuals who operate non-profits, etc., have stopped their feedings. I had tried another city out and had found the resources for food better there, but I was banned from their library for my excess bags (although, not until I started bothering them to loosen their computer cords, so that I could bring the monitor close to me, in order to compensate for my degenerative myopia…) and they tore down my sleeping spot, so I moved back to where I originally was. The food resources are not very good here; but, even those extraneous ones, they have stopped. There is still one soup kitchen, but I have not normally been going there as it is an arduous effort for me to get there. The place is very small and is always closely packed, with people lining out the entryway.


Last night, I was very frightened, and felt that two men, perhaps in tandem, but not near each other, were “casing me out.” This is a very dangerous situation for a female, and one that prefers to be alone, for many reasons (not all listed). For one, I prefer it that way. Socializing is okay, to a certain extent, but at nighttime, I want to be with my thoughts and silence and recoup. Many homeless women out here prefer to have a male around for the feeling of so-called “protection” that they might “infer” upon them; but, all I hear are horrible stories and drama which ensues in these circumstances, and this is just not my cup of tea. I feel that if anyone is creeping up on me at nighttime, I want to be prepared, if at all possible, and not have to determine: is this “friend” or “foe” when I only have a few reactionary seconds, if that, if awake, to make some kind of reaction. I have been around other people, and it’s just not a good fit for me. Many other problems occured because of that, so I try to prevent it as best as possible. Last night, one guy came exceedingly close to me in a wide parking lot, which was totally unnecessary. He then moved to a median within the parking lot toward another building, but then stayed in this small median and loitered there, not heading anywhere. I thought he was going to try to steal my stuff. As I walked toward the other end of the parking lot, another guy was walking nearby. He pretended like he was going to continue on the path out of the parking lot, and I waited and watched to see if he was, but he then did not and stopped. When he noticed I was watching him, he then moved to the path, but didn’t proceed on it and out of sight. I was waiting at a bus stop near the path, but then moved forward to where I knew there would be a place which had video cameras. He then moved a few feet back towards the parking lot and the line of sight of where the other man in the median was loitering, and he made gestures which seemed to me like they were intended for that other man. I was very nervous. Then, I noticed, which I hadn’t before, and don’t know whether this person had been there or had come along in the interim, another man across the street, who did not get on the bus which eventually pulled up for him at that bus stop. I was so nervous, I told the bus driver my misgivings and what had happened and described the individuals. When I got to my spot, and I hope no-one was noticing me, I laid down, and was anxious and cried awhile, then read some of my book I’m presently reading (The Monuments Men; I’ve read it before, but prior to learning about stuff I’m kindof looking into now), and eventually was tired and shut my eyes — I really don’t sleep too much or too well out there; I never feel like I’ve actually gotten any sleep, and stay awake most of the night.


The tensions are really bad out here at ground level. Perhaps you are somewhat insulated from what’s happening “out on the street;” and I hope that you are. But, it gives me, I think, a sometimes truer indicator of how people are feeling, reacting, etc. — at least at this level. I hope the calm holds.


[Update – March 19, 2020]:


The libraries will be closing. I heard that the parks, also, will soon be closing. These are the only locations where a homeless person can be. So, what — We are now “illegal citizens” within our own country? Worse off than even “illegal immigrants?”


Also, the other day, because they had stopped extraneous feedings, I had not had dinner, nor anything to eat in the morning of the following day. I had gone to the park to try to meet up with the individual who helps distribute food to homeless people, but was told that she would not be coming until further notice. Si, I had to go elsewhere; I went to a supermarket, and there was hardly anything a homeless person could purchase left on the shelves, because everybody is panicking and stocking up on food items and leaving nothing for us to be able to purchase with food stamps. I was hoping to have some bologna; there were only a few Hebrew National salamis available (and those are usually much higher-priced than cheaper bologna — and, yes, I believe it is a Heavenly reminder sent to me, but the problem is that I am just having too much difficulty in trying to survive and am not really keeping Kosher at this time (probably reaping the consequences for this decision, as well…). In any case, I bought the salami, some Martin’s potato bread, free mustard packets, and a pack of cheese (yes, I know… the meat-dairy admix is a big non-no)… It wound up costing me almost $21.00 USD, which is about three-1/2 times my daily allotted expenses on EBT… I’ll probably be suffering further… So, now… I guess all of us homeless people will soon be accruing multiple tickets (courts are closed now, but…) or stays in overcrowded jails (never been to one; don’t really want to go), but they are making being a poor, homeless person a crime by leaving us no alternative arrangements, with shelters maxed-out, no day options, no “overnights” and basically nothing else. No-one cares. There are not even portable toilets being set up, and if you want to consider the potential fallout from that situation, I would say that the cities are not being considerate…









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Purim 5780

Purim 5780 (Randyjw; February 27, 2020)

Purim: March 9-10, 2020


Purim (Randyjw):



Some Purim fun:


Comedian Bob DiBuono as President Donald J. Trump, with a message for Purim:



“”Shushan Funk” – Rosenblum Shaloch-E-Manos – Purim 2015 ~ פורים תשע’ה”. Published: February 17, 2015:



“”What does Purim Say?” – (Parody: What does the fox say) Rosenblum Shaloch-E-Manos”. Published: March 4, 2014:



“”Purim Town Road” – Rosenblum Shaloch-E-Manos – Purim 2020 ~ פורים תש’פ”. Published March 2, 2020:



“Kippalive – Purim Up – כיפה לייב”. Published: March 6, 2014:




These recipes for Purim, or anytime, look delicious!!! Although, sad to say, I haven’t actually tried them out (but, just wish, only slightly, that I could)….


Dulce de Leche Hamantaschen:



Poppyseed-filled Challah:




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Birthday Joy

Birthday Joy (Randyjw; February 27, 2020)







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Jewish Land

Jewish Land (Randyjw; February 24, 2020)



Read this important history regarding the Jewish Land and presence in Israel:




Shabiy, Dr. Yechiel. “The History of the Land Is Jewish, Not Palestinian”.; February 23, 2020:






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Europe Recognizes Legal vs Illegal Border Entry


Europe Recognizes Legal vs Illegal Border Entry (Randyjw; February 18, 2020)


Kern, Soren. “Spain: European Court Approves Summary Deportations of Illegal Migrants”.; February 17, 2020:




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2020 Geneva Summit for Human Rights and Democracy


2020 Geneva Summit for Human Rights and Democracy (Randyjw; February 18, 2020)





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My Honey Valentine

My Honey Valentine (Randyjw; February 12, 2020)








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Official Anti-Semitism


Official Anti-Semitism (Randyjw; February 12, 2020)


It’s official: The United Nations has officially and flagrantly boycotted Jews. That means anti-Semitism is now officially sanctioned, according to the U.N., in this “Advance Unedited Version Of A/HRC/43/71. It seems we are in possibly worse times than 1930’s Nazi Germany.


Read the press release and the “Blacklist/Boycott” of companies sponsored/condoned by the U.N.:




UN Watch Press Release; February 12, 2020:




Update (Added January 18, 2020):


Here’s the Jewish response, listing allegedly known companies doing business with the U.N., and an article describing it:








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Tu Bshvat


Tu Bshvat (Randyjw; February 7, 2020)




Tu Bshvat!!!






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Hamstrung By Left


Hamstrung By Left (Randyjw; February 2, 2020)


I can’t believe what I’m seeing, here.


So much Spin… both by the leftists in Congress, and the Iranians, at their centrifuges (thanks to those U.S. Leftists).


Congress, dominated by Democrats, has just voted to hamstring the United States against a war involving Iran, called the No War Against Iran Act, which passed with a vote in favor: 228-175.


And, so, could you please tell me what would happen if Iran sent over their newest missiles, soon to be “tipped and equipped” [my coin — ed.] with radioactive material, to the U.S.?


What? We couldn’t make a war with them? Defend ourselves?


Do these political representatives of ours have any brains, whatsoever? Or, are they really that idiotic?



Read about this ridiculousness, here, and you’ll learn of even more further hamstringing:







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Oslo Redux


Oslo Redux (Randyjw; January 31, 2020)


I haven’t even read the Trump Administration’s Peace To Prosperity plan, yet – – and, I might, eventually. But, there are already intrinsic problems I see at a glance which tell me this will never work.


For one, the Arabs have never, and will never, rescind their war to eliminate the Jews – – especially those Jews living in Israel. The conflict is about genocide of the Jewish people (again), and nothing is going to change the Arab mind about that. That concept is as intrinsic to the Koran, as is that of taqqiya, the same Arab concept which allows for deception to the enemy as a means of strategic warfare to attain the goal. In it, all need to be of one mind, and, therefore, religion; therefore: join, or be gone (eliminated).


Seeing, briefly, the outline of a map which contains Judea and Samaria (or, as those siding with the Arabs will call it: The “West Bank”) and which connects via an underground tunnel to make an accessible roadway between the areas of the so-called “West Bank” on the east side of Israel near the Jordan River, and connecting it to Gaza, located on the western border at the Mediterranean Sea, would cut Israel in half, even if the tunnel is situated below ground. All the Arabs would need to do is amass in the tunnel, blow it up, and come pouring out of it — effectively eviscerating Israel into two.


Meanwhile, the Arabs would also be given east Jerusalem for their capital, and have another means of attack against the Jews spread very thin around the outer perimeters of land that had been left for us.


This is the same basic plan as the 1947 partition plan, to which the Arabs already said no. The Arabs continually void any treaties they have signed, as mostly seen even in the supposed Jordanian and Egyptian peace treaties. Put your right hand to your heart in a solemnly sworn oath, yet steal with the left hand, and what is left but a thief. We have already seen, since all these previous supposed peace treaties with the Arabs have gone, that they continually attack us and violate their treaties. The Arabs themselves have made each proposal, such as this “newest”-old one, completely irrelevant: null and void.


A plan that doesn’t send all of the Arabs to Jordan, since Jordan was already wrested twice from the land of Israel, is not a plan that any Jew should consider. To make pretend that this newest plan, reiterating old ideas that the Arabs have rejected, time and time again, is a gift to the Jews is just ridiculous. We need to be proud of our heritage. We need to stand up for our land. All of it. We should not pretend that we were totally ENTIRELY exiled from it for two-thousand years: because the fact is that it is not entirely true. We have always been there. We need to stop pretending that an acceptance of less and less of our own land is a gift that others need to give us. The good people who know this, and then go take jobs with governments that don’t have these interests in mind, corrupt the good people to their way of thinking. This is not a favor, but a disservice. Let’s not pretend that it is. We already know that this is a non-ending war of attrition against us. We need to fight it to win it, or just forget it. That’s it.


Peace To Prosperity Full Plan Download – 181 pages: (



Additional Opinion (Added: February 1, 2020):



Sidman, David. “Israel has Officially Ended its Love Affair with Trump”.; January 28, 2020:




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A Prayer For The Holy Temple

A Prayer For The Holy Temple (Randyjw; January 30, 2020)



This is beautiful … listen.



Yehuda Katz, Raphael Barkats, Chanan Elias, Shlomo Katz, Aron Razel, Yankele Shemesh, Chizki Soifer (recorded by Chanan Elias) – Yibaneh HaMikdash:




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Dr. Jack Van Impe


Dr. Jack Van Impe (Randyjw; January 21, 2020)


I just learned of the passing, Saturday, January 18, 2020 of Dr. Jack Van Impe. I’m saddened to learn of the news. He, and his wife, Rexella, had a television show called Jack Van Impe Presents. Where I could receive it, and when, I used to watch, and enjoy his presentations. The pair were well aware of the dangers of terrorism and I felt that they were good friends of the Jewish people, despite our differences. I will miss you, Dr. Van Impe, and send my condolences to Mrs. Van Impe.




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I Have A Wish (and A Dream…)

I Have A Wish (and A Dream…) (Randyjw; November 4, 2019)




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Religious Freedom Day


Religious Freedom Day (Randyjw; January 16, 2020)


Today is Religious Freedom Day in the USA. Go, USA!!!


Read President Trump’s Proclamation, here:





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‘Women of Color” A Biased Term In Itself


‘Women of Color” A Biased Term In Itself (Randyjw; December 26, 2019)


If Arab women fulfill the requirement of being “women of color,” such that the “woke” Left wish to declare, and if the Jews are of Middle Eastern origin — with Arabs even claiming that the Jews are stealing Israel (or their own wishful derivative term for it,”Palestine”, which includes half of Jordan and all of present-day Israel) — then, how is it possible that this fight over the same land of Israel, and for which the Jews have a several-thousand year old recounting in the Bible of our history there (accorded to by the New Testament, and the Koran, to boot), with literally tons of archaeological and material culture to back our Jewish claim) strips us of our own “color”? The term is an Anti-Semitic attempt to accuse us of being white Europeans who came to colonize a foreign land: an inherently false lie, and an anti-Semitic trope, at best.


Just wondering…


Recommended (Added: January 23, 2020):


Neuer, Batsheva. “Why intersectionality fails the Jews”.; January 16, 2020:




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A Menorah And A Message

A Menorah And A Message (Randyjw; November 21-22 2019)






A few new doughnut  (sufganiyot) recipes for your gustatory pleasure:


New Sufganiyot:




A few videos for your viewing pleasure:


The Perfect Chanukah Greeting SONG – CHANUKAH MEANS DEDICATION!; Published – November 29, 2012:




Alex Frankel – ‘Hanukkah in ’96’ (Official Audio); Published – November 22, 2019:




Six13 – Bohemian Chanukah (a Queen adaptation); Published – November 27, 2018:




Chanuka Medley with Micha Gamerman (Official Animation Video); Published – December 12, 2017:




Chanukah Day #8: Chanukah in Auschwitz: The Ninth Flame; Published – December 18, 2017:




Amazing Chanukah Video Maoz Tzur Hanukkah Song; Published – November 20, 2013:




For Hanukkah Light that Menorah Technion Rube Goldberg Machine Chanukah; Published – November 25, 2012:




THE GREAT BOWLING GREEN MENORAH 1997-2019; Published – November 21, 2019:




Chanukah candle lighting at the Western Wall; Published – February 24, 2011:




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No Good Definitions


No Good Definitions (Randyjw; December 21, 2019)


The International Holocaust Remembrance Alliance (IHRA) is an intergovernmental organization comprised of member states who have been approved and accepted to the organization based on several criteria: paid membership; adherence to the principles of the Stockholm Declaration (January 28, 2000); the establishment of a Holocaust Memorial Day (January 27th, or other); Holocaust archives open to research; approval and other considering factors.


Each member state may nominate its countries’ delegational body from those it designates experts, including individuals, non-governmental organizations (NGO’s) and others, with one Head of Delegation representing it in Plenary, the decision-making body, within the IHRA. New members first become an Observer Country, who participates in Working Groups in providing recommendations to the IHRA Plenary and Committees. The next step is as a Liaison Country, who works with an IHRA member state or states in establishing a liaison program with that state; final status is as a full member. The Chairmanship of the Plenary body is decided on a yearly volunteer basis from amongst its member states, and whose actual physical location rotates according to the Chairmanship’s member state.


Eight Permanent International Partners of the IHRA , each of which have Observer status only, are: the United Nations (UN); the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO); the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe’s ‘Office for Democratic Institutions and Human Rights’ (OSCE/ODIHR); Arolsen Archives [International Tracing Service (ITS) — (Allied Expeditionary Forces 1948); International Commission for the ITS; ICRC (1955-2012); United Nations Relief and Rehabilitation Organisation; the International Refugees Organisation; and the Allied High Commission for Germany; German Federal Archives (Bundesarchiv 2013); now, they belong to UNESCO’s ‘Memory of the World’ program)]; European Union Agency for Fundamental Rights (FRA); the European Union (EU); Council of Europe; and the Conference on Jewish Material Claims Against Germany.


IHRA’s ‘Working Definition of anti-Semitism’ (Plenary Session – Bucharest: May 26, 2016):




“Antisemitism is a certain perception of Jews, which may be expressed as hatred toward Jews. Rhetorical and physical manifestations of antisemitism are directed toward Jewish or non-Jewish individuals and/or their property, toward Jewish community institutions and religious facilities.”


There were also anti-Semitic scenarios listed to provide working guidelines for the IHRA. Included among these were these two:


Applying double standards by requiring of it (Israel) a behavior not expected or demanded of any other democratic nation.


Antisemitic acts are criminal when they are so defined by law (for example, denial of the Holocaust or distribution of antisemitic materials in some countries).


The problem with these definitions is that it gives a pass to non-Democratic nations (such as those of the Arab League, or other) to not even have to be bothered about anti-Semitism, as they are exempted from behaving civilly, as the rest of the member states must do. This contravenes the first IHRA guideline I noted, above.


The second problem is that the second guideline of calling anti-Semitism criminal only applies when the country has a law saying that it is a crime. If the country is already ‘anti-Semitic’, then they won’t have such laws, will they? It circles around back to number one, above.



Read Also (Added: February 22, 2020):


Shindman, Paul. “Israel and the Innate Bias of the UN Security Council”.; February 6,2020:






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American Intifada


American Intifada (Randyjw; December 10, 2019)


There was a mini Ft Hood jihadist murder spree at Pensacola Air base; now there is an anti-Semitic murder spree in a shootout, with dead an injured, at a kosher supermarket in New Jersey today. These are the types of incidents which Israel faces daily, in addition to rocket attacks from Arabs. The first act is what is termed as a war of attrition — getting rid of the enemy slowly, but surely, as opposed to eradicating many in one fell swoop. This is anti-Semitism in action. This is Jihad in action. Getting used to it yet?



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TODAY ONLY – Up to 80% Off Koren Books


TODAY ONLY – Up to 80% Off Koren Books (Randyjw; December 10, 2019)


People sometimes ask for guidance in selecting help to choose Hebrew works of interest. While each person has their own needs, style of learning, and other factors which make them unique, I have often cheered this particular Tanach (Torah, Nevi’im, Ketuvim) by Koren Publishers in Jerusalem. This Tanach was the same set I used to have. And, today only, Koren Publishers is offering up to 80% off many products.


Here’s the page linking to the Tanach:



Here’s their website:




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‘The Truth About Palestine’ – Review


‘The Truth About Palestine’ – Review (Randyjw; December 5, 2019)


Here’s one of the best holiday gift-giving ideas I can think of:





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Economy Report


Economy Report (Randyjw; December 7, 2019):





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A Kettle Of Truth

A Kettle Of Truth (Randyjw; December 2, 2019)


A weird title for a post, but the kettle is steaming and needs to call out the pot(s)…





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The Many French Connections


The Many French Connections (Randyjw; November 1, 2019)


There is something really strange about current, ongoing derangement syndromes whereby ineffectual people, who might normally never acquire the prestige or standing within their communities they might wish to have, suddenly latch onto and support causes and ideologies which directly contravene even their own potential survivals. It’s not even a Darwinian type of “survival of the fittest,” but the transverse: the “survival of non-thrivers.”


We are so insistent on the triumphalism of individualism, that we have long forsworn the collective community, and the supposed “good” for the whole we are to inherently strive toward achieving. How can we, when personal goals of achievement involve tooth-and-nail competitiveness; the directive to celebrate our individuality by being “special” requiring ever-increasing acts of outrageousness in order to stand apart from the crowd; the obsessive social media need to prove popularity online shaping our behaviors (if we’re prone to feeling shamed by public ostracism)?


Those who just want to fit in will do so, whatever the trending fads, thoughts, or fashions are currently prevalent. Support in numbers, even involving ideas antithetical to their survival are embraced, being perceived as the strong, authoritative voices they represent. In all actuality, most of these voices are just loud and continual, often like the school or cyberspace bullies turn out to be. They may represent a non-normative state of mentality which no-one has the strength to counter. The bullies engrain their methods and ideas into the less strong-willed, begin to form committees and memberships and “social” activism to enjoin others to cause – – often succeeding…. as so many people just want to fit in.


Why would there be any reason to open a floodgate, just to see your own downfall, were this not the case? Popularity, and the need to be seen standing with the reigning mode/modality of the day, seems to be the answer. Therefore, the reason for the constant flip-flop in opinions, and the need for the constant cover-ups of having to lie that one held those beliefs, in the first place. Identifying with an ideology that would see you as a non-compatible force would eject and annihilate the foreign body from within its midst, just as an army of white blood cells would attempt to attack a particle in the body which didn’t belong.


This is what is happening now with the many individuals attempting to identify with those people or alliances of individuals who commit terrorist attacks against others they see as just subjects: people as objects, not human. Inhuman. Sub-human. But because there are some very loud voices, marginal to the mainstream, but amplified to the masses, so many others contend that this must be the popular way to be – think – act, and so they join their voices and pocketbooks to this cause du jour they know nothing about and will likely forget about in the next five years. This can cause a lot of harm and damage. We just need to recall the master propagandist Joesef Goebbels to mind. No, let’s not, and say we did.


See what I mean?


And so, this is the popular bandwagon that is the terrorist-support system, emanating from the halls of Europe, the socialist-communist mouthpieces posing for education that the U.S. university campuses today represent, and the halls of Montezuma (and it’s revenge). Call it appeasement. Call it France and Algeria. Call it Seventh Century. Call it French Class. Just don’t call it the “T” word.






Yedid, Baruch. “Disguised as Agricultural Work, French Org that Supports BDS also Supports Terrorism”.; October 28, 2019:




Black, Edwin. “Funding illegal Palestinian settlements: Links to terrorists”. (Opinions); August 22, 2019:



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Happy Holidays

Happy Holidays (Randyjw; October 26, 2019)







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Shemini Atzeret And Simchat Torah

Shemini Atzeret And Simchat Torah (Randyjw; October 18, 2019)













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More Problems in Belgium

More Problems in Belgium (Randyjw; October 17, 2019)



Gee, I hope they get to the bottom of this…


Lipshitz, Cnaan. “Knife-wielding Muslim man in Brussels asks passersby if they are Jewish”.; October 16, 2019:



Definitions of the word, “terrorism,” vary considerably, depending upon whom you consult. Here are some:


1. the use of violence and threats to intimidate or coerce, especially for political purposes.
2. the state of fear and submission produced by terrorism or terrorization.
3. a terroristic method of governing or of resisting a government


( ; accessed October 17, 2019.




Transactional Records Access Clearinghouse:


Transactional Records Access Clearinghouse, Syracuse University. tracreports: terrorism/215/include/definitions.html (…) “Alternative Federal Definitions of Terrorism Criminal Cases”. (…).; 2009:


( ; accessed October 17, 2019.







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Sukkot 2019


Sukkot 2019 (Randyjw; October 14, 2019)









H A P P Y   S U K K O T  ! ! !




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Yitzhar (Randyjw; October 5, 2019):


See this video from Boomerang about Yitzhar:







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Ilhan Omar… Al-Shabaab… Jew-Hatred…


Ilhan Omar… Al-Shabaab… Jew-Hatred… (Randyjw; September 30, 2019)


I don’t think we can sweep this explicit support for terrorism by Ilhan Omar under the rug, any longer.


Please read this report by Clarion Project, showing a Twitter screenshot of Ilhan Omar’s tweet openly addressing Somali government and peacekeeping forces to protect a telecommunications company, named Hormuud, associated with multiple affiliations to terrorists, terrorist attacks, the financing of such, and more.



Clarion Project. “Ilhan Omar Asks for Protection of Somali Company Linked to Terror”.; September 3, 2019:



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New Year 5780

New Year 5780 (Randyjw; September 24, 2019)



Rosh HaShanah is celebrated Sunday evening, September 29, 2019, in the Diaspora.



Never-ending joy and happiness, this sweet New Year…



Love you

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The New, Old Fiddler

The New, Old Fiddler (Randyjw; September 14, 2019)



Fiddler On The Roof / National Tour:*






Inside The Studio Recording The Broadway Cast Album:






Ticket Information:


*National Tour:




On-Broadway / Off-Broadway


In Yiddish; Directed by Joel Grey:





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New Revelations Reveal Same Old Problem


New Revelations Reveal Same Old Problem (Randyjw; September 9, 2019)


Terrorism reveals its continued perpetration, from the same old perpetrators, with its same old mindset, against the same old (ancient) community:


Cohen, Ben. “Former French Intelligence Chief Alleged to Have Made Secret Pact With Palestinian Terrorists Behind 1982 Kosher Restaurant Massacre”.; August 9, 2019:




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Satyrous Satire

Satyrous Satire (Randyjw; September 6, 2019)


Greenfield, Daniel. “Banana Republic Can’t Cover Up Women Fast Enough to Sell Them Hijabs”.; August 8, 2019:



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Bait And Switch


Bait And Switch (Randyjw; August 29, 2019)


What happens when you’re a Walmart customer, and two of the items you were planning to purchase ring up at the wrong price advertised? If you notice it, and you’d prefer to receive the cheaper prices that the proposed items should be, then you notify the cashier, who’s supposed to check the prices and adjust as needed. But, if you’re a homeless person, and, in my case, Jewish, as well, you get banned permanently from the store, law enforcement called (five!), handcuffed, and humiliated.


I hate to be writing about this, at such a time as when Walmart, and it’s customers, have also been innocently targeted, as in the recent incidents that have lately been in the news. I commiserate with the victims and the victims’ families, as well as the corporation, for these recent (and, also, not so recent, come to think of it) tragedies. But, I am upset about the treatment I have received in their store – – not only today, but in the last few months during which time I have been a regular customer.


I selected my purchases and proceeded to the self-checkout lane. Upon finishing my scans, I noticed that two items did not ring up correctly, and notified a cashier. One item was a French Bread, which normally is $1.00 USD. I wrote about the bread in a previous post. And, yes; I have been discriminated against before making that post, and hence to this day. The French Bread, however, was ticketed with a French Bread Twin price tag (both front and back), which makes it $1.98. However, the product was obviously mislabeled, as I know the difference between the two: the French Bread has only one loaf in the bag, and seems to be wider than the French Bread Twin, which, as its name indicates, contains two loaves in the bag, but they are seemingly thinner. I’d rather have more middle than crust, anyways, and being that the other one is cheaper, it works all around for me. But, no. The cashier was insistent that it was French Bread Twin, although she was wrong. The second item was a small Snickers bar (I would have preferred a larger one, but they didn’t seem to have them in the next couple of aisles, so I just left it, as is). The orange and yellow shelf tag indicated that the Snickers bar was .78 cents – – but, it rang up at .88 cents.


Then, a man came over (not the usual manager), a Walmart employee, and told me to never set foot inside the store again. He was going to also take my entire purchase. They hadn’t even gone to check any prices or anything (in fact, a female employee said I should go get another one; all the way at the back corner of the store…). I had picked out the particular loaf I wanted because it was lighter than the others, and would therefore be softer. The man said he was calling the police (law enforcement). He did, and they arrived quickly. First, there were two officers, than three, inside the store. They took the story of the Walmart man first. I had wanted to hear what my accuser was saying, but they would not let me.  The employees then fixed their errors of the pricing, and then the officers left the store with me. They wanted my ID, but I didn’t see any reason to provide it, considering that I didn’t feel I had done anything wrong, other than exert my protection under Federal law to receive the pricing advertised on the shelf and items. Then they started giving me a hard time. They said to me that I couldn’t take the cart beyond the area (these things are limited with electronic stopping devices, anyways…), and so I went to get my stuff out of the cart. One officer grabbed and pushed down my backpack, so that I could not remove it from the cart. Then they started trumping up charges, saying I was yelling and disorderly conduct, and trespassing, saying I could be a serial killer, (no, I really wasn’t; I was just being targeted and discriminated against by Walmart (there have been many, many other incidents by them to me, some of which I’ve made reference to and have responded to them in their surveys). They said that they took the ID of the Walmart guy. They asked for my hand (no; not in marriage, but behind my back), and handcuffed me. The officer got my ID from my pocketbook; he said they needed it so that they could put it in the computer. He went into Walmart with it. When he came out, one of the officers asked, Anything? The other indicated no. The free bus picks up at Walmart, and I told them I was going to wait for the bus. Now, I don’t really know what is going on; if it’s just the store, or if I can ever wait for the free bus at the location, or not.


The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) protects consumers from such practices, known as bait and switch, since it had been a problem in the past, when sellers would advertise items at a certain price and then say they were, or actually be, out of stock on that item, or sell higher-priced items in their place. It’s some of the driving factor between stock numbers on cars being listed in ads, or rain checks for sold out items, etc. Mislabeling, with higher prices charged for the item in the package, or a shelf price which rings up higher at the register, would likely fall under the same parameters.


As they say, Caveat Emptor.



Update (September 23, 2019):


Today, within the past two hours, prior to 3:00 p.m., I waited in the plaza parking lot, the one in which Walmart is located, for the free public bus which picks up and disgorges passengers at this particular location. It is the only location, within quite a distance, to the next stop either before or after it, in this particular city bus route, and I saw no problem with waiting there to catch the bus. During the original incident, the manager who banned me from the Walmart store had only said to never set foot in the store again. He repeated, a second time, the same thing again, when the law enforcement officers showed up. Walmart had, to cover their steps, allowed me to purchase, through EBT, the items I requested, and had changed the prices to the correct ones, while the officers were present (but didn’t want to do so and really didn’t even want me to buy anything before their arrival — he’d snatched the bag away from me…). However, that manager had said, “After this (and with the officer present) … never set foot in this store again,” and I agreed not to, although I think it is severely discriminating against me for no reason. When I had gone outside, escorted by the officers, with my backpacks still in the cart, and my Walmart purchases, one of the officers had said, as I’d previously mentioned, that “this” (the cart), was their (Walmart’s) property. I said I know, and that was why, I said, I was going to remove my things from it. One of the officers pushed down on my backpack, with a few fingers, but he was strong, and I could not get my backpack out of the cart. After trying a bit more, and still being unable to, I just sat there. I now had an audience of five officers. They requested my ID, which I didn’t feel any reason was necessary to supply them with, since I’m sure both Walmart and the officers would recognize me, if I ever was in the store again. I felt that the officers were just there to make sure I exited the store, as requested, and to which I complied, and they escorted me out the door. Incident over. Compliance on my part. But, no… as I said, I felt that they were jacking up charges on me when I didn’t want to procure my ID. They said they had gotten one from the other guy (meaning the manager). I still said that I was complying and didn’t think I was doing anything wrong, and had even mentioned that it had been Walmart who was in the wrong, with their product (being in the wrong bag or mislabeled) pricing (and the Snickers bar), both of which Walmart corrected. They placed me in cuffs and said Yelling, Disorderly Conduct, Trespass… They talked about doing a fingerprint scan. I finally said okay, (being under these trumped-up charges), and the officer went in my purse (since my hands were cuffed) and got out my ID. He then went into Walmart with it. I never received anything in writing, either from Walmart, or from the law enforcement. Law enforcement said they would enter the information in their computer in case Walmart called again. I never received an incident report or a ticket or anything.


Today, while waiting for the free city bus, the same manager who had banned me very quickly from the store and had started this whole thing, came out and saw me. He then reappeared with a female Walmart employee who talked to me and said that they thought they had told me I couldn’t be on the property, and that this was their property (I was outside by the parking lot waiting for the bus). I have walked through the parking lot, since the initial incident, but I have not gone on the walkways (sidewalks) surrounding the Walmart, nor through the next little area where the soda machines outside are located. It is a commercial plaza with other businesses in it, which I do utilize. In fact, once, when I had gone to another store at this location, not too many days since the Walmart incident had happened, a sheriff, who had apparently been parked in the parking lot spot near the establishment, then came in after me, and had asked the manager if they were having any problems with the homeless (people). The manager said no, and then something else, which I didn’t hear.


Anyways, back to the story. Maybe all not quite verbatim, but in the spirit of everything said, just to disclaim myself if I mention something not quite right. Anyways… So, I said to the women that he (the manager standing there) had only said to me not to ever set foot in the store again. And I told her that I had not and was in compliance. She proceeded to tell me that the parking lot was Walmart property and she could “trespass” anybody she wanted, for any reason. She said Remember when you got that information? (I had never received anything…). I said I never was given anything. She said, when they got your information and entered it in the computer? I said that I had never been given anything, and that the manager had never said anything about Walmart property; just only never to set foot in the store again. She continued to insist that the parking lot is Walmart property, saying, as she walked down the ramp and touched her toes onto the parking lot, This is my property. I said, Walmart owns this? I thought it was owned by the plaza owner, and she agreed that was the case. Oh, I said, so Walmart doesn’t own it, but leases it? And she basically agreed. So, I said, well, than it’s not Walmart property. She said she’ll call the law enforcement if they see me there again and they’ll take me to jail. Now, I had been confused, since the law enforcement had trumped up to Yelling, disorderly conduct, and trespass, and there were contradictory “charges” going on, so I didn’t know if I could or couldn’t be on their entire property. I still felt I was in the right, since, at no time, did they warn me not to be on their property. But, now, this time, she is now saying that. I don’t think that is fair to tack onto the original charge, when there was no charge to begin with. I had told her that I wasn’t trespassing when I went into the store, so how was it possible for me to be trespassing, when I left the store, and have not been back into their store since? And she said she didn’t really know what the reason had been. And I told her, briefly, that it was Walmart who had incorrect prices, and that was all they banned me for (which is ALL Walmart’s fault), and they’re discriminating against me. Oh, and here comes the bus….


This ban affects me in many ways. While I do have a free bus pass for the regular county transit busses, the free city buses provide a needed and helpful service to someone like myself, since I commute door-to-door from that location, directly to a library. As stated, there are no other designated bus stops along the city route for quite a distance, either prior to or after the Walmart stop. I feel that I’m entitled to wait for the free bus and take it, just like anybody else. It is not their parking lot, unless the plaza owner also is affiliated in some way to Walmart, which I don’t know about, but doubt. She cannot ban me from a place which is not hers (or Walmart’s), and try to intimidate me or try to prevent me from using a free city bus to get around. I do have bags to carry, and must get around either by foot or by public transportation. By extending this initial charge to now encompass further charges, such a ban from the entire Walmart property, even the public lot, which may not even be theirs, and trying to limiting my access to these publicly-provided facilities goes way beyond the scope of this Walmart fiasco, which they started. I believe they are discriminating against me for being a homeless person with bags, or perhaps, unconsciously biased against my ethnicity as a Jewish person, or possibly even a combination of the two, a discriminated-against minority in society, as a whole, for just being Jewish, but without any minority rights. I have IBS, and taking away the Walmart bathroom, which I could previously use as the short-term regular customer I have been, prior to this incident, deprives me now, even more so, because I am homeless and do not have the same access to a bathroom, as compared to most regular people who have a place to live in do, and I have to hold off using a bathroom for much longer than I would have, given the Walmart option, previously. I try to buy a small thing from the other stores which will let me use their bathroom, just in order to use the bathroom, and not have them hating the homeless for using up their resources with no gain. These other locations are more than nice to my face and always say “Yes,” but still, I don’t want to be a bad stain on “homeless people’s” “name”… There is a county bus I could utilize, but that would involve more walking, a transfer, and is all-around more inconvenient. Still, I don’t think I should be harassed by these employees like this, for absolutely no reason at all. Also, banning me from Walmart takes away my food availability and convenience factors to get other food, even though there is another market not far from there, but I am often too tied to go even that short distance. So, they’ve limited my food choices. EBT allows only cold food to be purchased, unless the loophole places, such like convenience stores offer, such as heated frozen foods, using their microwave, etc., and as such, it limits my food choices, as is, with EBT. Add in the lack of stores from where I can purchase, such as Walmart is doing by banning me from their store, and this is really curtailing my food choices, leading me into a sort of cycle of being too tired to hunt down nourishment, but needing better nutrients to keep going. Yes, there is a soup kitchen; and, it’s the same thing. It’s even further, and I get tired and find it difficult to schlepp with all my bags in weather. Being homeless, the only places you can go are to a park or a library, or you’re otherwise considered loitering and tend to get harassed by the law enforcement. Many get ticketed for this. Even though I coincidentally recently read that Walmart often wins its discrimination cases, I’m thinking perhaps I might sue them. Then, I feel, that the law enforcement will ratchet up anything against me in the interim until the case gets heard and make me look bad. This is the perception of intimidation I feel – – as if we are living in a police state. But, the Walmart employees have been very hostile to me all throughout my shopping experiences there, with the exception of the very first few beginning days, when I told you before, that the nice, Hispanic customer service lady had been an exceptional employee – – but she seems to no longer be there.




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Google ‘Insider’ Reveals…


Google ‘Insider’ Reveals… (Randyjw; August 14, 2019)


Watch this former Google employee speak about internal Company policies:









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Tisha B’Av 2019

Tisha B’Av (Randyjw; August 10, 2019)










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Stretching Minds And Light

Stretching Minds And Light (Randyjw; August 7, 2019)


Thank goodness our space exploration program has been revived. Combined with other observatories located throughout the world, new planets and galaxies are being discovered, challenging our theoretical scientific conceptions to-date. For a fascinating look, see this article, here:







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FB Incitement To Violence


FB Incitement To Violence (Randyjw; August 3, 2019)


You would not believe Facebook’s policy on incitement to violence. According to Paul Joseph Watson, he reports that Facebook will allow people to incite violence against those people Facebook deems to be ‘Dangerous Individuals,’ such that they are claiming Paul Joseph Watson is. Watson says, on the video below, that the UK has laws against that. Watch:



Watson, Paul Joseph. “Watson Video: Facebook Put a Fatwa on Me”. frontpagemag; July 24, 2019:




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Anti-Zionism vs. Anti-Semitism


Anti-Zionism vs. Anti-Semitism (Randyjw; July 30, 2019)



Statements delivered at the U.S. Department of Justice Summit on Combating Anti-Semitism in Washington, D.C., July 15, 2019 by Jonathan S. Tobin, editor in chief of JNS, in edited written form, below:



Tobin, Jonathan S. “How anti-Zionists legitimize anti-Semitism”.; July 15, 2019:





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Israel Screen Time


Israel Screen Time (Randyjw; July 20, 2019)


Netflix and HBO will be featuring films on Israeli special operations.


Premiering July 31, 2019 on Netflix, The Red Sea Diving Resort recreates the operation to extract and bring the Ethiopian people to Israel.


HBO brings to screen the true, harrowing events surrounding the kidnap and murder by Hamas of three Israeli teenage boys – Naftali Frenkel, 16, Gilad Shaer, 16, and Eyal Yifrah, 19.

This ten-episode series, called Our Boys, begins on August 12, 2019.

Ghermezian, Shiryn. “New Trailer Released for Netflix Film About Mossad Operation to Smuggle Ethiopian Jews to Israel”.; July 17, 2019:



Ghermezian, Shiryn. “HBO Releases Trailer for Series Based on Kidnapping, Murder of 3 Israeli Teens Before 2014 Gaza War”.; July 16, 2019:




Update (September 10, 2019):

A letter was sent to HBO from 120 bereaved Israeli families regarding this series.


See more:


Green, Aryeh. “Bereaved Families to HBO: ‘Our Boys’ Misleading Viewers About Israeli Societal Acceptance of Terrorism”. TPS via; August 14, 2019.



And [added September 21, 2019]:


Berkowitz, Adam Eliyahu. “New HBO Series Depicts Jewish “Settlers” as Neo-Nazis”.; August 21, 2019:




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Beit She’arim


Beit She’arim:





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Just Five Jews Left In Egypt; Sorry: in Cairo


Just Five Jews Left In Egypt (Randyjw; July 10, 2019)


There are only five Jews left in Egypt:


World Israel News Staff. “5 Jews left in Egypt as pillar of Cairo’s Jewish community dies”.; July 9, 2019:




Update (July 17, 2019):

There are a few more, elsewhere in Egypt – – 12 in Alexandria:




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Sarah Idan: Beautiful Inside


Sarah Idan: Beautiful Inside (Randyjw; July 7, 2019)


Miss Iraq: Peace, Love, and Oh, So Beautiful





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Fourth of July

Fourth of July (Randyjw; July 2, 2019)



Happy Independence Day, America!



Johnny Cash: Ragged Old Flag; posted by Good Stuff on February 6, 2017:





American Patriotic Song: America the Beautiful; posted by Ian Berwick on May 21, 2016:





Anthem Lights / Patriotic Medley:




– – – – – – – – – – – –


Artists and aficionados from around the world converge in Jerusalem at this time each year to experience the unique, spectacular light show known as the Festival of Light. This annually-changing exhibit of illumination features dozens of artistic displays located throughout various areas of the Old City. A different way to take in Israel at night, and combine it with a July Fourth celebration, as the event continues through that date, this year.


See Fernalyn Payal’s Youtube video from 2014 from one of the festival’s features:





This video, by Jacob Richman, is from the 2017 festival:





This post, from alex goot77, is from 2018:






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A Dream Uncovered

A Dream Uncovered (Randyjw; June 19, 2019)


Unveiling the moon

of her shrouded mysteries




Randy’s Reviews: Tears of the Moon – by Nora Roberts

Beauty and melancholy intertwine in the Irish folklore, music, and deep ties to its land. Among its people, a haunting longing within the heart and soul can only be quenched by returning to the roots of all connections: G-d, Love, and Country. For Brenna O’Toole and Shawn Gallagher, each learn to find the fulfillment of their deepest dreams and desires through a gradual understanding of the meaning inherent in all three.





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Happy Father’s Day

Father’s Day (Randyjw; June 16, 2019)



Happy Father’s Day!




Music (Added September 5, 2019):





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Shavuot 2019

Shavuot 2019 (Randyjw; June 7, 2019)



Happy Shavuot!!!



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Gennady Tkachenko-Papizh


Gennady Tkachenko-Papizh


If you haven’t seen Gennady Tkachenko-Papizh sing, please watch:





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Rampant Antisemitism


Rampant Antisemitism (Randyjw; May 29, 2019)


Anti-semitic sentiment bears its fruit in influence and actions. Much as we would like to think that the degree and tone of an individual’s public expression to their commitment of non-prejudice toward all people might be true, it’s rather difficult to accept the excuses given, the non-apologetic justifications and back-pedalling, and all else that passes for non-pc-speak, by our elected representatives, officials, the spinners of propaganda passing for news, and those entrusted to uphold our constitutional values.


This should especially be true in our education system today, given how hard our nation has fought each other on the issues of equality, the right to vote, etc.


I must say that I cannot accept that most universities today continue to allow blatant hostility to its Jewish students to continue. If student clubs receive budgets for their activities through the school, and if that agenda includes sponsoring convicted terrorists as speakers on-campus; If the selfsame speaker has ties to, sympathizes with, or has even committed terrorist acts; if the US Department of State has listed such an affiliated group as a terrorist organization; is the material support and comfort given to this person or endeavor a treasonous act to our country?


If a faculty department of a university, which is comprised of teachers employed by such school, engages in such behavior; discriminates against students, particularly Jews wishing to study abroad at an Israeli campus by rescinding a previously agreed commitment to write a letter of recommendation for such study, upon learning that it would take place in (Jewish) Israel; if antisemitic violence against Jewish students, harassment of Jewish students by other students; if a collective body of students under their club, or student government promote such discrimination against pro-Israel Jews:


Besides lip service paid by the administration of such universities in simply stating that their administration does not share such values…


Isn’t it obvious that they do, if they will allow such actions to keep on? Isn’t silent agreement an act of complicity, in itself?


That is why, despite a Universities’ stated position, I still leave them on my listings, for having allowed the Jews to have to go through such things, here in America, as well as around the world.



“What You Do To Jews”:


See (Updated June 5, 2019):

Stellar, Richard. “UCLA: No place for Jews?”. (Opinion); September 1, 2016:




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Book Review Corrects Revisionist History


Book Review Corrects Revisionist History (Randyjw; May 27, 2019)


This book review by Raymond Ibrahim corrects the historical account, to a great extent, between competing versions of the past, which vie for our attention, today:





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US Vets


US Vets (Randyjw; May 11, 2019)



What would you give for these? Ask

any vet you see…



MEMORIAL DAY – – May 27, 2019 (Randyjw; May 5, 2019)



Star Spangled Banner As You’ve Never Heard It:

mona rose

Published on Jul 6, 2013





Freedom Is Not Free – A poem by Kelly Strong:


Published on Oct 12, 2006





Memorial Day Tribute:

Dennis Henry

Published on May 23, 2013






Norick Hapa_On_A_Moto

Published on Dec 9, 2015




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Calm (Randyjw; May 26, 2019)


Like Saul to David,

calmed with tender, soothing tones

played on the kinnor.



These songs by Yehuda Katz have a rather collective, soothing effect:


Yehuda Katz – Bachatzi Halayla (Midnight Escape):



This next one is by Shlomo Katz:

Shlomo Katz- Od Yishama (There Will Be Heard) (composed by Reb Shlomo Carlebach):



Yehuda Katz – Woman of Wisdom and Valor (Eshet Chayil) (composed by Reb Shlomo Carlebach):



Yehuda Katz – B’Simchah Rabah (We’re So Happy) (composed by Reb Shlomo Carlebach):



Yehuda Katz – Calling Out to You (Elecha) (composed by Reb Shlomo Carlebach):



Yehuda Katz V’hamagal –  Libi U’b’sari:



Yehuda Katz – Loving Life (Mi Ha’Ish):



Yehuda Katz – Reflecting Light (K’Gavnah):



Yehuda Katz – All Together (composed by Meir Banai, Yair Nitzani):



Yehuda Katz – Purple Royalty (Shoshanah Ya’Akov):



Yehuda Katz – Dancing in Mezeritch:



Yehuda Katz – Hand in Hand (Yamin V’Smol) (composed by Reb Shlomo Carlebach):



Yehuda Katz – Nigun Lewis (composed by Reb Shlomo Carlebach):



Yehuda Katz – You Are the Kind (composed by Reb Shlomo Carlebach):






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The Who: Moving On Tour (US) – Travelzoo Special Members Only Offer

The Who: Moving On Tour (US) – Travelzoo Special Members Only Offer (Randyjw; May 26, 2019)

(Reposted from Travelzoo; May 26, 2019)


This is an exclusive special-pricing offer brought to you by Travelzoo and special deal expert, Erin Mara. This goes through club.


So, join Travelzoo, become a member (it’s free), and see, do, experience, travel, and enjoy — so much more, for less ($)!


With this Who concert, you get:

Great Rates, help a great cause, and with two tickets purchased, receive a music download or cd of new music by The Who.


Here’s their special offer, taken from their deal offer. Please make sure to reclick their links or recheck their website for updates and complete information.




The Who presents its Moving On tour in cities nationwide, and Travelzoo members save up to 50% on tickets with this exclusive offer.

The Who’s hits include “Baba O’Riley,” “Won’t Get Fooled Again,” “I Can See for Miles” and “My Generation.”

For every two tickets purchased, your order will include one CD or music download of new music by The Who. After you attend the show, you will receive an email with instructions on how to redeem your CD or music download. Also, $1 from every ticket will benefit Teen Cancer America (

Starting prices are listed below; click your city to see all ticket options:

Northeast and Southeast:

  • Atlanta$75 (reg. $114) at State Farm Arena, Sept. 18
  • Boston$55 (reg. $95) at Fenway Park, Sept. 13
  • Pittsburgh$30 (reg. $61) at PPG Paints Arena, May 30


  • Sunrise$50 (reg. $65) at BB&T Center, Sept. 20
  • Tampa$157 (reg. $185) at Amalie Arena, Sept. 22

Midwest & Texas:

  • Cuyahoga Falls (Cleveland) … $35 (reg. $70) at Blossom Music Center, Sept. 10
  • Dallas$65 (reg. $113) at American Airlines Center, Sept. 27
  • Detroit$118 (reg. $146) at Little Caesars Arena, May 28
  • Elkhorn$35 (reg. $70) at Alpine Valley Music Theatre, Sept. 8
  • Houston … $69 (reg. $119) at Toyota Center, Sept. 25
  • St. Paul … $35 (reg. $70) at Xcel Energy Center, Sept. 6


  • Denver$60 (reg. $81) at Pepsi Center, Sept. 29
  • Hollywood$49 (reg. $67) at Hollywood Bowl, Oct. 11

Note: There are extra fees of up to $13.38 per ticket (varying by city), but the fees are actually less than what you’d pay for full-price tickets.

* Discount based on full-priced tickets and associated fees. Restrictions may apply. Subject to availability. CD or music download must redeemed by Sept. 25, 2019.

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Yeshiva Study Petition




A petition on regarding yeshiva study:





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Some New TV Clips From MEMRI (Content Advisory Warning)


Some New TV Clips From MEMRI (Content Advisory Warning) (Randyjw; May 16, 2019)



Here are the latest TV clips from Middle East Media Research Institute (MEMRI) (Content Advisory Warning):









Psstttt…… Are you awake?


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Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day (Randyjw; May 11, 2019)



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Why America Is Great


Why America Is Great (Randyjw; May 8, 2019)


Ducking beneath an overhang to avoid rain, I found myself sitting next to two people engaged in a conversation in which one of them stated that he saves only a little money, and the rest of it he sends back to his country. I was a little concerned about this guy, as he seemed to have taken two “location shots” of a not-so-special place, and then seemed to proceed to aim his phone, somewhat surreptitiously, toward me. I told him, twice, “Don’t take my picture,” but I think he did. I did not get a good feeling from it – – and it seemed more like a bad reconaissance mission, as opposed to a friendly gesture. Without saying what I’m saying, I’m saying it, anyways… Hopefully, it’s just hyper-awareness in this situation and doesn’t portend ill-purpose on his part.

Anyways, it set me thinking about immigration, other countries, and the U.S.


I have nothing against immigrants. I understand that people want to share in our “dream” of freedom, democracy, and prosperity. If only some family members from foreign countries settle here, it tears their family apart, and that can be difficult. When an immigrant finds work, and sends most of their wage earnings home, these remittances help raise the living standards for their family, since the dollar tends to be the strongest currency against which other countries peg their own currency. The value is so much higher, that the dollar has so much more purchasing power.


But, there are other factors to consider, as well. What if there are so many emigrants doing this, that half the country are receiving this income, but the other half are not? Maybe it will lead to the artificial inflation of the cost of goods, based on what the given market will bear: such items such as housing, cars, and the like, eventually, and effectively, pricing the poor half of the population right out of the market and even deeper into dire poverty.


Maybe there’s a point of too-quick growth, where booms in various industries lead to a top-heavy shift of workers toward these growth areas, while leading to the paucity of other industries and the workers required to learn and perform still needed functions and vocations. The lure of foreign countries whose workers will earn less, due to the stronger dollar at home, helps to also cause the business-investor’s exodus.


I think that’s why President Trump is bringing back manufacturing to our shores, and really understands the full benefits of doing so. While we, here, in the U.S., still stand to retain our competitive technological, military, and business edge, it also helps to raise the standards of living for so many in the rest of the world.


How? It might help to galvanize the populations of other countries to confront the reasons why their present system isn’t working and to find the means to make it work. Perchance a popular movement will gain traction, using the ideals of the U.S. success as a role model. It’s already beginning to happen in Saudi Arabia, with nepotism and cronyism in the awarding of cushy jobs to the royal sons now losing favor and industry opening up to the general population. Other mid-East countries, not in the midst of long-term internal or external war, are also feverishly developing their infrastructure and, hence, furthering their economies. That’s better diversification for them, as oil, gas, and alternate energy resources are now also found in better concentration beyond just the middle East. Word being bandied about by the Palestinians is heading in this area, also.



When the U.S. was great, the world’s countries rose, as well. At least, those which were based on a democratic-capitalist system. Where the U.S. started to fail is in the brawn-drain exodus of our manufacturing jobs and the brain-drain exodus in the tech sector. Accelerated immigration growth led to a demand to accommodate a bilingual work-force, to tap, not only foreign markets, but now the internal language shift of the U.S. This has forced a change in the population of both the workforce and those forced out of once plentiful jobs formerly requiring only a monolingual language. The country from the exodus continues its decline as workers leave for greener pastures, and this causes more instability around the world.


I think that the world can rise with America’s rise, rather than by bringing it down. It’s just something to seriously think about.


See Also (Updated June 20, 2019):


Stossel, John. “Moral Capitalism”.; June 20, 2019:




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How Beautiful


How Beautiful (Randyjw; May 5, 2019)


How beautiful is this song, “La Vie en Rose.”


Some would call me a hopeless romantic. I’d disagree. I’d call it something more, like… a “hopeful romantic.” Isn’t that better? I think so.


The perfect embodiment of this is found in the song, “La Vie en Rose.”


I just found this beautiful version of it, last night. It features Nieka Moss, with Jason Lux accompanying on piano. Listen to these love-ly words, especially the English wording at the end.


Have a beautiful day and evening. Good night.







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Love cont


Love cont (Rachelgv; May 3, 2019)


Pick for me

another song

and let me grasp

at shadows

that have already gone

While nights grow shorter

and the days grow long

I’ll be seeking your starlight

in the rise of each dawn



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Yom HaShoah (This Evening)


Yom HaShoah (This Evening)


In remembrance of the six million who perished in the Holocaust.


Hannah Szenes wrote this poem. She escaped from Hungary in the second World War, and went back over enemy lines to help her fellow Jews in trouble. She gave her life, in doing so.





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Land Theft In Judea/Samaria


Land Theft In Judea/Samaria (Randyjw; April 24, 2019)


This is another really important and informative article toward understanding what is occurring now in Judea/Samaria (the so-called “West Bank”):



Linder Kahn, Naomi. “The European Union: Nurturing Instability and Terrorism in the Middle East”.; April 24, 2019:



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Best Yet Article


Best Yet Article (Randyjw; April 22, 2019)


This is the best article I’ve yet read on the Jewish people vis-à-vis Israel (and mostly what I’ve been saying, all along):


Sylvetsky, Rochel. “The legal status of Jerusalem: Examination of Israel’s lawful rights”. Op-Ed; April 18, 2019:




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Passover Songs And More 5779


Passover Songs And More 5779 (Randyjw; April 18, 2019)



Bachatzi Halayla (Midnight Escape) – Yehudah Katz

Published on Apr 2, 2012




Od Yishama (There Will Be Heard) – Shlomo Katz

Published on Apr 23, 2012




(Added April 24, 2019):

Mordechai Ben David – Kumzits 1 / Shiru LaMelech

Published on Oct 27, 2015




All About Those Plagues – Chuck Green

Published on Mar 23, 2015



Passover Rhapsody – A Jewish Rock Opera –

Published on Mar 27, 2012




Avadim Hayinu (We Were Slaves) – Yuval Grumer

Published on Apr 16, 2019




Pessach Medley with Micha Gamerman (Official Animation Video) –

Published on Apr 5, 2017




The Passover Seder Symbols Song – runsing

Published on Apr 7, 2008





Published on Apr 12, 2011



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WATCH Live: Beresheet Moon Landing


WATCH Live: Beresheet Moon Landing (Randyjw; April 11, 2019)





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Passover 5779


Passover 5779 (Randyjw; April 10, 2019)


I wish I still had the index cards of all my Mother’s recipes (hers, friends, or curated) I’d laboriously copied over the years. I think they were lost with some of my previous items at a time when I was told I should store them at someone’s business location, but then was not allowed to retrieve any of my things back. My Mother, as well, has lost pages from her personal collection, as people just pulled them out, rather than copying them from her. But, here are some Passover ideas and inspiration from elsewhere. And, if sometime, I can try to recreate those missing recipes, I will.


Inspire your own ideas, and read Doreen Wachmann’s article on Charoset recipes through the ages:


Charoset: (flip pages to 12-13)



Here’s a recipe for Passover Apricot Squares that, if I’m remembering correctly, seems to be like the ones my Mother used to make:


Passover Apricot Squares:


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The Quarry by Pope John Paul II


The Quarry by Pope John Paul II (Randyjw; April 8, 2019)


New link / Hope this one works: (scroll down)


Interesting information about Pope John Paul II (Karol Wojtyla):



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Worthwhile (Randyjw; April 8, 2019)


Before entering the library today, I weebled over to the garbage can to throw out some trash. I rolled my eyes and said “eh” to the guy standing nearby, indicating my exhaustion lugging around my three bags, and other matters. The guy said, “I understand. You gotta make it worthwhile.” I said, “It is worthwhile; we’re here.” He nodded, and I went back to gather my backpacks. Sitting on top of one, I thanked the guy for his motivation. Combined, perhaps the two serve as the purpose and goals for our lives: To make it worthwhile, while we’re here.



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Chick-Fil-A Controversy

Chick-Fil-A Controversy (Randyjw; April 5, 2019)



McGuinness, Dylan. “Brockhouse apologizes to Chick-fil-A for San Antonio’s decision to remove restaurant from airport plan”.; March 26, 2019:



Update / Additional (November 22, 2019):

Greenfield, Daniel. “Chick-fil-A Put an Obama and Hillary Supporter in Charge, but Dumped Christians”.; November 22, 2019:





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Sydney Debate-to-Be


Sydney Debate-to-Be (Randyjw; April 3, 2019)



Rabbi Tovia Singer debates Reverend Samuel Green:

Is Jesus the Promised Jewish Messiah?


Tuesday, April 9, 2019

6:30 – 8:30 PM


University of Technology Sydney

1 Quay Street, Haymarket

Building 5C, Room 02.010



Free Audio Posts:



Update (April 13, 2019):


Rabbi Singer has posted the video of this debate on YouTube:





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Kicked Out of Library

I was just kicked out of the library because my three backpacks cannot fit under one small chair, although they would fit under the large tables. Therefore, I cannot charge my phone, and I need it in case of emergency, like being attacked, etc. Phone batt is about to die. I contacted nat’l center on homelessness and poverty to see what they’ll say.



Update (April 13, 2019):


I have still not had a response from the National Center on Homelessness and Poverty.



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Homeless Update 2


Homeless Update 2 (Randyjw; March 26, 2019)


I came back from church dinner tonight to find that my sleeping site has been padlocked.


The skies are black, it’s starting to rain, and I have nowhere to go.


There are some other homeless people sitting across the street to where the building is. From there, where I also was sitting, I just saw a huge, fiery explosion leap into the sky from what appeared to be the rear side of the building. All the lights have gone out in the surrounding vicinity. They briefly came on again, but have since gone out. I heard a loud bang in the interim.


Now, it’s absolutely pouring, and the tree I had moved to wasn’t providing enough cover. I crossed the street to take cover beneath the overhang of a commercial building. Oh, wow. I just heard another big bang. There had been a large, nearby lightning strike, but I don’t know if a transformer has been struck. Maybe G-d is providing the cloak of darkness to us to help protect us, tonight. Maybe he sees our plight and is chastising the city for shutting us out and leaving vulnerable people with very limited options.


As an aside, there has been alot of construction starting up. However, I couldn’t believe the sign I read at one of them. It said: No Soliciting Not Hiring! If I chance to pass by there again, and have enough battery power on my phone and am not too tired to take a photo of it (like I was at the time I saw it), then I’ll try to remember to snap a pic of it to update this post with it. Over and out, for now.


Update: There was a huge fire raging a few blocks away, which now appears to be out. Here are a few pix snapped from where I’m sitting:












Update 2:

I was up all night running around, trying to get away from very scary people who were coming at me all night. They’d stare and stare from 150-200 feet away (?), then start walking toward me and following. I had to go to a motel entrance for safety, and a guy followed me there. Another guy came out of a parking garage, looked for awhile, then weaved toward me. It looked like he had a knife in his right hand. He passed near, then sat with some of the other homeless people I’d been sitting near. I walked around the city for a long time. Another guy doubled back, as did a car: it went straight, instead of making the lefthand turn its car signal indicated, then made a u-turn in the middle of the street, then kept reappearing, going around and around the block.

Oy, vey. I’m so tired.



Update (May 11, 2019):

I recently went back to the location of the No Soliciting Not Hiring sign, and they had removed it. I guess they could always refer them to the hiring manager, go through the motions of pretending to give the applicant a fair review, and just not hire them, anyways. At least it wouldn’t be an in-your-face bad public relations move, as the sign had been…



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Yet Again


Yet Again (Randyjw; March 24, 2019)


You don’t even want to read this. I’ve got really bad vibes going on, right now.


A couple of nights ago, at the location next to mine, where I had been beaten up, some people were sitting and talking, some portions of the conversation being overheard by me. They were horrible, and went like this: “I’m gonna f… her! That b…. is mine!” One person piped up, “Don’t f… with her.” A new person in the past two weeks, if that, had shown up at that spot, effectively ousting my friend from it (really, there are no “friends” on the street, as I’ve been told by someone I was nice to, who then went on to start malicious rumors against me), and with whom I had a few mind-bending discussions with regarding religion. There had previously been an older-seeming couple who had occupied that spot, and were, despite their personal lifestyle, essentially “good neighbors.” But, they had left, and when the spot had been vacant for quite some time, I mentioned it to my friend, who started staying there for some time. It is why, in my previous story, I knew that the guy who showed up and beat me up was not, to my knowledge, being truthful in stating that he had been there for a long time, and that I had not been at my own spot for a long time. I actually eventually occupied the former spot of the girl who had started some bad rumors; she permanently left the area, and I waited some time to make sure it was really “clear.” When I had told the guy that there was someone in my spot, and I just let them be without waking them, for a minute he took my side and said, I’m gonna help a sister” and started heading for the sleeping woman. But, I called him back and said no, no, no, and he turned around.


Well, I was fearful that the people having this conversation about a woman was me; but, then I just told myself I was being paranoid. I had seen the tallish, heavyset woman walk by the previous evening, followed by a tallish, heavyset man (both in this group having the conversation), past my spot and around the corner, where nobody really stayed, except for my friend, who had had to take a worse spot out back, and another guy who hides behind one of the building’s external fixtures. The woman also seemed to have asked someone whether they had been talking to the girl in question, to which another guy said, “Just to say ‘hi’ and ‘bye’. I was wondering if the person sitting there had been the one who’d started staying at the spot, with whom I’d conversed with for quite awhile, on separate days.


Anyways, one of the guys from the group got up, and was kindof making as if walking by, but dawdling. Oh, no.. the dawdlers. He turned around and smiled at me, acting friendly, and walked over to where I was. Alarm bells ringing now. He said something, which I didn’t hear, but I told him I don’t like to talk with people at night (it was late afternoon and still light out). My instincts were right. He told me that it had been his brother who had hit me, and that now he was in jail because the cops found him with an ounce of weed on him, and it was my fault because I’d given a description. In all reality, I don’t think I ever described the man, or was asked to by the dispatcher, but only mentioned his sneakers, a blue hoodie (maybe it was a hat…?), and gold in his mouth. Meanwhile, as he kept approaching me, I kept pushing him away. He said all those nasty things to me I’d overheard (I’m gonna f… you. You’re my b….. now. I’m gonna kill you!). We had a struggle, which kindof messed up my back, my hip, and my general body for several days afterward. He wanted me to tell the story, though, so I did, but wound up leaving parts out, in my panic, and as I have in my postings (like it might’ve been the guy who came back, who had said he would – – and while I had met with the police – – and had brought a girl with him and they were smoking that “stuff.” Maybe she alerted them? Who knows! I just tried to warn the girl to get away from that dangerous, violent man. She was trying to mediate between us, ‘cuz I wanted to take the guy’s picture, and he was denying it was him, but when I saw the sneakers, and his blue hat… well…)


The brother mentioned there were no bruises (did he read the report?), and I said, well, there weren’t, but how can you see inside my head? And the guy said his brother said he’d hit me with a pillow. And I was like, I didn’t see any pillow. I basically told him the general story, and then mentioned that his brother just went off on me. He then said, “He lied! That sounds like my brother!”, and was getting upset! Then, I was like no, no, no… I didn’t press charges. Don’t be mad. I really don’t want to be the continued scapegoat in this saga, or drive brothers apart, however thuggish they’ve been. Had I been able to describe him better, or known who he was, and if I hadn’t been lied to (or, euphemistically, been misinformed) regarding the filing fee, then I might’ve. But, there’s this so-called street justice I’ve, unfortunately, got to consider. Here, things really aren’t “just”. And good guys just don’t win.


Update (March 25, 2019):

The “conversationalists” HAD come back. The bad vibes I’d had for a good portion of the evening were leading up to that. I’d felt that people had been watching me as I walked to the spot. I saw a guy talking with a girl, then he went on the outside of the fence (it’s fenced in, now; it’s better “privacy,” but then again, it’d be awhile ’til they found my decomposing body, in the event…


The brother of the guy came over, actually introduced himself (I think I heard his name, but I won’t mention it, here), and stuck out his hand for a handshake. Yeah, right. I wasn’t feeling the love, and I was like, That’s okay; thanks. The heavyset woman was doing her scouting thing, again, walking past me and back, several times. I was like, oh, no… here we go, again… Fortunately, nothing happened, but I did lose hours of sleep worrying, waiting, and watching…


I really need to utilize my time better to try to get myself out of homelessness. WordPress, and the community here, have been my saving grace, my sanity-saver, if you will, from all this madness. However, I may be taking a break, if I can, to focus more on looking for employment, etc. I’ve been writing here for about seven years, or so, and that should be enough of a body of work for anybody to determine if they ever want to hire me for a writing job, or not. I know… don’t give up the day job! So, considering that I don’t have one, I need to find one. I’m not sure that I can really take a break… I need to read you, to feel you, and to express myself, as well. But, if I’m not as active, if at all, you’ll understand the reason why. And, please know that I’m OKAY! Love you all! xoxoxoxoxoxooxoxoxo and 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 !!! Haha!

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Purim 5779

Purim 5779 (Randyjw; March 19, 2019)




HAPPY PURIM ! ! ! ! !



Purim falls on Wednesday, March 20, 2019 (Diaspora) at Sundown.




ONE NIGHT WITH THE KING (Full Length Movie):






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Amusings (Randyjw; March 12, 2019)



I have so many issues – –

They’re called:

other people!!!



I’ve been receiving food stamps, fortunately, and unfortunately, for some time now – – both when I was “working poor,” with a roof over my head, and now, when I’m homeless. The allotment works out to approximately six US dollars (USD), per day. It’s difficult, but do-able, to manage the budget for the longer-term, if one has the means to store, via cabinets and a refrigerator, and prepare, via oven/stovetop/fire, the items purchased. Perishability, portability, distance to food sources/resources, mobility, seasonal availability, and dietary considerations involving lifestyle or medical concerns also play huge roles in determining which selections a homeless person might choose.


Food which is sold hot, such as in a restaurant or a fast-food outlet, is not allowed to be purchased via food stamps. Due to this, and reasons stated above, options become somewhat restrictive and limiting. Frozen food is permitted. Hot, prepared food items which have been cooled to sell as refrigerated are also permitted, though usually quite cost-prohibitive. In some instances whereby the means to heat frozen items at its selling location permits, then such items are also allowed. In this way, I’m able to invariably treat myself to the occasional pizza, etc. I’ve done so, it’s good, and the leftovers, because you have to buy it whole, and  aren’t allowed to purchase by the slice, seemingly are able to keep for the next day or so without too much spoilage (but, don’t do as I say, because there is a chance of the development of toxin formation).


So, recently I didn’t make it to a charitable gathering (whether faith-group or individually-aided, as many people and families seek to provide food and other comforts to the homeless [thank you!], also), so I decided to get frozen pizza; dinner al fresco a la curbside, and not proud to be, but, be, I am.


So forgive my laughter, although I’m glad to still find humor in such situations, and for such a time as this, but, when I opened the box, and I had seen that it had been cut into exceedingly numerous, thin, triangular slices (too thin to remove without breaking in half), it sent me into peals of laughter. This way, there was plenty “more” to spare. Each time I opened the box, and started to try to count exactly how many actual slices had been cut, I’d start laughing again, and would lose track of the total. It made my day. It kept me going for about one-half hour (and the grand total was sixteen).


Now, some people might be mad at me for laughing – – call me “cruel;” “heartless.” I don’t see it as thus, though. Whatever creature comforts I may have lived with were obtained through the continual hard work of devoted parents. Independently, although I’ve also worked long and hard in various capacities, whether with world renown companies or in relative obscurity, the wages were simply on the low end and it was always a struggle. I’ve personally been pretty poor, have gotten by with no vehicle for many, many years, now, and have been homeless in what will, not long from now, amount to two consecutive years.


I have often, lately, been too tired as I move about from location to location and toting my fifty-plus pounds of belongings with me, such that by the time I should be once more heading out to attend any scheduled church dinners, I’ve been depleted of energy and don’t attend. It’s a vicious cycle, for you need the nutritional value of the food provided, in order to be able to call on the energy in reserve, it provides. It is for these moments, or when there are few or no church dinners (like on weekends, etc.), when food stamps are a practical necessity. And, most people who receive a disability check or have other non-wage incomes receive only a token amount; some people do not even receive food stamps. Others, still, “game” the system for all they can get, I hate to say. There will probably be many mad to read what I’ve written – – whether be it for the pizza, the excess, the US largesse, the lack of food in other countries, and other reasons.


I don’t knock the fact that I’m blessed to live in a free, prosperous and relatively considerate society which takes these factors into concern and provides such means for our population’s needy to possibly secure such assistance, ehen they’ve fallen by the wayside. The costs of doing so is distributed amongst the people, as a whole, each state determining its own specific rules regarding the same, with the overall federal government budget assisting states in helping to fund many of its societal programs, as well.


I’m also glad that the United States, through its individual people, are helping to supply a great deal of humanitarian assistance to the rest of the world, via food, medicine, medical equipment and supplies, development of agrarian, industrial, business and economic opportunities, and the sharing of professional expertise through many avenues. I don’t take any of these things for granted. I don’t think others should do so, either. It’s up to you to be the judge – – but, I hope you’d at least do so after trying on homelessness for two years; I’d be happy for you that you could still find it within to laugh.



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Bananas Emoji

Bananas Emoji (Randyjw; March 5, 2019)


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Enough is Enough: Sign the Petition Against Anti-Israel Bias at the UN


Enough is Enough: Sign the Petition Against Anti-Israel Bias at the UN




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Biblical Film



Biblical Film (Randyjw; March 2, 2019)


This is a post about Biblical Film – – or, rather, the exhibition of films about Biblical subjects, given that film did not exist in Biblical times. These types of productions, be they in film, on television, in video, or inscribed via printed form, really float my boat (yes; pun on Noah’s Ark totally intended). The archaeology, the conjecture, the discoveries, the piecing of chronology together with external or material sources, all serves to provide modern-day adventure, reminiscent of another such character played in the movies by Harrison Ford. But, these guys and gals are true Biblical explorers, and I eat this stuff up with relish (no; maybe a little stoneground mustard, though…).


Coming to U.S. theaters for three days of a special event film showing is Patterns of Evidence: the Moses Controversy, distributed by Fathom Events. I haven’t seen it, but it looks like something I would enjoy. A disclosure I should probably admit is that I once worked along the venerated “food chain” amidst the media panoply


Here’s a peak at the trailer:








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A Discussion Heard


A Discussion Heard (Randyjw; February 3, 2019)


Two sisters were engaged today in a thoughtful, considerate discussion around the reasons why some people might become homeless. They spoke about how the loss of a job might lead one to no longer be able to afford their bills, leading to the loss of their home, and other such matters.


Their ages? Ten-years- old, and seven-years-old.


It was the most intelligent conversation I’ve heard on this issue, and I hope these two, young sisters go far in life, and maybe become our next leaders.


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Homeless Update



Homeless Update (Randyjw; February 1, 2019)


There is some good news, and there is some bad news. Don’t read this if you only want the good news. This article will describe my latest experiences as a homeless person, and they are not P.C.-/P.R.-positive, at all.


The good news is that a project I’ve been working on for months, which kept seeing continued miracles and continued setbacks, worked out for me. Yay! What that was is that I was trying to get my driver’s license renewed. It would normally be not such a big deal, provided one has the money to pay for the renewal. Being homeless, I had to apply through a soup kitchen/social services center to receive a check, which they say is funded by a kind benefactor. That’s wonderful, because I really was trying to prevent myself from having yet another disadvantage in a job search by not having a driver license, in case I needed to run errands at work, or something. Without a license, they tend to assume you had a drunk-driving charge and that your license became suspended, or something (which, of course, is not the case). My license just happened to be up for expiry.


First, the soup kitchen said there was plenty of time, and delayed me applying to get a check. Then I applied for and received the check. The good news is that it covers a regular motor vehicle license; the bad news is that they did not provide funds for any extra endorsements you might have, such as my motorcycle license – – so I lost the motorcycle license I’d been working so hard on to complete. I had completed a basic rider motorcycle course prior to moving to Israel, since I could not afford to ship a vehicle, and I just felt that a motorcycle would be an easier and cheaper alternative for me in that country. Little did I know that, when I got there, the license is not transferable, and you still need to go through rounds of classes to obtain an Israeli license. America and Israel do not have the same teaching methodology. So, when I learned in America, I had learned to start off in Neutral and cycle upward through the gears. However, in Israel, they start off in first gear, with brakes applied. I was unaware of this, and was startled that the motorcycle was already in gear, and so the instructor, upon seeing that, made me get off the motorcycle and only ride on a scooter. A scooter seems to me to have a lower center of gravity, with the smaller tires, and heavy-bodied set-up – – not to mention being perched with your knees forward, as if seated in a chair, rather than legs astride a seat, with knees more downward-facing. To me, this made it harder to control, and once I even bumped into the curb, after doing a number of tight figure-eights, and got my foot caught in-between and wound up limping home with a bit of a sprain in my foot/ankle. I eventually would have liked to get a small motorcycle, maybe 150cc or so, with a long, straight seat. After three rounds of classes, and using up quite a large portion of my living stipend in so doing, I passed through and received an Israeli license (although, to this day, I’m not sure if it’s only for a scooter or includes motorcycle up to 500cc – – I think; if I’m recalling correctly). Our class test was on-the road; I kept bringing up the rear… trying to be safety-minded. I think the instructor might have thought I had fears of going faster, perhaps; he eventually told me to go and pass the soldiers who had been leading the front, so I did. In Israel, also, vehicles stop to let pedestrians pass from the sidewalk. They should be doing this, also, in America (especially at a crosswalk – – it’s the law); but, that seems to be only a theoretical consideration in the drivers’ minds, as they blare through the crosswalks, and the crosswalk timer ticks down, and you haven’t even gotten to cross. Even worse, they somehow have badly engineered the timing lights, so that vehicles crossing through an intersection on a left-hand turn, would necessarily run over the pedestrian crossers at the crosswalk, who have gotten the signal to proceed. Crazy.


Well, back to the story. So, I took the check to the drivers’ license office, and wound up unable to pass the basic visual exam of looking into the machine and reading the eye chart. I had thought I might be able to pass the exam with three pairs of second-hand glasses I had already perused to receive – – but, these were not strong enough. When the licensing lady asked me to read line 5, I asked her which one that was; she said it was the green one: I couldn’t even read it. I had already had a prescription for glasses previously; but, when I was staying in the shelters, and leaving my large suitcase of belongings in a low-traffic area outside, it eventually was discovered by somebody, who stole some precious things from me: like my brother’s old t-shirts, which I was wearing to destruction. They also wound up breaking my glasses in two — and since they were fairly scratched up by now, anyways, they had become useless. So, I needed to find a way to get an eye exam and eyeglasses made, since now the licensing division was making it mandatory for me to return an eye doctor exam form that had to be completed by an appropriate eyecare provider to examine my eyes, correct any vision difficulties with glasses or lenses, if possible, and make me able to see, so I could pass my exam and drive again. Oy, yoy, yoy. I went to an agency that helps people with low vision, and they only help place adaptive assistive devices into peoples’ homes. Being that I have no home, they could not help me. They referred me to a place that supposedly, everybody says, offers free exams – – but, they don’t. It’s still $55.00, which I don’t have. I researched my options for free eye exams and glasses online, and discovered a program called OneSight, which partners with companies like LensCrafters and a few others to provide exams and glasses to millions of people worldwide. It seems like a really fantastic program. They build eye laboratory facilities in many countries around the world which might not otherwise have access to such vision care. It helps to provide jobs for the local people, and helps so many people live a greatly enhanced life. I’m so happy for this program. You can read more about OneSight, below. Well, they have these Event Days when they offer the free services to the communities. I had been about three days out from the next one, so I was desperately trying to find a participating LensCrafters location which would do this. I called around and found out that some only provided the glasses, but did not offer the exams, and you would need to bring in a prescription. Well, that counted me out. I had learned that one of the LensCrafters did, it seem, offer both the exam and the glasses. First, though, I had to receive a referral written by a charity group with their tax identification number on organization letterhead, stating that I did not have the financial means to afford an eye exam and eyeglasses. The OneSight website had mentioned that places like Lions Clubs were acceptable. Now, meanwhile, I had let somebody use my cellphone, and they wound up cracking the screen. From there, it splintered into many shards. It then fell about one foot from off my backpack (my fault), and it broke the phone. I needed to get a replacement phone, but they wanted some money to send out a replacement. This was an issue, and I had no way to call anybody, except via a free five-minute limit phone that soup kitchen patrons could use (which was never really enough time to wait on hold for various customer service reps whom you need to speak with). Then, the bus company decided to mess around with me some more and not send out my bus pass. This was very restrictive to my travels via limited-route community service buses, including being able to get to places to eat. It has really been rather difficult, to say the least. The Lions Club said he’d have his secretary send out the letter and to just email him. So, I did. Then, time went by, and when I had to travel to check my mail, this letter would never be there. I followed up with another email. Eventually, the man I had spoken with on the phone (one of those five-minute limit calls), admitted that he had no experience with such a letter, and broadcast emailed to the other Lions Club I had contacted in another city. The other Lions location told the man just to write the letter, but I never have received one. So, the Lions Club really dropped the ball on me, and let something slide for a long time, which greatly detracted from my efforts. Eventually, I just went to the LensCrafters location which had originally said, I believe, that they would perform both the exam and the glasses (as a dry run, to see where it was located).  By this time the One Sight Event Day had passed, and it was only offered to the community on the one-day Event Day; and no mention of any further Event Days were even given on the OneSight website; it completely disappeared from off the site. And, it turns out, that particular location had decided that they were no longer going to be offering the free eye exam, but did offer to make my glasses if I could manage to get my own exam and bring them a prescription. So far, no good. Well, the driver license bureau had told me to come in upon the day my license expired (I came in a day or two earlier, just to be sure), and that I could apply for a two month temporary driver permit extension. I was still going through all these problems, miracles/setbacks, yet again and again. One day, due to the constantly inclement weather of late, I decided I would check out a day center where I might be able to warm up for a bit, rather than the usual types of public places available to the homeless, such as a library, where they keep it freezing cold and it’s kindof miserable, or outdoors in a park, where it also can be fairly miserable (and you can’t even lie on your back; you get in trouble for that – – I know; I did, and the police officer ordered me to go back to the soup kitchen, which was quite a distance away. Suddenly, we live in a police state and have no freedom of movement and are ordered about as to where we should be). In the area was located another driver license location and an eyecare place. The bus had overshot my location, and so I had to walk quite a distance to get to the location. I was resting with my bags (three bags, plus a pocketbook, weighing over fifty pounds!) and when I saw the driver license place, it was as if there were bright lights around it and angel voices going, “Ta-Da”. I had a feeling that this was where I needed to be. The only problem was, it was Martin Luther King, Jr. Day, and none of the businesses were open. I waited around to see if someone would eventually open up the Center, but they never did. I did leave them a voicemail, but they never wound up returning my call. It seemed I was beginning to bat out, but I somehow just kept plugging on. Something impressed upon me to return to the Center again, which I did. The people who run the Center came in briefly, and said they would return later, so I waited there, and they never did. I had a feeling that the eyecare place would be my saving grace. And, guess what? It was. They were open the second time I went back, and the very nice optometrist listened to a bit of the efforts I had relayed to him in trying to get an exam, and he agreed to do it for me, so that I could give the prescription and get them made through LensCrafters. Then, better, yet, he went the distance and wanted to do the glasses for me, as well. He was just starting out in this new location for him and told me that had I tried to talk to him even a month ago, he would not even have been there. He’s a small, nicely appointed office, working hard to make it become profitable. He asked me if I believed in G-d; and I said, Yes. Did he? Yes, he did, too. He said he felt like he was being the vessel through which G-d was operating. Now, the countdown was on, and my temporary driver permit was going to momentarily expire in less than a week, and I was waiting for a call from the Doctor to let me know when the glasses came in. It was cutting it soooooo close. I decided to take a trip by bus up there on the last day of expiry and just be nearby, feeling like the glasses would arrive, and that I was doing the right thing. It was, and they did. I was just resting on my bags before walking over to the eyecare place, when they started calling on my phone. For some reason, I haven’t figured out how to answer the phone when I have been doing something else, like texting or whatever, and it doesn’t seem to answer. I missed the call from the Doctor, but called them right back. The glasses were there. I went in, picked up the glasses, and walked over to the driver license place. While in line there, I noticed that the permit was not expiring that day, but had already passed expiration two days ago. It didn’t matter, however; they took the check (to a different license location), the eye exam form, I aced Line 5, and I took a terrible picture, but got my driver license.


Another thing which cut the story down to the wire was that I had recently received a first-time citation for a trespass charge (sleeping on the property of a no-longer-open public facility), and I was being given the option to do a program consisting of community service, and who knows what else, rather than have to go to criminal court. Well, that’s nice; except that the Public Defendant was telling me to place my initials wherever he decided to choose, rather than explain hardly anything to me (I can read; and the legalities seem to entail a possibly quite extended time of compliance, which can allow a lot to go wrong in that time). I didn’t like it; but I decided to go ahead and do this, and one of those days was now occupied with going through these problems. I understand that perhaps seeing the homeless on the streets might detract from tourism and perhaps be not so great for business, but on the other hand, I already told you that when you become homeless, and you can’t always get into a shelter (there are lotteries; additional, if you don’t make the lottery, you then have to chase down the referral-people at their various forays into different cities!) – – it’s a real time-consuming endeavor, never mind exhausting, and you don’t get to eat while you’re running around trying to do this, so it really saps your energy. Yeah, there are supposed shelter “programs,” but I’ve already been through that previously (they wouldn’t let me out, and I wound up losing the job that I had; between that situation and the issue with my former friend, which I wrote about, I believe, in another post, elsewhere, I think). So, I already spend a good portion of my time doing community service things, already; I stay after the church dinners and straighten out the chairs and help clean up; I also try to pick up the trash that the really rude homeless people who have no respect leave about the property – – at least so that we might not be targeted and profiled as badly. In any case, I’ll be starting additional hours doing other things to complete these community service obligations to eventually get this charge dropped from my record. I think it’s pretty sorrowful that I’m turned into an instant criminal just solely due to my poverty and really having no place to stay. I both overnighted and went through the shelter programs, and left the program after myself and another individual received mystery rashes on our arms after taking tuberculosis tests, although we were both diagnosed as T.B-free. The fine print, though I didn’t have time to read the rest of it, and saw pretty much only that portion of it, allows them to experiment on you, in essence….


Well, after I stayed behind to straighten up the chairs after a church dinner last night, it turned out I was later in getting to a “spot,” and someone was already there. So, I went over to the next available one, and set down my bags and sat on top of my larger backpack. There was already a blanket off to one side of this small platform and some sneakers there. I just figured that it was some rude homeless person leaving their belongings around; or, perhaps, it might’ve been abandoned stuff that would sit there for time on end, and never get cleaned up. I gave it about fifteen minutes, in case someone was away and using the “restroom facilities;” but, really, since the shoes were there, I didn’t think they would have gone off without their sneakers, and so I got the distinct impression that they were just leaving their stuff about and no-one would show up. Now, meanwhile, somebody I know had needed another spot, and so I alerted him to that location, and he often utilized it, so that when some other guy suddenly showed up and claimed that this was his spot where he had been for a really long time, I knew he was lying, because I even am aware of a couple that used the spot, even prior to the guy I know. So, I told him my suppositions; that I know he hasn’t actually been there; that the sneakers gave me the impression that this was just abandoned stuff, and that I planned to be there. At first, the guy that showed up (the new one; not the one I know) said okay; but when I saw that he wasn’t removing his apparent stuff but just neatening and placing it in the area where I was going to place my own things, and I said that he hadn’t been there, and that I had, and so he just had to go find a new spot that time, he went ballistic on me. I was sitting on my larger backpack in a small alcove toward the corner of a brick wall, and he bashed my head backwards into the back wall. As I got over the shock of what had just happened, he came at me with a right, and knocked my head into the brick part of the wall. As I was righting myself, sortof like either a jack-in-the-box or a punching bag, he again hit another shot. And, then, once again. Four times, he bashed my head into the wall. I said I was going to call the cops, and he grabbed my phone out of my hand, and said he IS the cops (or “a cop!”), and then said, “Well, my Uncle…” Okay; so is the guy a brutal police officer attacking me? Is he only just impersonating a police officer (which, in itself, is a major offense)? I grabbed my phone back and called 911. The operator asked me whether I was White, Black or Hispanic. Hmmm…. that doesn’t leave much choice if you’re an “Other.” I told her I was Jewish. She said, “That’s a Religion.” I said that’s also my nationality. And then she asked what color my skin was? White, (Black…)… Hmmm…. she’s trying to peg me into a race that I don’t fit into, but they don’t even allow for anyone who might be a different background…. What about Asian? Indian? Hello? And what’s with the three choices, and the skin color thing…. Is “Hispanic” really actually a skin color? I’ve actually had this conversation with 911 once before, and it doesn’t seem that they’ve learned anything by it… To make matters worse, despite being brutally victimized by a misogynistic black male who has no respect for women, (he could have just moved to another “spot,” like I had done, without beating anybody up or making any issue out of it…), the response of the police was even worse. A police car in the area drove by too fast for me to even notice and flag down. Afterwards, another one came by and was directly at the far side of the corner sitting at a red light in the intersection. The driver of the car actually took off and hung a left-hand turn on a red light after I had passed in front of the car and had just put down my bags at the curbside to speak with the officer. I think they had cancelled the call after that. So, I called back, and they sent another officer (maybe this was the guy’s Uncle? Who knows!!!). I was not bleeding, but my neck hurt as if I might have some whiplash, due to the angle at which he punched me and my neck flopped over, and my head was ringing, and my jaw hurt from the force of the back of my head and other parts of it hitting the brick, and possibly jarring my jaw. Needless to say, I am quite sore (I could use a long soak in a hot tub, and several days of pampering and bed rest inside, to be quite truthful). Now the officer says he’s going to write “No injuries”. Well; it’s nice to know that the police department has been able to get Superman on-staff; probably at a relatively cheap rate, considering his abilities, and that this super-policeman is able to see through my body and determine that I have “No Injuries”. Really? Are injuries only external? Hmmm…. the logic escapes me…. So, then the officer asks me What Is Your Agenda? What!!!???? He’s finding it difficult to believe that this just happened, considering that I am not bleeding, and thinks perhaps maybe that I might be making this up and have some type of agenda? What!!!??? Are you nuts? I’ve been homeless for one year, eight months, plus… and took a bit of pride in the fact that I’d never been assaulted, raped, killed or anything else. I know…. right? Like, who should even have to think of these things? Women? Children? For real? And now this cop with his supercilious attitude tells me that I get no paperwork (of this incident) and that I have to first go to the Police station to file a report (So… why did he need to report to the scene, in the first place?) He’s not going to document it? and that there is a filing fee. A filing fee! I tell him I’m homeless and (probably can’t) afford a filing fee. So, what’s with this? Usually, Leftists during those Obama years were constantly bleating about “Access” (or the “Lack” of “Access”), such as to healthcare, etc., which is a false claim, since insurance companies can’t discriminate against anyone based on protected statuses, such as race, etc… but, here we are, the victimized poor even being able to receive further justice because we might not be able to afford the filing fee. Get Real! Someone needs to start a petition to abolish crime report filing fees and the like, to enable all people to have equal access to the protections that such units, such as the courthouse and/or police reports, etc., are supposed to afford to all its counties’ citizens… not just the more well-off, who are able to afford filing fees. So, now, this is why one of the reasons that violent, dangerous people continue to roam the street and wreak havoc with impunity, and the community enables this to happen by curtailing the ability of marginalized people to apply for the same rights of equal protection under the law. Makes you think; doesn’t it?


About OneSight:


I found out I have this condition:

Degenerative Myopia



Update (February 22, 2019):  I went to the police station, and found out that there is really no filing fee. Good news: I don’t have to make a petition to get rid of any “filing fees.” Bad News: The poor treatment that I had already received at the hands of the policeman, after the incident (which was bad enough, in itself), means that the policeman actually must have lied to me. I don’t imagine it could have been because he might have been ignorant of very simple procedures at his station. Do you? Bad News: I had developed sortof PTSD-like symptoms after the incident. For three days thereafter, I would find myself crying out of the blue. The Good News: The symptoms disappeared. Not only that, but I find myself feeling extremely empowered. Not just as a survivor, because, while I was a victim, I do not really want to immerse myself in that. It is more like a behavioral therapy thing, almost. Facing a fear, and powering your way through it. Fear disappears. I use the mental mindset for many things, that I am a soldier. It helps me through a lot of things.


Update (February 26, 2019): Two days ago, on Sunday, February 24th, I was walking “home” and was crossing a bridge, when I got bad vibes about a man on the bridge, who was acting with unusual behavior. He crossed back and forth on the path; he looked over one side, appearing to me as if contemplating the height drop; and dawdling as if waiting for me to catch up. I feared I was in trouble. I considered turning back, but that would have placed me at a greater height, and I honestly felt like he wanted to push me over the bridge. I needed to get past him and move toward lower ground and off the bridge, but he had slowed to a stop, right about at the passing point. My apprehension had been justified. Saying, “Excuse me,” he tried to wrench my pocketbook off me, and also groped me. I realize, retrospectively, that the groping was probably to see whether I might have hidden money there, since his efforts at my purse went unrewarded. In a firm, loud voice, I told him to “Let go!” of my bag. He did, and then proceeded at a faster pace down the bridge. I could tell he planned another assault, and he lurked near the bridge, off to the right, a short distance. Cars were trying to vie into the street, and others were approaching shortly, but I just had to cut the first off, and use the second to my advantage in placing a shield between me and my attacker. I got over to where some people were standing: an elderly couple. The lady was dressed well, and she had a pocketbook hanging, so I pointed out my pursuer and told them what happened, to warn them, then walked back quickly to my rest spot and contacted the police. So, I’m a little back to temporary PTSD moments, but I’m sure they’ll subside in a few days.



Update (December 6, 2019):


In my optic diagnosis, I learned that I have tilted optical discs, as well.



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Liberation (Randyjw; January 27, 2019)


International Holocaust Remembrance Day




Working Definition of AntiSemitism by International Holocaust Remembrance Alliance:



I Am poem – Anne Frank

by Natasha Hashemi and Claire Hawer





From Where I Come (Rachelgv; February 22, 2017)


From where I come

is by my ancestry.

By Adam and Eve

through Terach and Abraham


And, yet, again, in

further meanderings


Ur-Kasdim, and into Haran

in captivity in exile

by the rivers of Babylon

Asarah B’Tevet


By the well of Dotan

to the right of Pharoah’s rod

at Rameses and Pitom

in fields of Padan-Aram


and maybe by Paran

the cities of Shushan

released with help from King Ahashveros (of Iran)

who would assist us in rebuilding the Temple


We commemorate in memory

that the woman he wed to wife

Hadassah, known as Esther,

the Jewish Queen that saved our lives


And this is known as Purim

it’s also part of the Jewish story

and Chanukah you’ll know

by our defiance of Roman glory


From Egypt, in Goshen

having first lived in Knaan

through Avram’s sons and Yosef the one

and led out again by Moshe


And that’s the story of Passover

when we were freed from our bonds

When G-d redeemed us and saved us

with ten plagues to our oppressors rained down


When he brought us to the mount

and to the wilderness of Zin

and gave the commandments of Torah

the Sukkot and the Mishkan


And that’s the backgrounds of the holidays

of Passover, Shavuot, Sukkot,

of simple days under desert stars

happy in Simchat Torah


And back again

to the Holy Land

promised to us

and delivered by hand


Through Inquest, Expulsion,

and auto-da-fe,

through Kristallnacht, Holocaust,

forests and Babi Yar


In Zion, and Jaffa, Carmel and Ashdod,

Judea, Samaria and Jerusalem

In Ashkelon, Aza, and Yericho

in Hevron, and Shiloh, in the fields of Machpelah


By Isaac, by Jacob,

and all of his breed

and Rachel and Leah

and Ruth and David


Because where I come from

is where I have been

and by all of  G-d’s miracles,

Here I Am


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Tu B’Shvat 2019


Tu B’Shvat 2019 (Randyjw; January 22, 2019)






Happy Tu B’Shvat!






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HyperCacher 2015: In Memoriam

HyperCacher 2015: In Memoriam (Randyjw; January 10, 2019)



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Ofir Ben Shitrit


Ofir Ben Shitrit (Randyjw; December 28, 2018)


Introducing Ofir Ben Shitrit to you (music performed and sung by female Jewish Orthodox person):





Eli, Eli:





Ofir Ben Shitrit – Im Ninalu:











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What Is “Intersectionality” And What Are Its Effects?


What Is “Intersectionality” And What Are Its Effects? (Randyjw; December 28, 2018)


It’s not all that you think it is…


Read this excellent article here, from a differing perspective than you might hear on-campus, or in mainstream media:



Levin, Kenneth. “The Other Intersectionality: Victims of Islamism”;; December 28, 2018:



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DOJ Funds Anti-Semite?


DOJ Funds Anti-Semite? (Randyjw; December 28, 2018):


Drain this swamp…


Rosenberg, David. “Why is the US government paying Louis Farrakhan to spread hate?”.; December 28, 2018:



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Some Background On The “Russian” Thing


Some Background On The “Russian” Thing (Randyjw; December 20, 2018):


Here’s a link to Daniel Greenfield’s article with some background information on the “Russian” thing:


Greenfield, Daniel. “What Russian Trolls Were Really Doing”.; December 20, 2018:



Additional Reading (December 28, 2018):



Greenfield, Daniel. “Hillary’s Russia Doomsday Scenario”.; December 27, 2018:



Randyjw. “My Three Cents’ Worth”; newsnotes1.wordpresss,com; February 22, 2018:



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On: Palestinianism


On: Palestinianism (Randyjw; December 19, 2018):


Today’s interesting article by Judith Bergman in the Jewish Press showcases Arab historians and others on the true development of the “Palestinians”:


Bergman, Judith. “Arab Historian Admits there is No Palestinian People”.; December 19, 2018:


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Response On Gaza


Response On Gaza (Randyjw; December 18, 2018)


Here’s an article in HonestReporting which reprints a letter from Rabbi Schwartzman with questions one should ask about the situation going on in Gaza:


Plosker, Simon. “Watchdog of the Week: Questions for the Reporter on a Gazan Father”.; December 17, 2018:



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Rona Ramon z”l


Rona Ramon z”l, aged 54, wife of Israeli astronaut, Ilan Ramon, passed away Monday from cancer. For further background, please see the story, here:


United With Israel Staff. “Israel Mourns Death of Roma Ramon, Widow of Late Israeli Astronaut for NASA”.; December 18, 2018:



In recent news, an Israeli NGO, SPACEIL, will shortly launch, via Elon Musk’s SPACEX company, a spacecraft destined for the moon. Read more, here:



See video, here:




Here is a biography on Ilan Ramon from Wikipedia, accessed December 18, 2018:



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A Clarion Film

  • Contains graphic and violent scenes. 18+.

A Clarion Film (Randyjw; December 13, 2018)


One of Clarion Project’s important films, Save Our Children From Extremism, features children participating in weaponry and army-style tactics to engage in future Jihad.


Watch here:



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Sunny Songs To Remove The Chill

Sunny Songs To Remove The Chill (Randyjw; December 12, 2018):


59th Street Bridge Song (Feelin’ Groovy) – Simon and Garfunkel:



Black & White – Three Dog Night:



Here Comes The Sun – George Harrison (The Beatles):



Aquarius / Let The Sun Shine – The Fifth Dimension:



Joy To The World – Three Dog Night:



Seasons In The Sun – Terry Jacks:



Sunshine On My Shoulders – John Denver:




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MEMRI Translation Censored; But Not Anti-Semitic Sources Where It Originated

MEMRI Translation Censored; But Not Anti-Semitic Sources Where It Originated (Randyjw; December 12, 2018):


The Middle East Media Research Institute (MEMRI) provides a valuable service in translating media sources from original languages, such as Urdu, Farsi, Arabic, Turkish and others, as well as occasionally adding commentary based on historical perspective.


MEMRI maintains a YouTube video channel with its efforts, in addition to having been the recipient of the late Senator Tom Lantos’ archival materials on anti-Semitism and Holocaust Denial.


Recently, YouTube censored MEMRI’s posted video of a Jordanian columnist claiming that the Holocaust was the greatest lie in modern history perpetrated by “Jewish-Zionist myths”, and that “the Zionists have managed to gain media hegemony in Europe”, etc. The broadcast originally appeared on Lebanese television. However, it wasn’t the Holocaust denier spreading falsities about the Jewish people which irked YouTube to flag a video under its Community Guidelines for Hate Speech; it was the translation by MEMRI of the source broadcast which then caused YouTube to limit the distribution of its knowledge , flagging the video and disabling most of its features, so that the world would not know about the disgusting things said on Arabic television about the Jewish people.


Okay, social justice criers. Where are you now?


See MEMRI’s visual documentation, here:



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Irish Senate BDS’s Israel


Irish Senate BDS’s Israel (Randyjw; December 6, 2018)


According to World Israel News, the Irish Senate passed the Control of Economic Activities (Occupied Territories) Bill 2018, which discriminates against Israel by making it a crime in Ireland to import or sell any items made in Judea, Samaria, the Golan, and East Jerusalem. A lower parliament vote will expectedly follow before the President can sign it into law.


I’ve added the country of Ireland to my own list of Israel Boycotters. Whether or not this bill actually passes now is irrelevant. For a country which has experienced so much of its own religious wars and was practically the teaching role-model to Palestinians for their bombing terror tactics, they have a heck of a lot of gall to single out Jews in Israel to boycott their economy. And as it goes, what goes around, comes around.


Never mind that I’ve never found a four-leaf clover, nor seen a leprechaun, for that matter…



Wolkin, Joseph. “Irish Senate passes bill banning Israeli products”.; December 6, 2018:


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Chanukah 2018

Chanukah 2018 (Randyjw; December 2, 2018)


Happy Chanukah!!!

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Koshnb (Randyjw; December 1, 2018)


Why the Jews have been so successful in business, as a whole, has often been due to discrimination. We make our own business, for those who would exclude us from theirs.


The newest to debut is a Kosher guest-stay rental listing, in response to the Airbnb discrimination against Jews listing in the areas of Judea and Samaria in Israel.



via Zev Stub,; as posted to United with; “Jewish Hosts and Travellers Worldwide Now Have an ‘Airbnb’ of Their Own!’. November 30, 2018:



Update (April 10, 2019):


Sued by Shurat HaDin on behalf of twelve Jewish families with Airbnb listings, Airbnb will not delist the properties and will plough any proceeds from Judea/Samaria into the support of humanitarian organizations.


Sales, Ben. “Airbnb will cancel its ban on West Bank settlement listings”.; April 8, 2019:



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Itzhak Perlman Concert For Pittsburgh 11 To Air December 11, 2018 On PBS

A concert featuring Itzhak Perlman and the Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra played in commemoration to the victims of the Pittsburgh Synagogue massacre, which took place one month ago, will be aired nationally on PBS on December 11, 2018 at 8:00 p.m.


For a preview excerpt of the video, see


Ghermezian, Shiryn. “Violinist Itzhak Perlman Performs at Pittsburgh Concert Marking One-Month Anniversary of Synagogue Shooting”.; November 29, 2018:



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Re-Posted and Outdated Article

This is an outdated post. All information is from 2016 and is not valid at present. I am re-posting this to try to stop Russian-writing spammers from attacking this post.


Originally Published August 5, 2016


I recall when I first saw a performance of Cirque du Soleil. It was on television, and it was the show named Dralion, which featured Chinese acrobats in amazing pyramids, and performers costumed as dancing, serpentine dragons. It was the most exotic engagement of the visual and auditory senses I’d ever encountered, leaving an impression that, to this day, loses none of its wonder and fascination at its sheer artistry and ability to compel a sense of awe.


The first live “Cirque” show I saw was ‘O’, an onstage aquatic show at the Bellagio Hotel in Las Vegas. It was an incredible performance of diving, dance and danger, as the performers sailed through the air from nosebleed heights to plop into the giant tank constructed as part of the stage. It was unfortunate that I only got to see a small portion of the show, as I’d become sick during its beginning opener and didn’t return until it was practically ended.


I have the Michael Jackson shirt from the ONE show. It’s black and purple, for purple is the color of royalty, and Michael was certainly the King of Pop. This shirt never ceases to earn at least several compliments when I wear it.


I’ve also been fortunate to see ‘The Beatles LOVE’ show. It was a pyschedelic trip back in time with multiple image projections, which were really a treat, groovy music, and a good vibe, all-around.


Cirque du Soleil has had a long-engaging place in performing arts history, beginning in Quebec as a regional street troupe in 1984, known as Le Grande Tour du Cirque du Soleil. Expanding through Canada, and then to the United States, by 1987 its ‘We Reinvent the Circus’ show had become very popularly well-received.


It has since grown to substantial proportions, requiring its own practice facilities, set design, textile, shoe-making, costume design and production, housing, and food preparation (they grow herbs and vegetables and their building collects rainwater) at their Canadian headquarters. (1)


I found this great deal for Cirque du Soleil tickets. (Still not a paid spokesperson — though I should be!) is offering presale tickets to Cirque du Soleil shows ONE WEEK IN ADVANCE before sales open to the general public (Miami location; other locations vary). Shows or pricing may vary for different locations and special rules may apply. Pricing is for adult admission; pricing is different for children ages 2-12. Pricing will vary between the range as more tickets are sold. Taxes and Fees may apply. Based on availability (some shows are selling out really fast). Check originating sites for updated information and offer availability. Restrictions may apply.


To sign up, create a free account at the website (must be of appropriate age to purchase online or to create some accounts). Some venues require calling the Box Office to book, with a required promo code. Choose the appropriate category (“Entertainment”, in this sample). Choose which city where you will be purchasing tickets and for show/venue offerings. Click the blue link where the booking section is located to see the show dates, location, and times. Choose your date/time. Choose your quantity and price range; then select your seats. Fill out the form. The steps are guided; follow the prompts. And enjoy a really great Cirque show.



2016 – 2017

Show:       City:         Dates:       Book By:    $$$:

Kurios    Miami    12/10-01/08   08/11   $39 – $245

Tickets at this location go on sale to the public on August 12, 2016.

Toruk  Chicago Thru 08/07 pre-Expiry $42-$140

I would LOVE to see this show; the photos look superb!

(Update: Aug 1, 12:00 pm ET) $42 tickets only available for 08/05/16 show at 3:30. Premium pricing $97.50-$140 only other available pricing for all other dates and times.

OVO St. Louis Thru 08/07 pre-Expiry $31.50-$95

Toruk Indianapolis 08/10-08/14  ASAP  $47-$109

Toruk Evansville 09/01-09/04 pre-Exp. $49-$105

Italia  Salisbury  08/25-08/28  pre-Exp.   $20, $31

Italia Delaware City 08/18-08/22 ASAP   $20, $31

Italia    Dover   08/12-08/14  pre-Expiry  $20, $31

Toruk  Birmingham 08/19-08/21 ASAP $53-$105

Extreme Myrtle Beach thru 10/01 asap $Varied

Orchestra Rows J-V: $22: W-10:30am, Th-2pm; $35: Tue-Sat, 7:30pm. $10: Children 12 and under. Two free children’s tickets (restrictions may apply) with each paid adult admission; must call Box Office and use Travelzoo promo code.


Some Historical Perspective: (1)

1992 – 2012: Saltimbanco – circus acts and acrobats.

1994 – 2013: Allegría – Baroque ode, for young (and old).

1998: “O” – From dizzying heights, to down below; Swimmers delight in the aquatic show.

2003: Zumanity – adult-themed display of our crazy humanity; All set the scene in this show called ‘Zumanity’.

2011: Iris – Specifically set to the celluloid film; Drama and dance take their place at its helm.


More: (2)

Amaluna – Peacock blues and teal greens with gold; a story of love, dramatic and bold.

CRISS ANGEL Believe – Magic and mystery, illusion or reality?

Corteo – Fuschias and tans, angels and clowns; Silk-brushed spans, and flight upside-down.

KÀ – Spearmen and archers — It looks like the Nile; sea creatures, forests, will sure make you smile!

KOOZA – Jesters and colors, we see the Big Top; Gestures and jugglers of gymnasts non-stop!

JOYÀ – Of Mayan meals with three-courses to eat, this dinner and show make the jungle complete!

KURIOS – Cabinet of Curiosities – Trinkets and tchatchkes, and gears and gadgets; What can be found in the curio cabinets?

La Nouba – Daydreams and circus and colorful cheer; Nightmares and cities? Away goes that fear!

Luzia – Mexico’s animals south of the border, Combine with the artistry made to order!

Michael Jackson THE IMMORTAL World Tour – A tribute to honor the late King of Pop, this show will sure ‘Thriller’, ‘cuz it’s at the top!

Mystère – This classic cirque with Taiko and drums; the balancing brothers sure make it all fun!

OVO – The life of bugs is one to show; beneath the plants all in a row!

PARAMOUR – Set in the place of the very locale; the story of Broadway is acted so well!

Quidam – The focus of this one is muted by choice; Encouraging people to bring out their voice!

TORUK – The First Flight – The tale of the creature that rules in the sky; the Na’vi must tame him and then they will fly!

TOTEM – The story of man and its various kind; Evolve from amoebas, then leave them behind!

Varekai – A journey begins… Is he lost? Is he found? The creatures without… Are they creatures within?

Viva Elvis – Rocking the house to the music of the King; Elvis Presley makes everyone sing!

Zarkana – Hail, everybody! The circus is in town! See high-wire trapeze artists, jugglers, and clowns!

* Some shows not listed




(1) Staff: The Canadian Press. ” Timeline: The History of the Cirque du Soleil”; Global News; April 20, 2015: (; accessed August 5, 2016.

(2) Cirque du Soleil © 2016. Website (assorted pages): (; accessed August 5, 2016.

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Air Bye-Bye

Air Bye-Bye (Randyjw; November 27, 2018)


AIRBNB has removed Jewish rental listings that had been posted listing areas of Judea and Samaria, discriminating against Jewish people in Israel.


In response, some men posted a song video about the discrimination, which was also discriminated against on Facebook by the Company’s actions in removing it. So, they wrote another version of it, and posted again.


Here it is:




Update (April 10, 2019):


Sued by Shurat HaDin on behalf of twelve Jewish families with Airbnb listings, Airbnb will not delist the properties and will plough any proceeds from Judea/Samaria into the support of humanitarian organizations.


Sales, Ben. “Airbnb will cancel its ban on West Bank settlement listings”.; April 8, 2019:



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Eleven (Randyjw; November 2, 2018)



Munich Massacre –                                                    Pittsburgh Massacre –

1972 Summer Olympics                                            2018 Shabbat / Bris Ceremony

11 Jews Murdered:                                                      11 Jews Murdered:


David Berger                                                                Joyce Fienberg

Ze’ev Friedman                                                            Richard Gottfried

Yossef Gutfreund                                                         Rose Mallinger

Eliezer Halfin                                                               Jerry Rabinowitz

Yossef Romano                                                             Cecil Rosenthal

Amitzur Shapira                                                            David Rosenthal

Kehat Shorr                                                                    Bernice Simon

Mark Slavin                                                                    Sylvan Simon

Andre Spitzer                                                                  Daniel Stein

Yacov Springer                                                               Melvin Wax

Moshe Weinberg                                                             Irving Younger



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Brought To You By: Florida Imams

Brought To You By: Florida Imams (Randyjw; November 2, 2018)


In the wake of the Pittsburgh Synagogue massacre of 11 elderly Jews engaged in worship, we have further pause to consider the vile intent of others in our neighorhoods, with these words by the religious leaders of another faith: Special Dispatch Number 7744. “Pompano Beach, Florida Friday Sermon By Imam Hasan Sabri: Palestine Must Be Liberated ‘Even If This Leads To The Martyrdom Of Tens Of Millions Of Muslims'”;; November 2, 2018:


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On: Illegal Votes In The U.S.

On: Illegal Votes In The U.S. (Randyjw; November 2, 2018):


Something of interest to read, prior to the November 6th election:


Billingsley, Lloyd. “San Francisco Treats Illegals, Tricks Citizens: California’s “motor voter” scheme may be sending one million illegals to the polls”.; November 2, 2018:



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Ruth Matar z”l


Ruth Matar z”l (Randyjw; November 1, 2018)


Ruth Matar z”l

Women In Green


Update: I should delete this post. I’m sorry, and made a mistake. It is Nadia’s mother, Ruth, one of the founders of Women in Green, who passed away.


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The World Is Doomed Now


The World Is Doomed Now (Randyjw; October 18, 2018)



AP/World Israel News Staff. “UN shifts power to ‘State of Palestine,’ enabling it to head biggest bloc”.; October 17, 2018:




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US Universal Medicare?


US Universal Medicare? (Randyjw; October 18, 2018)


From 1600daily, comes something interesting to read about the Democratic proposal to socialize medicine within the U.S.


And we thought the Democrats were truly outraged when they accused Russia of colluding in U.S. elections? Really?


1600daily. “FACT SHEET: Congressional Democrats Want to Take Away Your Doctor, Outlaw Your Private Insurance, and Put Bureaucrats In Charge of Your Healthcare”;; October 16, 2018:



Updated (October 24, 2018):


Read more, here:

Investor’s Business Daily/Editorial. “Dems Won’t Tell Voters How Radical ‘Medicare For All’ Is”.; October 22, 2018:


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Auction of Monroe’s Siddur/Jewish Prayerbook

Auction of Monroe’s Siddur/Jewish Prayerbook (Randyjw; October 18, 2018)


Marilyn Monroe’s Jewish prayer book will be auctioned on November 12, 2018.


Monroe converted to Judaism in 1956.


Gold, Jack. “Marilyn Monroe’s Jewish prayer book up for auction”;; October 16, 2018:



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Bolton: “Palestine is a ‘So-Called’ State”

Source: Bolton: “Palestine is a ‘So-Called’ State”

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Simchat Torah

Simchat Torah (Randyjw; September 29, 2018)


Happy Simchat Torah!

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Happy Sukkot

Happy Sukkot (Randyjw; September 10, 2018)



S U K K O!!!



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Yom Kippur (Randyjw; September 10, 2018)






Yom Kippur



Kol Nidre:



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USA Strong

USA Strong (Randyjw; September 9, 2018)








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May The Source Be With You

May The Source Be With You (Randyjw; September 7, 2018)


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Anti-Semitic Posters Placed At London Bus Stops


Anti-Semitic Posters Placed At London Bus Stops (Randyjw; September 6, 2018)


World Israel News reports today that four posters with the anti-Semitic slur, “Israel is a racist endeavour,” written upon them were placed in at least four locations at bus stop terminals around London, with one even being posted across from Parliament. Transport for London (TfL) has responded that these were not authorized by the transit authority and they have instructed their contractors to remove them.


This is not the first of these incidents: I believe, some time ago, I saw the same poster, with the black and the red, on the side of a bus in one of the cities, which I frequent. I don’t recall whether the wording was spelled for an American audience, however, in the matter of “endeavor,” versus “endeavor”.


The United Kingdom has been having a particularly difficult time distancing itself from anti-Semitic expressions, as of late. Jeremy Corbyn, the head of the Labour Party, has been extremely active in his support for Palestinian aspirations, whether they seem to involve laying a wreath in honor of the terrorists who died after committing the Munich Massacre of the 11 Israeli members of the Olympic team, or other such sympathetic gestures and vocalizations.


The refractive glare of the surface next to the text in the poster seems to reflect the buildings in the near vicinity of the environment. This glare seems to come from what appears to be a transparent surface covering over the poster, such as glass, or, perhaps, something similar. The visual seems to me to represent glass.


I wondered how these posters, then, could get beneath this covering, if they were “not authorized” by the transit authority.


The structural frame for the “advertisement” indicates the company name of the outdoor advertising agency, JCDecaux. I did an internet search on Google, and found their websites and other outside information. Their website indicates that 55% of their staff is involved in the upkeep of the ad sites, including the repair and maintenance of such, and showcases a photograph of a person drawing a small squeegee across an apparently empty advertisement frame, to give an indication of the type of service one could expect as an advertiser with the Company. The Company website also indicates that they maintain subsidiaries in many of the markets.


What I wonder is, How easily accessible are these advertisement frames to vandalism? The vandal, if there was one, did such a neat job of cleaning the “glass”. It’s centered, and just the right size to fit within the parameters of the framing structure. Were they possibly placed there by a contractor? Are there no security features to prevent such vandalism? Are they so easily attacked?


I just wrote an email to JCDecaux (United Kingdom) to inquire as to how this could have occurred, but the matter is apparently under investigation by the police, and so I will probably receive either a form letter indicating that they cannot comment on an ongoing investigation, or I may receive no response at all. Here is what I wrote to them, although I corrected myself in this post in identifying the Company versus the transit authority. See the photograph at World Israel News:


World Israel News Staff. “London bus stops defaced with ‘Israel is a racist endeavour’ posters”; September 6, 2018):



Read the email to JCDecaux:


I read an article today on World Israel News which reported that several incidents of posters with the words, ‘Israel is a racist endeavor (‘endeavour’ -ed.)’, appeared in your bus stop advertising holders. While the article reported that the reply was that these were not authorized  by the Company (fixed in post to read: Transport for London (TfL) – ed.), it appears from the glare in the photograph that the poster(s) were placed beneath the glass. While I understand that there are multiple subsidiary entities beneath the main Company, I still have several questions: Your website states that 55% of your staff are dedicated to repairing, maintenance, and upkeep of the sites. How did the posters get beneath the glass? Didn’t any employees notice this? I also believe I have seen the same poster on buses in the city where I’ve resided, some time ago (undisclosed, as I do not wish to reveal, as is my prerogative). Are your structures so easily attacked? Are there no security features to prevent “unauthorized” access?


Update (September 18, 2018):


I apologize for the delay in not earlier updating this post. On September 7, 2018, I received two email replies with regard to the Company, sent within less than thirty minutes apart, referencing the above-listed. Both responses were essentially the same, with some basic, inconsequential differences in word choice. Both emails indicated that these acts were (regarded as) vandalism, and were not (considered) advertising. One thanked me for getting in touch. Neither offered apology, nor explanation as to how this “vandalism” could have occurred. Will the investigation locate a perpetrator? This remains to be seen/reported.


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L’Shanah Tovah


L’Shanah Tovah (Randyjw; September 5, 2018)



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Angel Visit


Angel Visit (Randyjw; August 31, 2018)


It’s been awhile since I’ve seen my human angel, who’s been taking it upon herself to help try to feed me. I was kindof glad not to see her, ‘cuz I don’t want her spending her savings trying to save me, when she could be saving more for herself and her boyfriend, whom I learned of this evening. I hope she doesn’t continue, because I’m going to feel like I’m going to have to move, so she can’t find me, but I really don’t have any more spots I know of to move to. I’m in my thirteenth spot, if I’m counting correctly, and I can’t really go back to any of them. Other people tell me I should not be like that, and let people help if they want, as I’m otherwise taking away their blessing (their “mitzvah,” we’d say in Hebrew, about this concept).


Well, somehow I think the universe is mocking me, as of late. At times, and even, sometimes, often — or, perhaps, mostly — I’m a jerk. Hahaha. No, but really. Like, lately, I’m just tired of giving away resources I need to other people who want them, too. I had actually made a concerted effort to try to be more selfish after my first marriage had ended, and I was still “giving” for years and years, after-the-fact.


So, I jettisoned the normally generous person I had been for most of my nice life, and became, sortof, Mrs. Scrooge. Not really, but I tried to stick to the plan. I never quite made it away from the generic “save the world” facets towards my efforts, but, on an individual level, I somewhat succeeded.


Or, failed. I mean, really. Who needs to become self-centered!? Well, there’s got to be balance. If you’re agreeable to everybody and generous to a fault, then there will be people who will take advantage of that, in the worst way. I know, as I’ve experienced it many times. Your energy and resources will be drained, and you will find nobody by your side when you have nothing left to give.


But, don’t be discouraged, and don’t be disheartened. Just try to pick yourself up, and realize that human nature contains the good, along with the bad. We’re not all good, and we’re not all bad. It’s alright to learn to say “no” and to not be a people-pleaser, as well as a doormat. It’s okay to expend energy on yourself to attain the goals you’d like to reach. Most people do, anyways; they just make it look like they’re not.


If you prefer alot of solitude — enjoy it. Life isn’t a popularity contest. Set your boundaries and let people know what they are. My problem in socializing is that I tend to overdo it by taking on too much, or too many people, at once. I’d be really gregarious and end up overextended, so that I’d wind up unable to sustain any of it, in the long-run.


If I look at it frankly, I don’t find much time in the day which would even allow for trying to get together with anyone. Between a work schedule, and the time you need to maintain your life, such as cooking, shopping, cleaning, maintenance of self and abode, and everything else, there really isn’t time left in the day to do so. I’d even turned down occasional offers of new friendship, for this very reason, so as not to hurt the feelings of people when they’d find themselves later disappointed at my pulling back from engagement, because it’s just too much for me, and I’d get tuckered out, and wind up irritable and sometimes snappy, when I got like this.


Well, there it is, in a nutshell. One of the reasons I am like I am. There are others, but those are for another time. Or, not at all. Not everything’s meant to be said.


But, to those of you, and maybe that’s most, to whom I’ve offended, I am sorry and I apologize. I’m not good with this, and I do have my issues. I think it’s part of who I am. I’m not sure I can change that, but at least I can explain it. I try to limit it by limiting my friendships, and acting in a more generic fashion. I think I’m not alone in this, especially in the social atmosphere. I hope by explaining it, you can understand. And by understanding, maybe you can forgive.


So, I’ve been especially crabby lately. My lack of sleep, because of my situation and the lack of courtesy to someone in my shoes, tends to bring out my irritability. So, I don’t feel like I deserve to be rewarded for this bad behavior.


But, I find myself suddenly receiving silly wishes granted. This is where I feel like I’m totally being mocked. It’s ridiculous! Like, suddenly, scrambled eggs showed up one day at the soup kitchen, just after I’d mentioned at the table that scrambled eggs with cheese was something I hadn’t had in a long time and missed. Then, like a jerk, I had the audacity not to even eat them when they showed up, because I was nauseated by the odor they were giving off, en masse.


I also wished for a bagel from one of those yummy bakeries; I missed those, too. Well, guess what? My visiting angel came by tonight and brought me three (!), along with a small orange, and some sweet and delicious blueberries! Yum! The bagel was delicious, and I’m thinking about eating another one, shortly.


But, what’s with this? I’m being guilted with the universe’s kindness. Ugh! I can’t take it! Now I see what they mean when they say “No good deed goes unpunished,” “The evil prosper,” and other kind of like sayings. I’m in a dilemma.


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Sharing The Fruit by Rabbi Simcha L. Weinberg


Sharing The Fruit, by Rabbi Simcha L. Weinberg (Randyjw; August 31, 2018):


As we lead up to Rosh HaShanah, a message previously written by Rabbi Weinberg shares an essential re-airing:


Weinberg, Rabbi Simcha L. “Sharing The Fruit”;; September 6, 2012:



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A Sense of History by Rabbi Lord Jonathan Sacks


A Sense of History, by Rabbi Lord Jonathan Sacks (Randyjw; August 31, 2018):


As we look forward to the Jewish New Year, we reflect on the past as it relates to the future:


Sacks, Rabbi Lord Jonathan. “A Sense of History”;; August 30, 2018:


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The Pictures And The Story


The Pictures And The Story (Randyjw. August 29, 2018)


View pictures of the reality of most of Arab life in the Judea/Samaria, a.k.a. “The West Bank”:



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Go, Joe!!!


Go, Joe!!! (Randyjw; August 29, 2018):


Check out my 2012 Presidential Dream Cabinet, and see if I’m a pretty good political-winner-picker! The final election for Florida will come on November 6, 2018. Good luck in the state of Florida, Joe! See you in Congress!



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A Seminal Piece on Jewish Sovereignty In Israel


A Seminal Piece on Jewish Sovereignty In Israel (Randyjw; August 28, 2018)


Please read this important piece on Jewish sovereignty in Israel for the full, incontestable facts over Israel:


Mehlman, William. “A Landmark Work”; Reprinted at; September-October 2009 Featured Stories. Review of Howard Grief’s book, The Legal Foundation and Borders of Israel under International Law; Mazo Publishers, October 2008. Review appeared in the October 2009 issue of Mideast Outpost (



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Counterterrorism Expert Removed Under Statedly False Pretenses From GoFundMe Site


Counterterrorism Expert Removed Under Statedly False Pretenses From GoFundMe Site (Randyjw; August 23, 2018)


Counterterrorism expert and author, Robert Spencer, reports yesterday that his GoFundMe account has been cancelled, in essence, due to reasons for which the GoFundMe site has stated: that (WePay) is “unable to process payments related to Hate, violence, racial intolerance, terrorism, the financial exploitation of a crime, or items or activities that encourage, promote, facilitate, or instruct others regarding the same.”


There is certainly a difference between those who advocate hate and commit terrorism, versus those who seek to explain it. His scholarly pursuit into Islamic theology, law, and history since 1980 and his Masters degree in Religious Studies from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, support his serious endeavor to teach about these subjects with more than a modicum of knowledge surrounding the issues. He is the author of eighteen books, among them New York Times bestsellers, and has presented informational lectures to multiple branches of the United States government, including to the FBI and to the intelligence community, to the Justice and State Departments, to various army commands, and to the German Foreign Ministry. His expertise has been sought on countless media programs, including through cable, radio, television and internet venues. He provides consultation to the Center for Security Policy.


I’m noticing that perhaps a problem exists in the reading comprehension levels of those customer support-type of people who are tasked with the “censoring” of the internet: perhaps they are confusing the legal terms of their companies’ policies. They see the terms “related to Hate,” as in the above, and believe that it means to encompass any speech referring to hateful acts, of which Jihadist beheadings referenced, perhaps, by Spencer, might be considered one of the criteria. Yes, Jihadist beheadings are certainly hateful. They also see the phrase, “terrorism… or instruct others regarding the same,” and believe that the act of teaching about Jihadist beheadings, and other principles, conflates equally to the act of the actual commitment of Jihadist beheadings (for example).


Here is a news bulletin for you: There is no equivalency! Teaching about the hateful acts of another is not necessarily equivalent to actually committing those same acts. I know that some people like to make a comparison of this free expression type of argument by comparing a Nazi reenactment scene, replete with swastikas and armbands, as being akin to free speech about Islam. It is, and it isn’t. I mean, they do still allow neo-Nazis to parade in Skokie, Illinois as their constitutional right to self-expression. Clearly, those who take part in such a demonstration are showing their feelings about Jews – – they hate them. Frankly, I’d be embarrassed if I were them, but they’re not exactly the brightest lights in the universe, now… are they?


But, we’ve already found that where logic and the Left goes, well… whoops – – there it goes.



See the bio of Robert Spencer offered through his website, here:



Read the article he writes, here:


Spencer, Robert. “GoFundMe falsely accuses Robert Spencer of violating Terms of Service, allows no appeal”;; August 22, 2018:



Update (September 12, 2018):

Robert Spencer contributes scholarly articles to the FrontPage Mag website, as does Jamie Glazov. Jamie Glazov was just placed on a 30-day ban for his posting of an article on September 10th, one day prior to the anniversary of 9-11, on counter-Jihad. Facebook banned him, on SEPTEMBER 11th, of all days, for the reason given that it didn’t meet their Community Standards. As is pointed out in the updating link, below, what is it Facebook can possibly object to about trying to counter Jihad? Glazov was also banned in May from Twitter for referencing quotes from the Sahih Bukhari texts and to Qur’anic Suras. Additionally, Facebook banned him in April for making a screenshot of a threat he had received on his Facebook page from a man that said he would “break his mouth” and then posting that, along with a post posing a question to Mark Zuckerberg asking if the posted threat was safe for the FB community? He received a seven-day ban and ban notice. In writing to Facebook to learn why he was banned for posting/reporting his receipt of a threat, he received a Facebook Blocks content message, without any further response. “Facebook Bans Frontpage Editor Jamie Glazov on 9/11 – For Posting on How to Prevent Another 9/11

It’s against Facebook’s “community standards” to try to stop Jihadist attacks on Americans.”;* (editor of is Jamie Glazov); September 12, 2018:



Update (September 20, 2018):

Still conflating the ideology of Jihad and the following-out of its tenets by the mujahedeen, versus others not engaged in Jihad and who speak out against the ideology as the same thing, Theresa May seems to have still lumped-in Robert Spencer with the former:


Spencer, Robert. “UK’s PM May Again Equates Robert Spencer with Jihad Terrorists: Opposing jihad terror and plotting jihad terror are the same thing, right?”;; September 20, 2018:



Update (October 1, 2018):


Certain types of speech are protected by our Constitution, and have received requisite backing in judicial rulings. While it would be discriminatory against classes of people we have considered protected, such as those of racial groups, ethnic heritage, religion and other sets, to use prejudicial speech and/or to have it result in unfair treatment to an individual(s), some other forms of speech are considered passable (maybe), if they are in parody/satire form. Have you ever noticed how certain exceptions to copyright notices state that small excerpts of copyrighted material may be used, for instance, if for critique, such as in a review, or if, perhaps, used in instructional study. This allows the instructor to showcase bodies of work which point out the particular examples they are purporting to teach. Teaching about serial killers does not make one a serial killer. Therfore, the same principles should apply to teaching about terrorism – – it just should depend upon the intended audience. If one were to teach about terrorism to responsible individuals, there would be no probable cause for concern about untoward influencing to ill effect. If, on the other hand, one is training future terrorists by teaching about terrorist methods, then that has quite different intent. The two, as noted above, are not at all the same. And now, Europe is levying potentially catastrophic fines (4%!) to compel internet companies to remove any potential “hate speech” and “fake news” content from their platforms. However, if they use illogical rationale by conflating the instruction of a reprehensible behavior with the committing of a reprehensible behavior, then they have no business ruling an entire continent, given that they cannot distinguish the clear demarcation between each.


Bergman, Judith. “EU: Politicizing the Internet”;; September 30, 2018:



Millière, Guy. “Is Criticizing Terrorism ‘Mental Illness?'”;; October 4, 2018:


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British Airways, Air France Cancelling Flights to Iran


British Airways, Air France Cancelling Flights to Iran (Randyjw; August 23, 2018)


Beginning in September, British Airways will be cancelling all air flights bound for Iran.


Following suit, Air France plans to cancel Iranian-bound flights on September 18th.



Lev, Tzvi. “British Airways, Air France scrap all Iran-bound flights: Airlines say direct flights to Iran ‘not commercially viable.'” Arutz Sheva /; August 23, 2018:

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New Article By Denis MacEoin


New Article By Denis MacEoin (Randyjw; August 23, 2018)


Read the rest of the article by author Denis MacEoin at the Gatestone Institute International Policy Council website, here:

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Freedom Center Under Attack


Freedom Center Under Attack (Randyjw; August 22, 2018)


David Horowitz, a formerly indoctrinated individual to the Socialist/Communist-leaning ideology, eventually made a complete “recovery” and turnaround, and has been busy since that time helping to expose others of the same left-leaning ilk and dangerous mentality in this country and around the world. The ideology, antithetical to the United States Constitution, calls for the top-down power of the political elite to rule over the governed people by fiat, envisioning a similar outcome for all. Autocratic tyranny has never seemed to work in other countries; it can hardly be expected to work in the United States. Yet, many people do not understand that equal outcomes for all might include consequences they never dreamed.


Cognizant of this fact, David Horowitz’s team has been busy trying to alert people to all that he’s discovered while being indoctrinated to viewpoints and becoming someone he had never really expected to be. Luckily, he caught himself and woke up to the reality of the insidiousness of his beliefs. He then decided to turn it around. Starting off with FrontPage Mag, a talented team of crack writers and investigators look into and expose the scandals that have had so much impact in American society. Because of the powerful truths that are revealed, their writers and agencies have been under attack continually from left-wing groups, such as the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC), who has placed them on a basic boycott/blackmail list, so that companies will try to prevent their business from operating.


Recently, as “reported” by David Horowitz in an email sent to subscribers, of which I am one, he has stated that the SPLC has been able to convince the companies of MasterCard and Visa to stop processing the donations that are made to the David Horowitz Freedom Center, an already operating and IRS-approved 501 (c) (3) charitable non-profit agency. This has taken away a significant means of the Center to receive contributions, as only paper-based fiduciary exchanges, such as a check, for example, can be received by the group. This seems like an awfully unfair restriction of commerce, considering that there is no evidence to indicate that their charitable status is in any way under jeopardy. This is also reminiscent, in my personal opinion, of the IRS scandal which was revealed in FrontPage Mag, in fact, when the agency was discovered to have been targeting Conservative and/or pro-Israel applicants for charitable status by letting their applications languish unprocessed, and which was later admitted had been an operating tactic to exert special scrutiny toward such applicants.


Is this prolonging this practice and scandal, yet again?


Here is the home page of the group, with their various subprojects (which can be clicked upon visiting the site):



Update (August 28, 2018):


David Horowitz reports that his services and donations will be restored: “David Horowitz Freedom Center Declares Victory Over Censorship Attempt:…And calls for a coalition across party and ideological lines to defend free speech.”; August 27, 2018:



Update (September 12, 2018):


David Horowitz, in an email report received from him dated September 11th, 2018, which I read today, reports now that their subgroup, Jihad Watch, written by Robert Spencer, is now under attack from Discover Card, stopping all donations from being processed to the site.



Update (September 14, 2018): “Facebook Lifts Frontpage Editor Jamie Glazov’s 9/11 Ban: Social media network apologizes, says it was a “mistake” — but the battle against leftist fascism ensues””; September 14, 2018: reports Facebook was going to lift its block due to the mistake it had made against Jamie Glazov.



Update (October 5, 2018):


Project Veritas has posted this video on YouTube:




Update (October 18, 2018):


Feoktistov, Ilya. “Visa, MasterCard and the War on The Freedom Center: Financial giants terrorize conservatives while laundering money for terrorists”.; October 16, 2018:



Update (December 1, 2018):


Robert Spencer of Jihad Watch, an oft-contributing writer to Frontpage Mag, was also placed under the MasterCard and Discover Card account freeze. While donations to the David Horowitz Freedom Center have now been able to be processed, meaning that the “ban” had been lifted, Robert Spencer’s account still remains under a freeze, as per his December 1, 2018 email blast, which I received.



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Nazi SS Guard Deported From U.S. Soil Today


Nazi SS Guard Deported From U.S. Soil Today (Randyjw; August 21, 2018)


A long overdue goodbye and good riddance goes out to Jakiw Palij, whose 2004 deportation order was carried out today, August 21, 2018.


According to today’s White House Press Release, carried on the 1600 Daily, Palij immigrated from Trawniki, Poland (now in Ukraine) in 1949 to the U.S., and became a naturalized citizen in 1957, residing in Queens, New York. It was later discovered that Palij had been an armed guard of the Nazi SS serving at the Trawniki Labor Camp, where about 6,000 Jewish women, men, and children were shot to death as part of “Operation Reinhard,” one of many similar actions to exterminate the Jews from Poland under the main aegis of Adolf Hitler’s all-encompassing “Final Solution.”


Palij is being deported to the Federal Republic of Germany.


Thank you to United States Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) under the Administration of Donald J. Trump, President of the United States.


Read the press release, here: / Statements & Releases / Statement from the Press Secretary / Immigration /


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Paying Respect

Paying Respect (Randyjw; August 18, 2018)

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Beautiful Bridges Slides


Beautiful Bridges Slides (Randyjw; August 14, 2018)


Have you seen these beautiful bridges yet?



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The Chicken Came First

The Chicken Came First (Randyjw; August 12, 2018)


The Bible tells us that G-d made the fowl of the air. The Creation account of Genesis relates in the First Chapter, verse 20 that G-d spoke of the creation of the moving creatures of the water and the fowl that may fly above the earth in the open firmament of Heaven. Genesis is an account which is particularly detailed and never mentions that the fowl had to first be hatched from eggs. Therefore, perhaps the ancient conundrum of wondering whether the chicken or the egg came first can now be answered with certitude that it was the chicken that, indeed, came first.


Genesis 1:20  – –

And God said, Let the waters bring forth abundantly the moving creature that hath life, and fowl that may fly above the earth in the open firmament of heaven.

(King James Version)




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Fly Free, Little Birdie

Fly Free, Little Birdie (Randyjw; August 5, 2018)


It was a video, but I lost it…



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Happy Birthday, Dolly!

Happy Birthday, Dolly! (Randyjw; August 4, 2018)


A day late, and many dollars short!


Chai, Chai, Chai, Chai … and many more!!!


And, here’s the making of Dolly’s Chocolate Cake (and b-day matanot):






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How The US Sanctions Theft Of Jewish Cultural Heritage


How The US Sanctions Theft Of Jewish Cultural Heritage (Randyjw; August 1, 2018)


The United States State Department, through Memorandum(s) of Understanding with various foreign nations, is actively sanctioning the theft of cultural property belonging to the Jewish communities in various countries, especially of ancient communities dating back thousands of years living in what are now deemed Arab “countries”.


Please read this important press release from (Jews Indigenous to the Middle East and North Africa) about this destructive and tragic phenomenon, here:



“Pattern of Abuse: Iraqi Jewish Archive & MOUs”; (Press Release); June 25, 2018:



Update (October 3, 2018):


Video Manager. “Fight Over Iraqi Jewish Archive”;; October 2, 2018:



Update (November 26, 2019):


Julius, Lyn. “Arab states are claiming the heritage of their expelled Jews”. (Opinion); November 26, 2019:





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Facebook Not Safe For Protection Of Jewish People, Per Se


Facebook Not Safe For Protection Of Jewish People, Per Se (Randyjw; August 1, 2018)


It must be hard to be Mark Zuckerberg — or, even Facebook, for that matter.


On the one hand, you have a mega-giant company providing a platform for people the world over to publish their various viewpoints on their opinions regarding the rest of humanity, beyond themselves. Obviously, due to human biases, there is going to be posted many differing views, which may even be considered prejudicial against other people. Therefore, how does one oversee this herculean task to police the hate speech out of existence, while balancing the concepts to allow freedom of speech and expression to flourish (a democratic concept we take mostly for granted, almost even as an entitlement, in the United States, but one for which many people have never known in countries that are not free)?


Apparently, one has to plead the role of “platform” over “provider;” for, if one were to be considered the “publisher” of all this, then one would be responsible for all these hateful viewpoints being published, and could be held liable for all the ensuing damages that could occur, under this rubric. Yet, if one were solely just a “provider” of a means of communication through which others are enabled to promote their own viewpoints, then one could not necessarily blame the hardware for being the carrier of what type of content is placed onto it by the millions of individual minds revealing themselves through this manner online.


That is not to say that there should be no responsibility upon the provider of said platform regarding the content which is then placed upon it by the general masses, of which there is no contractual agreement to such as those for their “services,” as this is a voluntary recreational space and not a working area with mutual partnership criteria extending to the unknown individuals using the cyberspace provided by Facebook (or Twitter or Instagram, etc.). Protection of speech and source identities has been an underdog issue championed by the media and journalists who make up its trade. They have been the watchdogs who have fought for the American people and have upheld the protection guaranteed to Americans through its Constitution not to be persecuted in the rights to be free from persecution in our individual liberties with regard to the overreach by government into unwarranted and overwrought search and seizure capacities.


We have recently been made aware of the extent to which the government has been attempting to research the records of individual Americans through their telephone and email exchanges, while the telephone and internet companies have been steadfastly reluctant (mostly) to provide this information to them, leading to procedures which allow for a petitioning, based on reasonable, probable cause, that such actions are necessary and so would secure a pre-warrantable action allowed for them to do so.


The attacks of September 11, 2001 ushered in the Patriot Act, which degraded these formerly ironclad sensibilities against internal domestic spying on America’s citizens, although much really hasn’t changed but the agency hierarchies and oversight, as well as an easier capacity for knowledge-based sharing between the various organizations which exist for these purposes. Loopholes still exist in being able to take advantage of any of these situations, both in the past, and, still, in the present; yet, still will result in some type of eventual public outcry and resolve by government to help try to make themselves more accountable to the citizens in an all-around cosmetic effort at mollification and anaesthetization of the believing masses. The media, meanwhile, also hold much of the blame for having so openly felt themselves privileged to release America’s deepest, darkest secrets — and not always to their safe and secure advantage.


Angel or devil? An amalgamation of both, I would propose. Many times, it is the reality as it appears in the eyes of the beholder. For instance, I can understand Mark Zuckerberg’s position (which seems like it might be evolving, depending upon how much trouble he might be averting at the moment, what his lawyers say, his feelings, whatever) and my own feelings on the matter of an almost sacrosanct dedication to protecting freedom of speech through the media and individual expression, via any manner. Yet, I also see the problems that speech which smacks of hatred for others and which then promotes violence against them can actually lead to harm against those people, whether physically, emotionally, spiritually, and in myriad other ways. Where do we draw the line? We keep bringing it to court, and many times it is ruled by the courts that free speech has a right to be spoken, regardless of most of its content. So, while we can not yell “fire” in a crowded theater, we can still watch a bunch of neo-Nazis parade through the streets of Skokie, Illinois, spreading their anti-Semitic gestures and conspiracy theories around, and their rights to assemble and to do so will be protected by our Constitution.


But, we Jews have a lot to fear from this. We already know that such voicings result in much harm to our community. Yet, because of much residual anti-Semitism, we can’t seem to find redress of these problems through most venues which exist, today. I suppose it matters to which master we bow – – and because those of us Jewish people who still hold a religious and contrite heart will not bow to any but our One and Mighty G-d, we can hope for Him to step in, which He will do, when you least expect it, and we can also help Him (and ourselves) along in these matters by choosing to fight/protest such treatment – – which we do all the time.


For instance, due to the plethora of terrorist organizations and individuals who subscribe to or sympathize with such anti-Semitic leanings, there are multiple accounts operating in cyberspace, and including on platforms like Facebook, which promote their vicious, anti-Semitic viewpoints online, while laughing at the weakness of our democratic system, which allows them to slip in through our open doors, and sow their seeds of destruction and hatred throughout. This has led to the slow genocide of the Jewish people, yet again, through this strategic war of attrition that the Arab Islamic Jihadist community wages and perpetrates against the Jewish people. The journalist, Daniel Pearl, comes to mind. He was killed by beheading because he was lured into a trap of trying to track down terrorist ties for his news articles for the Wall Street Journal, but the terrorists he wound up dealing with only tricked him because he was Jewish and fell gullible in the pursuit of his craft.


Many Jewish groups and individuals have attempted, over the years, to bring the matter to the attention of Mark Zuckerberg and the staff at Facebook, to review the content of the accounts which are promoting these Jihadist or terrorist philosophies. In a way, though, allowing those accounts to remain on would perhaps give Facebook a way to track such  perpetrators, allowing the public to see how vile these individuals really are. Would that deter people from joining such groups? The answer has been quite the opposite — even enjoining others to take on the cause of these killers. It tends to glorify the murderers, unfortunately; and that is much to the detriment of the Jewish people, as well as the other unfortunate people who fall victim to the Jihadist ideology. Facebook has been accused of allowing much of these terrorist groups to remain online and perpetuate their ideas, while at the same time removing many conservative-leaning accounts, according to many of the accountholders.


Yet now, in a strange Phoenix-like rising, Facebook wants to weigh in as the underdog hero, pulling 36 accounts from its various Facebook, Twitter and Instagram accounts/sites, which it deems were acting in-authentically — and which, in some news reports, is being linked with possible potential to influence upcoming American mid-term elections (or at least falling within the timeline of its occurrence), in a strange echo of the supposed Russian meddling of the 2016 election (which we were all told by the left-wing Democratic-leaning news sites was attributed to “fake news”). You will notice that, for liability purposes, Facebook still  takes the “hardware-provider” position, leaving themselves in the reactionary (second place) role to investigate any reports not meeting their guidelines, which are reported by Facebook users. Facebook states that they are now becoming more proactive to remove accounts or posts which do not meet their community standards, and they often temper this with a reference to take it in context of the culture from which it comes. But, just because anti-Semitism is common to most Arab-Islamic countries does not mean that it is okay to be anti-Semitic. Right?  – – They will more likely censor content for such things as paid political ads, or things that affect their shareholders. This means that the burden of proof might often lie with the victimized to prove that the offenses were such to warrant and to cause or to result in harm. No guilt until it has been proven, right? But, are the Jew-hating Facebook accounts which still remain online really all that innocent?


Here is the Facebook guidelines and their recent actions taken, in their own words:


Hard Questions: Who Reviews Objectionable Content on Facebook — And Is the Company Doing Enough to Support Them?


Removing Bad Actors on Facebook


Publishing Our Internal Enforcement Guidelines and Expanding Our Appeals Process


Hard Questions: Why Do You Leave Up Some Posts But Take Down Others?


Hard Questions: How Effective Is Technology in Keeping Terrorists off Facebook?



Here are some outside sources and their dealings with Facebook:



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How The Mossad Got Eichmann


How The Mossad Got Eichmann (Randyjw; July 30, 2018)


I’ve read accounts of how the Mossad tracked Adolf Eichmann to place him on trial for his crimes of The Final Solution during the Holocaust. The Mossad, however, has helped to create an exhibit, entitled Operation Finale, which will be travelling to South Florida for display at the Holocaust Documentation and Education Center, September 6, 2018 – March 31, 2019, in Dania Beach, Florida. Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer (MGM) is releasing a film of this subject and title on August 29, 2018, which will star Sir Ben Kingsley (Krishna Banji) in the odious role of Adolf Eichmann.


Here is a YouTube clip on the exhibit:



And here is a link to the MGM trailer for the film, Operation Finale:



Ben Kingsley Filmography:



Update (September 18, 2018):


Here is a comparative review by Alan M. Dershowitz between this newest MGM-released film, Operation Finale, and the difference of Hannah Arendt’s reporting during the Nuremberg Trials, as recalled by Dershowitz via accounts given him by Professor Telford Taylor, the chief prosecutor at the Second Nuremberg Trials.


Dershowitz, Alan M. “New Eichmann Film Puts the Lie to Hannah Arendt’s “Banality of Evil””;;


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Tisha B’Av 2018


Tisha B’Av 2018 (Randyjw; July 22, 2018)


(Sorry; I lost my keystroke recorder video of this, which was much better than this one, but, oh, well…)





Listen to Eyal Golan sing Mi She’Ma’amin (“He Who Believes”), as accompaniment:






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Full (Randyjw; July 21, 2018)


You’ve filled my heart

shared expansive horizons

brought tenderness back in my life

You left interpretation open

to extract what I want

a perfect relationship found me

And lines to read between

and dreams to remake

the nuance of meaning

through mindscapes you paint

Through song and words once spoken

I’d keep on searching still

Wide open and unbroken

because you’ve left it full




Discordant, jarring song choice,

but one I used to like:


Roam (Lyrics) – B-52’s:



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Islam Over Israel In Los Angeles’ Public Schools


Islam Over Israel In Los Angeles’ Public Schools (Randyjw; July 21, 2018)


There is nothing I can write that would be better said than this article in its entirety already is, so please read it for yourself:



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MENA Is Mean And Other Matters

MENA Is Mean And Other Matters (Randyjw; July 18, 2018)


Jewish people, as a group, have still not been entitled to the same protections as all other citizens in the United States, due to the fact that discriminatory measures have been enacted to prevent, at the outset, their classification as a minority group.


Jews have, themselves, considered their ancestry as a specific lineage dating back from the time of Adam and Eve, through Terach, and his son, Abraham, and through him to Isaac, and so on, until the present day. Jacob begat the Twelve Tribes of Israel/Jacob, of which the Jewish people descend. The English transliteration of the tribal son named Yehuda, became “Judah” in the English language, from which the English word “Jewish” derives. The name in Hebrew (“Ivrit”) is termed “Yehudi”.


Jewish ancestry has been somewhat strict in its applicable requirements throughout the millennia, where it was considered a case for shame if a child was born out of wedlock, or if a parent married outside of the “faith”. While children had been known as the son or daughter of their father’s household, as in the ‘ben” or “bar” designations (i.e., Yitzhak ben Avraham ben Terach), it could be known specifically from which womb of a woman came the child, and so Jewish designation and heritage could be confirmed through the mother, if the mother was indeed Jewish.


There are plenty of instances where this does not occur, as can be seen quite plainly in the written pages of the Old Testament, but it is said that in these cases, the mother had converted to Judaism, accepting all facets of a Jewish existence, and was heartily welcomed without differentiation within the Jewish community, as such. For instance, the mother of the eventual Jewish King, David, Ruth, was from Moab, yet had expressed her desire to worship the One G-d of her mother-in-law, Naomi, and to stay among and live among the Jewish people as one.


Conversion rituals, and where it can be ascertained the true intent of an individual to join the Jewish people in a true-hearted manner, are allowed for the outsider to become an integrated part of the community without further distinction or separation or differentiation. Doing so entails a strict adherence to Jewish practice and ritual, since these were previously likely not a part of the convertee’s experiences. The person born into Judaism through their ancestral line may not even be particularly religious, but they are considered Jewish by birth: of ancestry, culture, lineage, etc. Such is the case, also, of the Arab Muslim child, though it is through the father that the religion/ancestry/culture is inherited, although the Arab ancestry is likely way more diverse, and may be comprised of disparate groups of people who united under an ethnic umbrella at one point in the march of historic time. It is a difficult issue when a Jewish mother and an Arab Muslim father bear a child, and then wish to divorce, as both hold equal claims to the child and the religion that the child will become, although the Arab countries have never regarded this equality as such and will always side with the male father of the Arab culture.


Many Jews today find it contentious to consider that we are a separate people, due to the horror of having known that this separateness is what has propelled, not only Hitler, but a whole host of humanity since time immemorial, to go against us. To make something holy, it is the act of separating it, to keep it in purity and untouched by the profane, that which makes it unfit, or unclean, to serve as a vessel (animate, or inanimately) to be used to worship or honor G-d. That is what “Kosher” means. It means prepared in a ritually pure fashion according to the laws or rituals spelled out by G-d, as He designated them to us and decided which things are considered pure or holy, clean or unclean. This holds for food, clothing, the outer vessel of a person, the inner state of a person, etc.


This separateness is what has set the Jewish people apart, so as not to do as the nations do, and to do things that the nations have done that are displeasing to G-d. We maintained this separateness by keeping our community somewhat close-knit, but not so much so that others could not be among us or be integrated within. The Old Testament makes sure to designate that the laws are intended just as significantly for us as for those who journey amongst us and are ensconced within our communities. The laws also apply to us as a community when we are not within our land, and are journeying outside of it — although, certain things are delayed or have changed since becoming a body of wanderers amongst the other nations and being expelled from their lands, after we were expelled (not all of us; just some of us) from our own land.


We never had equality within any outside land, and were always treated as the outsiders we were. Yet, those who had initially attacked the Jews in our own land, always knew they were attacking the Jews. The outside source materials always corroborate this fact — that the foreign nations attacking us knew they were attacking another people known, invariably, as the Jews, Yehudim, House of David, Beit David, etc., as is told in their “victory stele” or other such cultural traces left for posterity.


Jews became equal to the status of citizens only in 1790-91 in France, in a first-ever declaration of law of its kind in known history. Though it never reached the scale to which the law was meant, it was a start to equal rights in Europe beginning with the 18th century. The United States classified us as a distinct class of people in immigration entry documents, as well. We were mostly known as “Hebrews”, but that is synonymous to Jewish, anyways. This designation is now being used by some people in Christianity to try to make a designation to imply that these ancient people of the Old Testament, known as the Hebrews or the Israelites, are not the same people as the Jews calling themselves the Jews of today. This is just an ignorant and prejudicial statement made by those who wish to disassociate us from our own heritage — and it generally is done with malicious intent to try to usurp that heritage for themselves. Yet, the Jews, more than most any other people, are assuredly cognizant of their history and displacement throughout the millennia, tracing and tracking it still further with written accounts most people are unfamiliar with. This fact, however, does nothing to dispute our historic background and knowledge of our self-same existence.


Anti-Semitism was still a rampant part of United States history, unfortunately, and was perpetuated with cunning and underhandedness to subvert the constitutional laws and amendments from application toward the Jewish people. If Jews could be considered only a religion, and not a people, then they couldn’t sue for discrimination which occurred against them in employment, housing, recreational and opportunities of which other citizens could partake. Laws were made to protect race, religion, and other classifications; yet, employment and housing are not religious endeavors, and to assert that one is being discriminated against in these cases would not hold up. Yet, to bar someone because of their racial identity, could.


I have often said that the Jews are such a minority, that we are being discriminated against by not even being allowed to be considered as a people, and therefore, a minority. We have always identified as a separate people, and this peoplehood has been passed down, with its attendant gene pool, as a result. It does not mean that we have to be “purebred”. Is there even such a people that might exist as a “pure” race? I don’t think there would be many, if there are even hardly any. So, what defines a race, or a people, or an ethnicity, etc.?


It has been quite a juggling act to formulate the exact terminology which could include certain people, while allowing for others to be explicitly filtered out. I believe this is what has been done, purposefully, to the Jewish people, while allowing for the inclusion of others into the mix, so that they could receive constitutional protections, that even the Jews could not receive. For instance, the “Hispanic” people. Okay; they are a disparate people of different types that speak a mostly-common language of Spanish; yet they live in many different countries, or on different islands, and are scattered all over the world. How could they be considered one people, or subgroup? Because they can be known as an ethnicity, or a culture — meaning that they speak one common language, etc.


Well, that can be said of the Jewish people. They all used to speak Hebrew before they were forced out of their country and had to live in host countries, which never accepted them as equal citizens amongst them, anyways. The Jewish people then had to learn the languages of the nations of the host countries within which they were ensconced. Yet, we started off as one people with a Hebrew language, despite having to adapt to different cultures and languages. We still hang onto our common practices, rituals and heritage of our ancestry, despite the continued attempts by others to try to rid us of our heritage and religious/cultural practices.


So, there was wording made up to connote those who spoke Spanish, even though they were a mix of different people: Hispanic, Latino, etc. They became what is known as just an ethnicity, because it was finally figured out that they couldn’t be called a “race”; yet, I guess that those who wish to make sure that this very populous group in the world would not face discrimination had to come up with a means to include this sort-of subgroup, and thus they became an “ethnic” or “cultural” group. This was done so that they could specifically receive benefits from the United States government to which they would otherwise not be allowed. This is true; I have even taken pictures of some of these types of forms which would confer eligibility to receive U.S. government benefits under such classifications — but, this would still exclude the Jewish people, as such, being pegged by others into a solely religious subcategory to which receipt of benefits (if not a religious endeavor) would not apply.



Now, it seems that the “authorities” who determine such things would like to designate the Arabs with a category of their own, but the problem is in how to make it so the Jews don’t benefit from such actions. The solution they came up with is to lump those of Middle Eastern-type heritage into one category, so that the Jews would fall under it and be accounted for, but would have no voice and be voiceless amongst their enemies that wish their annihilation, anyways. Oh, and to extend the nationalism outward, so that, even though they are off-continent in an entirely separate location, make sure that the rest of the Arab culture find a way to be recognized within the one group — okay…. call it Middle East-North Africa. Yeah — that surely bridges the distances of uniting very different people under one big, huge, giant umbrella and give the Jews the place the world thinks they deserve — voiceless amongst their enemies. Okay; G-d is listening, too. Let’s see if this idea of Middle East-North Africa (MENA) actually becomes implemented, or not.


And in recent news, it is being implied that a football coach may have been denied the position for which he was applying (after having quit a similar position elsewhere, in order to be available to accept an offer for this potential position) due to his Jewish ancestry. In a first-ever decision, a judge is allowing the case to move forward as a contravention to titles of the Constitution protecting special classes from discrimination, and it being promoted by this judge that the classification of Jewish has been used racially in order to discriminate against Jewish people in housing, employment, and in other matters, and for which Jewish people had no redress under this present denial of classifying Jews as a separate racial identity, whether acknowledged in full by them or other people, or not… We shall see what shall transpire with this. I hope it works out that we will receive this protection as all other individuals do, and have done, to-date. It’s only fair.


For a background on this, see here:



PS – My work and my writings which have been appearing on WordPress lately have been seemingly under attack, as the various computers I work on keep mysteriously shutting down and booting me off my session in the middle of what I’m doing, as of the last few weeks, or so. Interesting, hmmmm….??? As a matter of fact, it happened with this posting…


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What’s The Deal With Iran?


What’s The Deal With Iran? (Randyjw; July 7, 2018)


According to a June 5th article online at Newsweek, Iran is prepared to restart its uranium enrichment processes, having prepared the processes beforehand. How much beforehand? One can never be certain. But, as they say in wrestling, “Let’s get ready to rrrruummmmmmbbbbllllle…………”:

Here is the article, and some interesting related reading:


Levi Julian, Hana. “Iran Reopens Nuclear Uranium Enrichment Plant”;; June 26, 2018:


Heinonen, Olli. “Iran’s Nuclear Breakout Time: A Fact Sheet”;; March 28, 2015:


Iranian Weapons of Mass Destruction: The Birth of a Regional Nuclear Arms Race? By Anthony H. Cordesman, Adam C. Seitz; Page Review/ (accessed June 28, 2018):


Heinonen, Olli. “Why the Monitoring of Movements of UF6 Cylinders Matters” – Opening remarks at the Global Cylinder Identification and Monitoring System Stakeholder Meeting, Washington, DC., 29 April, 2014; as published via Harvard Kennedy School Belfer Center for Science & International Affairs;


Update (March 18, 2019):

Carmon, Yigal and Savyon, A. “How Iran Deceived The U.S. Intelligence Community – Part II: Iran Does Not Allow The IAEA To Monitor The Most Critical Area Of Its Nuclear Project – Developing A Nuclear Explosive Device (Section T In The JCPOA)”.; March 17, 2019:


Update (May 29, 2019):

Huessy, Peter and David A. Deptula. ” Turning the Tables on ‘Global Zero'”.; May 29, 2019:



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Two Jewish South Africans Killed In Past Two Weeks



Two Jewish South Africans Killed In Past Two Weeks (Randyjw; July 6. 2016)



Two Jewish men, both in their sixties, were killed in a violent manner in South Africa within a two-week timespan of each other recently.


Jeffrey Zetler, a 62-year old strawberry farmer was stabbed to death at a strawberry farm.


Sergio Kowensky was shot several times outside near his air conditioning factory. Kowensky was 67, and the World Likud South Africa Chairman. His vehicle, wallet, and cell phone had been “untouched”.




Arutz Sheva, JTA. “World Likud rep. shot in South Africa:;; July 6, 2018:


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I-Rain (Randyjw; July 6, 2018)


This is what we’re dealing with…


Click First:,7340,L-5302428,00.html


Click Next:



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Happy Independence Day

HAPPY  INDEPENDENCE DAY !!! (Randyjw; July 4, 2018)


(PS – This was going to be a short animation, but I haven’t figured out how to do that yet; i.e., which program to use, and just what to do once I find it; I’m working on learning new things. For instance, I figured out how to utilize the screenshot feature of this computer paint program as I went along, to wind up with all of these “paintings,” plotting out the animation in my head.)


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Israel Fights: Cancer


Israel Fights: Cancer (Randyjw; July 2, 2018)


New developments are abounding in the medical sciences in Israel, including nanoparticulates which can improve the outcomes of health, via surgery and other orthodoxies.


One such uses reactive attraction to the enzyme cathepsin, often associated with cancerous cells, to locate cancer cells for removal during surgical procedure by tagging them with polymers that will fluoresce when linked to its counterpart.


For more information, see the BreakingIsraelNews article, here:

Siegel-Itzkovich. “Dyeing Cancer Cells to Help Prevent Dying”;; June 27, 2018:


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President Trump’s Proclamations Recognizing Jerusalem As Israeli Capital Of The Jewish State





By the President of the United States of America

A Proclamation

The foreign policy of the United States is grounded in principled realism, which begins with an honest acknowledgment of plain facts.  With respect to the State of Israel, that requires officially recognizing Jerusalem as its capital and relocating the United States Embassy to Israel to Jerusalem as soon as practicable.

The Congress, since the Jerusalem Embassy Act of 1995 (Public Law 104-45) (the “Act”), has urged the United States to recognize Jerusalem as Israel’s capital and to relocate our Embassy to Israel to that city.  The United States Senate reaffirmed the Act in a unanimous vote on June 5, 2017.

Now, 22 years after the Act’s passage, I have determined that it is time for the United States to officially recognize Jerusalem as the capital of Israel.  This long overdue recognition of reality is in the best interests of both the United States and the pursuit of peace between Israel and the Palestinians.

Seventy years ago, the United States, under President Truman, recognized the State of Israel.  Since then, the State of Israel has made its capital in Jerusalem — the capital the Jewish people established in ancient times.  Today, Jerusalem is the seat of Israel’s government — the home of Israel’s parliament, the Knesset; its Supreme Court; the residences of its Prime Minister and President; and the headquarters of many of its government ministries.  Jerusalem is where officials of the United States, including the President, meet their Israeli counterparts.  It is therefore appropriate for the United States to recognize Jerusalem as Israel’s capital.

I have also determined that the United States will relocate our Embassy to Israel from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem.  This action is consistent with the will of the Congress, as expressed in the Act.

Today’s actions — recognizing Jerusalem as Israel’s capital and announcing the relocation of our embassy — do not reflect a departure from the strong commitment of the United States to facilitating a lasting peace agreement.  The United States continues to take no position on any final status issues.  The specific boundaries of Israeli sovereignty in Jerusalem are subject to final status negotiations between the parties.  The United States is not taking a position on boundaries or borders.

Above all, our greatest hope is for peace, including through a two-state solution, if agreed to by both sides.  Peace is never beyond the grasp of those who are willing to reach for it.  In the meantime, the United States continues to support the status quo at Jerusalem’s holy sites, including at the Temple Mount, also known as Haram al Sharif.  Jerusalem is today — and must remain — a place where Jews pray at the Western Wall, where Christians walk the Stations of the Cross, and where Muslims worship at Al-Aqsa Mosque.

With today’s decision, my Administration reaffirms its longstanding commitment to building a future of peace and security in the Middle East.  It is time for all civilized nations and people to respond to disagreement with reasoned debate — not senseless violence –- and for young and moderate voices across the Middle East to claim for themselves a bright and beautiful future.  Today, let us rededicate ourselves to a path of mutual understanding and respect, rethinking old assumptions and opening our hearts and minds to new possibilities.  I ask the leaders of the Middle East — political and religious; Israeli and Palestinian; and Jewish, Christian, and Muslim — to join us in this noble quest for lasting peace.

Now, Therefore, I, Donald J. Trump, President of the United States of America, by virtue of the authority vested in me by the Constitution and the laws of the United States, do hereby proclaim that the United States recognizes Jerusalem as the capital of the State of Israel and that the United States Embassy to Israel will be relocated to Jerusalem as soon as practicable.

IN WITNESS WHEREOF, I have hereunto set my hand this sixth day of December, in the year of our Lord two thousand seventeen, and of the Independence of the United States of America the two hundred and forty-second.





“My announcement today marks the beginning of a new approach to the conflict between Israel and the Palestinians.” – President Donald J. Trump

RECOGNIZING JERUSALEM: President Donald J. Trump is following through on his promise to recognize Jerusalem as the capital of the State of Israel and has instructed the State Department to begin to relocate the U.S. Embassy to Israel from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem.

  • Today, December 6, 2017, President Trump recognized Jerusalem, the ancient capital of the Jewish people, as the capital of the State of Israel.
    In taking this action, President Trump fulfilled a major campaign promise of his and many previous Presidential candidates.

    • The Trump Administration is fully coordinated in supporting this historic action by the President, and has engaged broadly with both our Congressional and international partners on this issue.
  • President Trump’s action enjoys broad, bipartisan support in Congress, including as expressed in the Jerusalem Recognition Act of 1995.  This Act was reaffirmed by a unanimous vote of the Senate only six months ago.
    • President Trump has instructed the State Department to develop a plan to relocate the U.S. Embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem.
      Departments and Agencies have implemented a robust security plan to ensure the safety of our citizens and assets in the region.

STATUS OF JERUSALEM: President Trump recognizes that specific boundaries of sovereignty in Jerusalem is highly sensitive and subject to final status negotiations.

  • President Trump recognizes that the status of Jerusalem is a highly-sensitive issue, but he does not think the peace process is aided by ignoring the simple truth that Jerusalem is home to Israel’s legislature, supreme court, President, and Prime Minister.
  • President Trump recognizes that the specific boundaries of Israeli sovereignty in Jerusalem are subject to final status negotiations between the parties.
    President Trump reaffirms United States support for the status quo at the Temple Mount, also known as Haram al Sharif.

COMMITTED TO THE PEACE PROCESS: President Trump is committed to achieving a lasting peace agreement between Israelis and Palestinians.

  • President Trump remains committed to achieving a lasting peace agreement between the Israelis and Palestinians, and he is optimistic that peace can be achieved.
  • Delaying the recognition of Jerusalem as the capital of Israel has not helped achieve peace over the past two decades.
    President Trump is prepared to support a two-state solution to the dispute between the Israelis and Palestinians, if agreed to by the parties.



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Happy Birthday President Trump



Happy Birthday President Trump (Randyjw; June 14, 2018)




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End-All To BDS


End-All To BDS (Randyjw; June 6, 2018)


My favorite email subscription is to Shamrak Report, an independent, thought-provoking commentary on news and highlights pertinent to Israel and the Jewish people, with problem-solving potential on the issues that matter most.


His latest quote in his June 5th edition, which he permitted me to use here, should put the anti-Semitic matter of BDS to rest, forever:


Food for Steven Shamrak

This is a message to BDS supporters: Please, be positive and campaign for “Buy Palestinian products”! Could you suggest products that could be put in the list “Made in Gaza”? Without doubt, the ‘signature’ products like mortar shells and Qassam rockets, and suicide bombers, and ‘newcomer’ – incendiary kites, will be included with delivery guaranty!

— Steven Shamrak, Shamrak Report


See more from Steven Shamrak on Facebook and Twitter.


Thanks, Steven!


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HonestReporting.Org’s Compilation: Gaza Border Violence 2018 (March – May)


HonestReporting.Org’s Compilation: Gaza Border Violence 2018 (March – May) (Randyjw; June 3, 2018)



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Cooking Shows (PBS) and Food Blogs

Cooking Shows (PBS) and Food Blogs (Randyjw; June 2, 2018)


Our public television service in the United States, PBS, has some nice cooking shows. Some of the ones I like are:


Christina Pirello – Christina Cooks (Vegan)


Mary Ann Esposito – Ciao Italia (Italian)


Alamelu Vairavan – Healthful Indian Flavors with Alamelu (Indian)


Hubert Keller – Hubert Keller: Secrets of a Chef (Varied; He’s from Alsace)


Nick Stellino – Nick Stellino Cooking with Friends (Italian)


Pati Jinich – Pati’s Mexican Table


Rachel Allen – Rachel’s Favorite Food at Home (Varied; She lives in Ireland)


Sara Moulton – Sara’s Weeknight Meals (Varied)


These are some food blogs I like, excerpted from a list I posted previously :

Anisa Kazemi – – Always a love. You’ll love her, too.


Maya – artsyteenblog – A blog for teens. Really incredible. Craft projects and recipes. Check out her divine looking lemon-based dessert recipes.


Maureen Abood – – Lebanese and inspired food from her heritage.


Georgia McDermott – George Eats. – Interesting ideas and journey.


Ania – – A vegan life lived in the Greek Isles.


Christina – – Every episode of her tv show features tantalizing plant-based dishes that never disappoint. Get her tips and explore ideas at her website, as well.


Stunning food photography and edible artistry at:


Nepali Food: – Recipes, learning about local dishes, etc. – Delicious pix and easy Indian, and other, food recipes.


Morgan – – Great twists on classic dishes and fusion-food.


Pati’s Mexican Table: Mexican food is more than enchiladas. Pati Jinich shows you how:


New Scandinavian Cooking: Andreas Viestad cooks up some new, interesting recipes:


Nick Stellino: Italian food with friends.


The Free Range Cook: Annabel Langbein cooks up local foods grown in New Zealand:


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Hillel Neuer Of UNWatch.Org At The UN


Hillel Neuer Of UNWatch.Org At The UN (Randyjw; May 30, 2018)



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UN Conference On Disarmament – Headed By Syria?


UN Conference On Disarmament – Headed By Syria? (Randyjw; May 30, 2018)


Like a fox in the henhouse….


Read here:



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