Clockwise, from left: Latrun/Armored Corps. Memorial Site pamphlet; postcard from Galilee hotel, Malon Nof Ginosar; "Mazal Tov" wedding invitation

Clockwise, from left: Latrun/Armored Corps. Memorial Site pamphlet; postcard of Galilee hotel, Malon Nof Ginosar; “Mazal Tov” wedding invitation


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Israelis love the outdoors and try to be conscious stewards of the environment. Unique methods pioneered here have enabled the deserts to bloom once again under our careful and conscientious management of our natural resources. These developments are being shared with countries abroad, such as Africa, who face similar challenges in their own particular climates.

National holidays are often a good reason for a “tiyul” — a trip – – to explore the varied terrain: compact, but complete, in this tiny country. Springlike mounts to the north, punctured by the beauty of the Galilee and its well-known lake, called the Kinneret (or “Ginosar”) for its resemblance in shape to the stringed-instrument, played perhaps most famously by King David, give way to the rolling foothills of the heart of Judaea and Samaria, extending southward toward the stark, arid and beautiful Negev Desert, culminating in the lowest point on earth — the Dead Sea, with its unique and healing mineral properties, which creates an unforgettable experience as you float in its waters, supported by the high level of salt contained within its body.

Tour operators are licensed by the state and provide numerous ways to enjoy Israel with their unique perspectives and interest-based activities: whether faith-based, charity-based, environment- or sports-based, Israel’s got you covered. You will never see the same thing twice in quite the same manner, each time you visit. With thousands of years in the making, its history is ready to discover. If it’s your first time, don’t let it be your last. Join us in the Land, the Holy Land, of Israel.



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