Love (Six)


Love (Six) (Randyjw; October 24, 2017)


When I was young

the kind of child I was

was patient, kind,

sensitive, blind

No faults to be found

with others’ minds

Everyone had their reasons

for doing what they’d done

No excuse was unaccepted

all songs were to be sung

Without judgment,

black circles and white

melted and melded then turned

In the overlap of the Venn diagram

the colors indistinguishedly merged

they began to fade slowly to grey

and morals quite often

would vanish this way

Inside that narrow path, then

those footsteps led away

Selfless giving

aspired to selfish living

imitating others, these days

Taken advantage of

and trampled like a doormat

Why was it that others

could easily prosper

while doing exactly just that?

My love was given

in this same vein

deep in devotion and true

Beyond the duty,

the convocation

for worse

as abuse only grew

There came a time

deep inside my mind

that said love shouldn’t hurt like this

I didn’t know how

I could break forever vows

although something was wrongly amiss

I held on and on

thinking I was crazy or wrong

but I found I was right, as I thought

I learned to be strong

it was there, all along

a one-sided marriage won’t work

I understand martyrdom and sacrifice

my Middle East mind is complex

but born in the US, a feminist

It seeped over and deeply within

I, unfortunately, won’t die “just because” of love

there’s no point in just ending a life

were a bullet be shot in between of us

I’d die happy having been your wife



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Can’t Stop; Sorry, But Not

Can’t Stop; Sorry, But Not (Randyjw; October 24, 2017)


I see you in posters,

dancing, from behind

I imagine you smiling

with that great humor of mind

I see us laughing

to some shared story in rhyme

I think you’re great

engaging my cray-cray in-kind


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Tigress (Randyjw; October 23, 2017)


I don my armor

My claws grown long

I sharpen them

along the tree-bark’s spine

my painted plates

Like a Svengali tiger

my weathered sight

like a Swarovski hide

Four sabres my teeth

revolving at the corners

and Mystical east

of ardour and amour

That prey within

lying dormant or hidden

my warrior dragon

over your Shaolin

Come, try me now

you hated malady

Your furrowed brow

will be smoothed by my melody

Out of control

You may rage at my being

But my stars I throw down

til they soothe savage beasts

Out you go

there’s no room for spots

for my favorite stripes

are the ones he’s got




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Depths (Randyjw; October 22, 2017)


Surround me

Surround me

let me drown

all completely

Taking in like water

til my last breath leaves me


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My Not So Secret Secret

My Not So Secret Secret (Randyjw; October 22, 2017)


Yes, I admit

The secret I’ve kept

Is the one

you’ve guessed

Others, you may surmise

keep dropping their disguise

Because you either know me

or the nature of humanity

and have revealed them

to great embarrassment

Yet, others remain under lock and key

Though whether they’re uncovered

will be my ultimate discovery


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Polarized (Randyjw; October 22, 2017)


When the water looks murky and brown

make sure to continue and stare

Just remember to keep looking down

for you’ll see what you never thought there





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Eternal Flame

Eternal Flame (Randyjw; October 22, 2017)


I wish it was me

but, sometimes I say

that it just can’t be

Once upon a time

there was so much life

but now it seems

that I’m on the back side

of infirmity

In a spinning spiral

a downward-facing trajectory

the solemn solo

of this timeless duo

will still, though,

believe in eternity.



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