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Hausman, J.D., Matthew M. “Gross Hypocrisy Or Willful Complicity: The U.S. Campus: Free Speech Is Hardly Being Respected On Campus; Anti-Semitism Is”; April 2, 2016. Arutz Sheva / Israel National




Jewish History / Arab History:


Aharoni, Ada. “Uprooting of Jews from Arab countries, an answer to modern anti-Semitism”. The Jerusalem Post/; April 24, 2018:


Bergman, Judith. “Arab Historian Admits there is No Palestinian People”;; November 9, 2017:


Cox, Earl. “Jews, the Indigenous People of Israel “. The Jerusalem Post/; May 13, 2018:


Hausman, J.D., Matthew M. “The U.N. Fails History 101”; Arutz Sheva / Israel National; June 6, 2016:


Nimkovsky, Rotem. “The Origins of Arab Settlers in the Land of Israel”;; May 16, 2018:


Sherman, Dr. Martin. “Into the Fray: Gaza — A ‘Simple’ Solution”.;


Politics of the World:


Glick, Caroline B. “Our World: Castro’s Greatest Victory”; The Jerusalem; November 28, 2016:


Goudsmit, Linda. “Hijab, Female Oppression and the Left”; Guest Contributor / The Clarion; April 16, 2017;


Greenfield, Daniel. “Liberating Our Jerusalem”.; May 13, 2018:


Greenfield, Daniel. “The Iranian Spy who Created Two States in Israel”;; July 3, 2018:


Greenfield, Daniel. “The Power of Weakness”.; January 2, 2017:


Klein, Morton A. and Daniel Mandel. “It’s Time for UNRWA to Go”.; May 2, 2018:


Medoff, Rafael. “US Action Against Genocide: A Brief Guide”.; April 7, 2017:



Miller, Tim. “We Are Not Safe and Never Will Be”.; January 11, 2017: January 17, 2018:





Shapiro, Jay (audio): “The Truth About American Aid to Israel”.; April 25, 2018:





Arab World:


Berkowitz, Adam Eliyahu. “Another Temple Mount Dispute: Muhammad’s ‘Winged Horse’ vs. Jewish Temple”.; April 10, 2018:


Berkowitz, Adam Eliyahu. “Biblical Stories in the Koran: The Basis for Inter-Religious Conflict”.; April 23, 2018:


Berkowitz, Adam Eliyahu. “How Islam Took Over the Bible/Did the Quran Come to Replace the Torah”.; April 23, 2018:



Saudi Arabia:


Council of Senior Ulama – Twenty-member religious panel appointed individually by the ruling al-Saud monarchy as the official voice of the Arab Islamic community. Official fatwas (rulings) are found online, at:



Background of Jewish People: – Jews Indigenous to the Middle East and North Africa. Educates about and preserves the histories of the nearly one million Sephardi and Mizrachi Jewish refugees expelled and/or displaced from Middle Eastern and North African Arab countries in recent history. – Modern news on recent events regarding the ancient Diasporan communities and individual Jewish Refugees. – The Works of Flavius Josephus; translated by William Whiston. Includes Antiquities of the Jews, and War of the Jews; other. Presented by Christian Classics Ethereal Library.




Architecture/Synagogues Around the World:


Synagogues/Arab Countries:


Synagogues/Google Images:



General: – Journalist Daniel Greenfield is carried in print as a go-to-source on global issues, with a base at the noted David Horowitz Freedom Center as a Shillman Journalist Fellow. His website is found at the above URL. – Robert Spencer educates about Islam. Appeared on a list of people, along with Pamela Geller, and radio talk-show host, Michael Savage, banned from entry to the United Kingdom, simply for presenting reality-based factual information about Islam. – Daniel Pipes’ non-profit organization, providing analysis and articles on Middle East relations and actions. – Center for Security Policy presents information considered of vital importance to U.S. national security from a perspective often not discussed where it should be, most. Includes articles, downloads, free pdf files, purchasing options, etc. – Rabbi Tovia Singer provides Jewish responses to Christian proselytizing and conversion efforts to turn the Jews from their faith. – Read Gregory M. Davis’s guide, Islam 101, here, where you can download and distribute your own copy. – Read Joseph Farah’s article, Why Jerusalem Is Not Islam’s Third Holiest Site. – A monitoring group devoted to exposing potential violations in human rights and international law, especially in context of the Arab-Israeli conflict. – A monitoring group specifically devoted to reportage on the United Nations’ bodies, their respective member countries, and human rights issues.



Center for Security Policy – Individual Articles:


Downloads Available From These Sites: – Read Gregory M. Davis’s guide, Islam 101, here, where you can download and distribute your own copy. – Military leaders and officials from NATO and other Democratic countries explore issues of warfare in the modern age. Download these titles, available at the site in PDF file format:


“An Assessment of the 2014 Gaza Conflict”

“Evaluacion del Conflicto de Gaza de 2014”

“Fighting Terror Effectively: An Assessment of Israel’s Experience on the Home Front”

“Hizballah’s Terror Army: How to Prevent a Third Lebanon War”

“How Democracies Can Win Against Terror-Armies”

“Our Military Forces’ Struggle Against Lawless, Media Savvy Terrorist Adversaries”


Media Monitoring: – The Middle East Media Research Institute. Headed by Yigal Carmon. Translates news, media and other sources from Arabic, Farsi, Urdu, English, Spanish and other languages. – Committee for Accuracy in Middle East Reporting in America. Analyzes media reportage of Middle East coverage, providing corrective actions toward bias and misinformation in media reports. – Honest Reporting / Israel Daily News Stream. Advocates for journalistic fairness standards toward Israel, requesting clarification, corrections and retractions addressing skewed reports.



News Sites: – The Algemeiner brings you enough to keep you informed, without excess overload. Lowfat version, perfect for the morning rush, tastes as great as its fully-loaded counterparts. – The Clarion Project is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization focused on news and human rights issues, particularly with relevancy to the pulse of what’s happening in the Middle East and beyond. – Arutz Sheva / Israel National News. Short news briefs from Israel on local, regional, and world issues pertinent to Israel. – In-depth knowledge of ongoing and current issues facing Jewish communities around the world. – Current events in Israel, relevant videos, technology news, more.



Michelle, Tosha. “Hands of Gold”.; June 30, 2016.



Research: – well-researched analysis, based on actual documents and documentation regarding Israel and the Middle East. – Information, articles, analysis, and opinion by Paul Gherkin.


Gherkin, Paul. “The Original Nakba: The Division of “Transjordan””. August 15, 2017;


Gherkin, Paul. “The “Great Myth of Return”. April 27, 2018; – Researchable database of non-governmental organizations, provided by research through NGO Monitor.





Greenfield, Daniel. “Islamic Terrorism Is Not Domestic Terrorism”.; June15, 2016:


Greenfield, Daniel. “Trump or Hamas”. Sultan; December 12, 2016:


Rossomando, John. “Muslim Brotherhood’s Supporters Ignore Proof of Its Nefarious Aims”. The; March 2, 2017:


Silver-Greenberg, Jessica and Ben Protess. “A Grieving Father Pulls a Thread That Unravels BNP’s Illegal Deals”. dealbook/; June 30, 2014:


United with Israel. “US Supreme Court Rules in Favor of Palestinian Terror-Supporting Arab Bank”. United with; April 26, 2018:



Educational/Advocacy: – Educates via speaking engagements and print media about Israel to broaden knowledge of the state and to enhance understanding of the issues and conflicts in the region.





No Hebrew? Not even a problem, here. These three links fall under the aegis of Rabbi Naphtali “Tuly” Weisz, an Orthodox Rabbi who combines all aspects of Judaism (religion, culture, language, land, etc.) into a neat package. The portion of Torah he sends is transliterated phonetically into English in the proper pronunciations and understandings. He now has a complete Bible transliterated this way and offers free Bible studies, where you can choose the books from which you would like to learn, in order to personalize your own teaching. His emails are just the right amount of information and don’t overwhelm.




Bacon, Josephine and Fleetwood, Jenni. The African and Middle Eastern Cookbook. ©2006 Anness Publishing Ltd. Published by Hermes House, an imprint of Anness Publishing Ltd. Hermes House, 88-89 Blackfriars Road, LondonSE1 8HA; email: ISBN: 0-681-37582-5.


Bacon, Josephine; Gilbert, Martin, Consultant Editor. The Illustrated Atlas of Jewish Civilization: 4000 Years of History. ©MCMXC Quarto Publishing plc. Printed in 2006 in Singapore by Star Standard Industries (Pte) Ltd.  Quantum Books Ltd., 6 Blundell Street, London N7 9BH. ISBN-10: 0-681-28922-8; ISBN-13: 978-0-68128-922-2.


Dimont, Max I. The Indestructible Jews. ©1971 by Max I. Dimont. First printing, 1973. Hardcover edition published by The New American Library, Inc. in association with The World Publishing Company; published simultaneously in Canada by George J. McLeod, Ltd., Toronto. Paperback reprint edition published in the United States by Signet, an imprint of The New American Library, Inc., 1301 Avenue of the Americas, New York, New York 10019. Library of Congress Catalog Card Number: 70-136602.


Fisch, Harold (ed.); English text. The Koren Jerusalem Bible Set (Compact). ©2001 Koren Publishers Jerusalem Ltd.; Jerusalem, Israel.

This set is called, in Hebrew, a “Tanakh”. It derives its name from the three-letter acronym formed by the first letter of each of its three books: Torah, Nevi’im and Ketuvim, or “T-N-K”. Innovations have been introduced which add organizational efficiencies to the text, while keeping within the accepted standards for scriveners. Numbers have been introduced into the margins to denote the weekly Torah portion to be read. The setting has also adopted, in its inner margins, the numbers used for the Gentile chapter assignations. Hebrew and Aramaic are the ancient languages used within these books. The first book is the Torah, with its five books of Moses. Their chapters in Hebrew and English appellations are: 1) B’reishit/Genesis; 2) Shemot/Exodus; 3) Vayikra/Leviticus; 4) Bamidbar/Numbers; 5) D’varim/Deuteronomy.


Frank, Anne. The Diary of a Young Girl: Otto Frank and Mirjam Pressler; Translated by Susan Massotty. ©1991 by The Anne Frank-Fonds, Basel, Switzerland. English translation ©1995 by Doubleday, a division of Bantam Doubleday Dell Publishing Group, Inc., 1540 Broadway, New York, New York 10036. Library of Congress Cataloging-in-Publication Data: 94-41379.


House, Karen Elliott. On Saudi Arabia: Its People, Past, Religion, Fault Lines — and Future. Copyright © 2012 Karen Elliott House. Published as a Borzoi Book in the United States by Alfred A. Knopf, a division of Random House, Inc., New York, and in Canada by Random House of Canada Limited, Toronto. Jacket Image: Exactostock/Superstock. Jacket Design by Jason Booher. Book Design by Iris Weinstein. Map by David Lindroth.


Insight Guides: Israel. Edited and produced by George Melrod. Directed and designed by Hans Hoefer. ©1989 APA Publications (HK) Ltd. Printed in Singapore by APA Press Pte Ltd. USA and Canada: Prentice Hall Travel, New York, New York. ISBN: 0-13-468562-8.


Keller, Werner.  The Bible as History. Original hardcover edition ©1965; revised 1980: Hodder and Stoughton. 1974; 1982: Bantam. Published simultaneously in the United States of America and Canada. A Bantam Book, published by arrangement with William Morrow and Company, Inc., 105 Madison Avenue, New York, New York 10016. ISBN: 0-553-27943-2.


Peters, Joan. From Time Immemorial: The Origins of the Arab-Jewish Conflict Over Palestine. ©1984 Joan Peters. Originally published 1984 by Harper & Row. 1985: Perennial Library. 1988: Harper Torchbooks. 1993/1997/2000/2001/2002: JKAP Publications, 1000 N. Lake Shore Dr., #801, Chicago, IL 60611. Library of Congress Catalog Card Number: 93-77505. ISBN: 0-9636242-0-2.



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