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List II Advertisers on this Site

My initial post listing the advertisers on this site has grown wieldy and unmanageable, and so I have decided to make a new list with the kind sponsors who have subscribed to the aggregator or other methodology to place their ads in my web blog. I am appreciative of the sponsorship and the opportunities it represents, andI hope you will find this information, whether positive or negative, to be informative.

Applebee’s: One of the best multi-location stores of it’s kind, I think. Applebee’s serves a large variety of delicious, mostly inexpensive entrees, appetizers and desserts to satisfy most palates.

bbvacompass.com/nba: An article by Antreneis Cole in the Birmingham Business Journal reports that American Banker/Reputation Institute ranks this bank number one among the top twenty-five retail banks in the United States. It also doesn’t hurt that it’s the official bank of the NBA. It likes to focus on diversity and small businesses.

BlueMix: International Business Machines Corporation (IBM) is basically the original computer company that existed when computers were first developed. Their personal computer (PC) revolutionized the switch from paper office systems to computer-based systems. We have now gone into the clouds….Check out all the neat stuff that IBM now has to offer. Disclaimer: I once was a one-time test subject in one of their projects; and a relative of mine used to work there.

Boost Mobile: Coverage and plans to fit your mobile telephony needs. Check out their latest offerings and specials to find an option that’ll suit you best.

brightroll.com: With advancements in technology, come advancements in the systems which deliver them. Constantly striving to be up-to-date with the latest gear, technology must adapt its advertising appeal to its target audience and expand their marketing base to encompass other uses and users. Take a look at brightroll.com to see what they can do with video advertising that’ll work for you.

Cottonelle: Something that one just can’t do without!

Covergirl: I remember the old slogan and jingle: Covergirl – clean makeup by Noxzema. I used to use Noxzema; it was a good product. Now, Pink, the person and artist, is one of the faces of Covergirl, and the color pink is a good association (i.e., raising funds for cancer treatment/awareness, etc.). So, Go Pink Power!

Discover Boating: Okay, what haven’t I done? I used to sell recreational watercraft, so there’s my disclaimer, or disclosure…This is a free guide with tips presented by the Recreational Boating Industry.

Disney: I may have wrote about Disney in one of my former ad listings or in a post, saying that I wasn’t thrilled with the Saudis taking a major stake in Disney (I believe it is in France?) and the previous ouster of Disney’s wunderkid, a nice Jewish boy who garnered incredible earnings for Disney’s shareholders, to his replacement, Roy Disney, who had not been chosen to head the Disney brand, despite the familial connections. Anyhow, despite all that… I always loved the art of the Disney animated films, and Fantasia was always an inspiration to me. Their theme parks are also quite fun to attend, and one should probably do so at least once in their lifetime.

Frito-Lay: Do you remember the “Ruffles have ridges” potato chip ad, where the “r’s” were drawn out very long, as in “Rrrrrruffles have rrrrrrrrridges?” I do! So, I’m so happy they’re advertising again. Thanks! They have a really cute cartoon ad about a guy trying to crack open a craft-beer with a non-twist-off cap – #RoughLifeStories.

Gillette: The Best A Man Can Get….I still remember that ad slogan from back in my younger days, and apparently it’s still such a catch tune/saying that they’re still running it to this day! Well, I have to say, that I find the Gillette Good News Disposable razors to be the best!

glasses.com: I haven’t checked this out yet, but I should do so…Could be some really good deals there.

Go RVing.com: Love the great outdoors? How much more comfortable could you be in your own recreational vehicle? Check out the new, local programs airing which showcase the latest in RV campers — extending living rooms to either side at the push of a button; additional headspace with ceilings that pop-up…the only limits are your imagination. Take it somewhere extreme today!

Good Game Studios: This is a realtime development strategy game from Hamburg, Germany. I’m not sure about this one, actually…

Haagen Dazs: Imagine rich, creamy ice cream in unbelievable flavors and you have Haagen Dazs — the cure for almost whatever ails you! Can I tell you how many times I’ve indulged in ice cream for the emotions? It’s a great fit (although perhaps not in the waistline…).

Hitachi: “Much more than t.v.”, Hitachi is involved in what they term “social innovation,” with their “Inspire the Next” campaigns. I started to look at their website and learned that they helped Abu Dhabi (an Arab country) with water desalination via reverse osmosis and also have been working to help the Arabian Oryx, a type of gazelle-like animal found in the Middle East. They seem to be quite involved with these Arab causes.

I.B.M.: International Business Machines is the full name for the acronym we have all become familiar with. One of the original personal computer manufacturers and platform providers, they have taken the cable out of the ground and placed it among the clouds. Cloud-computing (offsite storage options) is becoming de rigeure and IBM is forging ahead on all fronts. Advertising again, that’s nice. They have been accused of anti-Semitism in the past for having invented the punch-card used in the early computers of yesteryear, where the system was utilized by the Germans to facilitate the recording of data regarding the Jews and other people, who were systematically murdered during the Nazi reign.

McDonalds: A three-time advertiser, at the least… McDonald’s just had the cutest ad on t.v. recently. Not only do I remember the former, famous Big Mac commercial, I even remember the even older ad slogan, commercial and tune: “McDonald’s is your kind of place…” (which used to jokingly be parodied by school-children everywhere…). Oh, I have got to tell you about the kindness of strangers, which occurred in my recent visit to McDonald’s. I have not been to McDonald’s in a very long time, but decided to treat myself. A young, black male walked in behind me (unbeknownst to me), and when I went to pay my tally, he whipped out a card and ran it through the machine to pay for my order. I should have allowed him this mitzvah, but I asked the cashier to cancel the transaction and paid for it on my own. I think the young man then ordered his own order, paid for it, and then proceeded to exit the restaurant without his order, limping along as he went. I asked the cashier if the man had ordered something and left, but the cashier wouldn’t say. I think that that nice young man probably needed the food more than I, but it didn’t stop him from trying to bestow a blessing to someone. G-d will see that and will bless this man. He is already rich in spirit.

Marriott: The hotel chain has offered rewards for stays at their locations and celebrated their 30th birthday of rewards with a contest, which gave away fun-filled vacations to nominated winners. Check out the results at yearofsurprises.com; better yet, check into a Marriott for a fun-filled vacation of your own!

Maxwell House: A provider of kosher coffee in the blue can/tub and the especially-appreciated Haggadot (is that the plural conjugation of many Haggadahs?) at Passover time…

Neutrogena: A long-time manufacturer of facial and other products that are literally easy on the skin, such as glycerine-type soaps which leave little residue, rinsing clean for a fresh-faced look and feel!

Oscar Mayer: Who doesn’t remember the iconic cult-classic commercial about Oscar Mayer bologna? How about their weenie-mobiles? How about their great products (actually a part of Kraft Brands, who make great mac and cheese, and other stuff…) such as bacon, bologna, etc? Now, they’re going grown-up, as well, with a more updated product to add to the great collection already on-serve….

Purina: It’s a great product. I know someone who only feeds Purina One to their Rottweiler. Their ad for Purina Cat Chow has a very good storyline in it about a cat, called a Prince, found and rescued by a girl (the “Princess”) — #myrescuestory.

Sauza: Another ad placement by this spirits provider. Hey, I guess spirits and speaking of Israel and the One who sanctified her is kindof a spirit, too! Update: Their recent ad showing a cowboy stirring his cocktail by making his horse go around in circles is totally hysterical!

Skintimate: Shaving gel/lotion is coming into it’s own these days, and Skintimate offers additional pampering for the skin with their added oils and vitamins. For the sensitive type, like myself. Go easier on the skin and be easier on the eyes!

Sprint: I think I have this listed in my other advertiser section, but they are running new ads now on the site and they have some good bargains out there, so check out their website if you’re in the market for a new phone or plan. You’ll be happy you did.

Stacy’s: Pita chips — yum! We used to make these in the toaster oven, but it’s nice that someone else has done the easy thing for us by packaging them into pre-made bags! Some of the best of the Middle East can be found pocketed in the pita!

Taco Bell: Taco Bell has again placed their advertisements into my web site (even if only via aggregator), and I again thank Taco Bell for doing so. They’re still just as good as they were in my last ad list; twice as good, in fact!

Vitamix: Sponsor of the Jazzy Vegetarian Show on Tv, this blender looks like a really good product. I wish I had one of these to make smoothies and other yummy stuff. The blender can be found at the following retail locations: Target, Crate and Barrel, Williams-Sonoma, Bloomingdale’s, Whole Foods, Costco, and specialty chef/restaurant stores.

Xbox: Presents the Xbox One gaming system and all kinds of fun things that go along with that, such as Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare, by Sledgehammer Games.

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