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Little Buddies Hanging Out

Embody Light (Randyjw; June 2, 2017)



Little Buddies Hanging Out (Randyjw; June 2, 2017)


I miss you so much

The sea my eyes have allowed to flow

have brought out the little elements that were always apparent in your special touch

things that make it so hard to let you go

The earth’s creatures gather

capturing the moistness of this mist

drinking in small measure

the sea my eyes have kissed

the snail steps out halfway

into the world from its comforting home

embodying the light

it has always known

and the ant waves

like it’s a rodeo ride

hanging on for dear life

pretending there’s never

been a single word

in the dictionary

with “goodbye”

its meaning and intent

Little Buddies Hanging Out (Randyjw; June 2, 2017)




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Misty Eagle

Misty Eagle (Randyjw; May 27, 2017)




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In Your Presence

In Your Presence (Randyjw; May 5, 2017)


I can’t quite play this music out loud right now, so I’m going to take a stab at it (the good kind) and select it somewhat”blindly”. I gave away my headphones to someone who wanted some, and this person had really helped to protect me as I led the “homeless lifestyle” and kept me safe, while I had to stay up all night, walk around with my sortof heavy luggage with some belongings in it, try not to be arrested by the police for loitering, sleep maybe twenty minutes (if that) — no room at the shelter (reminds me of “no room at the inn”). It was pouring rain, also.


Thank you to some really caring people out there in the world. This one, homeless, like me, was brilliant, and reads and watches alot of the same stuff I would watch, as well. Yay; newish new friend. Not more, though. That’s okay; we’re good on both ends with that.


I was lucky in that, for some reason, I continually had male protection throughout my awful night on the street by a string of nice men who stayed with me until another kindof “took over”. One was a black man, one or two others came by, and my new friend was a southern guy. So there we were: Black, Jewish and Southern, all getting along; that was really neat. I was really lucky. Someone told me their homeless lady friend was just robbed and beaten up really badly. These are my fears. Worse, sometimes the homeless are killed. I’m really afraid.


Wrote the above two days ago. I got stuck outside for hours in the pouring rain, again. It’s a good thing I had somewhat handy a rain poncho and a shower curtain liner to cover my luggage with (heh-heh). The wheel on my luggage is starting to fall apart, now. I don’t know what I’ll do when that goes… My posts are turning into a homeless journal. Depressing, ain’t it?


Some guy jumped out of his truck and ran across the street to offer me an umbrella, but I had no extra hands with which to carry it, so I didn’t take it. That was sweet.


So far, the police haven’t bothered me, but I think they might’ve taken in my new friend, who was hanging out on the sofa in the back street. He’d already told me he had an upcoming appearance due in court and has about $250.00 in fines. He does get some help from his Dad, though, with a check from the sale of some family property.


Gallantry may be perceived to be an old-fashioned characteristic from bygone days, but it sure is nice to experience it. Thank you to the kind men out there who still, also, agree (we know who you are)…




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