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Sap for Sad Eyes


Are you a sap for mewing baby kittens? A sucker for sad, little puppy dog eyes?


I’ll admit to having poured more than a fair share’s worth of seek-and-find missions into searching out considerably cute kitties on YouTube videos: kittens in baths, kittens at play, and kittens doing what they do best — sleeping.


That’s entertainment? It’s one form of mine…


Anyways, here’s a link to one of my recent followers’ websites, and it’s all about animals. I have to say that these are some of the best photos out there of cute animals in one place that I’ve seen. The captions don’t always seem to match, but, with wet, little bunnies in towels and dog snouts in slippers, does it truly matter?


Here’s a looksie for yourself:




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Bow, Wow! And, How!


Bow, Wow! And, How!


Here’s a fun and easy way to give freely to dogs and cats in need. Freekibble.com, started by a young girl named Mimi Ausland, created a trivia game as a way to help people help animals in need. By going to the site and answering some fun multiple choice questions,  dogs and cats can receive free kibble food and cat litter. Whether your answers are right or wrong, you’ll discover some fun and helpful information. Just keep clicking through each following question for maximal benefit to the animals. Visit Freekibble.com, or Mimi’s other site she came up with, Freekibblekat.com, and you can learn a little and love a little — a little animal, that is!


See Freekibble.com:



The official food sponsor of Freekibble.com is Halo, co-owned by Ellen DeGeneres. They have helped to provide the dogs and cats in homeless shelters with millions of bowls of food since their beginning (*tinkly-bell angel sound*). Halo is presently seeking an outside public relations agency or an individual public relations consultant on a contracted part-time-type (15-25 hour) basis (independent, non-employee) via Indeed.com (advertised April 12, 2016), which looks really interesting. Respond by May 15, 2016.


Please see Indeed.com to view the specific requirements and how to respond (in the keyword search, enter: PR Star for Halo, Purely for Pets in the search box):



Here are some follow-through links I clicked on for this article:


The Shelter Pet Project: Many furry friends await a caring forever home; maybe you can find one here?:



The Animal Rescue Site / Greater Good: Cool Pet Products! Items purchased here show how many bowls of kibble are contributed to help needy animals. There are several excellent t-shirt designs I really like: the pink shirt which says ‘In the event of emotional breakdown place cat here’, and a drawing of a curled-up cat is sprawled across the chest area; the henna design t-shirt is pretty cool and incorporates some cat paw prints in it; the paw heart design on the baseball t-shirt is really pretty, and there are others, too.


The most gorgeous coat, starting at $33.99, is the Sunshine Daydream Hooded Jacket in the brick color (also available in purple) Item #38153. It’s handmade in Nepal, fairtrade, and akin to envy-inspiring, like Joseph’s coat was! It has pockets and a sun on the front, but here’s the utmost: It funds 28 bowls of kibble at Freekibble.com (sponsored by Halo, remember); and, not only that, if you enter the promocode GIVEACOAT, then Soles4Souls, which donates coats and shoes to needy people in the U.S. and abroad, will donate a coat to someone in need!


Please see The Animal Rescue Site / Greater Good:



Halo’s foodline and philosophy is to create organic good-for-pets products, offering a full range of flavors, styles and products, including herbal grooming products, supplements and treats, in addition to stews, kibble, and shredded styles of various real meats, like rabbit, venison, fish like salmon, and others. It sounds great, but as their slogan says, it’s “Purely for Pets”!


Now, if only there were a free Middle Eastern food program for people-folk, like us, called “Free Kibbeh” (dot-com?)!


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What Animals Tell Me: True Stories of an Animal Communicator – by Dr. Monica Diedrich

I wish more people were tuned in to the animals and pets that live on the planet with us. If we were, there would be less abuse and more love to go around for all. Meanwhile, I can’t help but cry when I see the ASPCA (I think) ads on television. Each time they come on, I know that they’re going to feature poor little puppy dogs looking dejected, and sad little kitties, and I try my best to say to myself that I will not cry this time. But, it doesn’t work. I really try not to cry and make a full-out effort not to do so, but no…..

So, anyways, this book is about a person who believes they can receive telepathic communications from people’s pets. Dr. Diedrich writes her stories about the stories of the pets which she has visited, and seems to have helped them with their people parents.

I do believe this ability is possible, and I do believe, for the most part, that she does so. I wonder why more people can’t?

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