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Live Again

Live Again (Randyjw; July 13, 2017)


The truce agreed in saying

in truth will be defied

and riches that are gained

may not be realized


Unshackle every chain

if freedom you must buy

The body might be lain

but the soul again shall rise


A rumor in the main

might mask a thin disguise

A false emotion feigned

compounding every lie


Assumptive statements deigned

won’t then materialize

As peace cannot then reign

where vengeful thoughts reside


It only causes pain

and hearts to slowly die

This feeling can’t sustain

although it often tries


Release the falling rain

held back by clouded eyes

Love is not in vain

in the places hatred abides


Share joy and tears again

and live forgived in life

Happiness will remain

in the spaces sadness hides.



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Yeah Hoodie


Yeah Hoodie (Randyjw; May 20, 2017)




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Karma (Randyjw; May 9, 2017)


My heart only thinks of you

there is none other I would care to give it to

A friend, whether old or new

can share some of the recesses to make it more full

My life, without you, is riven in two

We each give our lives to one another

when we spend time in thought or in being with the other

If doing so, rather than grasping my straws to stay alive and give us more

has no worth and you just choose to rattle your sword

then, please, do us both a favor and take your trust right out that door

In other than concrete terms, karma will always find its way to seeing we both receive what’s in store


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Eyes Cried Digitized


Eyes Cried Digitized (Randyjw; March 31; 2017; April 2, 2017 / Posted: May 8, 2017)




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In Black And White (we find grey)

In Black And White (we find grey) (Randyjw; May 8, 2017)




This was a pre-scheduled post, meant for May 1st, as many of my upcoming posts will be; but, for some reason, it didn’t post. My phone will die at the end of the month, if things don’t change. I’ll write if I can, want, am able. Thanks for following, being my friends, and being who you are. That’s the best. I love that about you.


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Israel Stands Still

Yom HaShoah (Randyjw; April 22, 2017)


Yom HaShoah, 5777

Sunset; Sunday, April 23, 2017 –
Nightfall; Monday, April 24, 2017




Israel Stands Still (Randyjw; April 22, 2017)


Israel stands still

when the siren sounds across the land

recalling the fallen

the never again

You are not forgotten

but remembered again




Siren of Rehovot, Israel (2012):






I Am poem – Anne Frank

by Natasha Hashemi and Claire Hawer






Eli Atah – Shlomo Gronich and the Sheba Choir






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Magnetic East

Magnetic East (Randyjw; April 21, 2017)


Positivity rejecting neutrality

magnetic east heading

reads meteor shower

due for collision

yet under the hour


Oscillating waves of


always present,



in the background

of an ironic atmosphere



in the right amounts,

perfect for habitation


when fused

sometimes deadly in



and inscribed

in ionic pentameter


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