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Yo No Lloro


Yo No Lloro (Randyjw; August 29, 2016)


Argentina, Argentina

I cannot cry for you

Providing a safe refuge

for killers of the Jews


Argentina, Argentina

Yo no puedo llorar

Los asesinos de los Judios

Refugio seguro suministrar


En el año mil novecientos noventa-y-cuatro

El terrorista atacaba

Con bomba fue bombardeado

Asociación Mutual Israelita


In the year 1994

A terrorist attacked, you see

With a bomb he blew-up the equivalent

of the Argentinean JCC


Innuendos implicating Iran

preceding the President by guilt

Federal Prosecutor, Natalio Alberto Nisman,

Truth hidden when he was killed


Insinuaciónes implicada el Iran

La culpa del Presidente precedía el conocimiento

Cuando Fiscal Federal, Natalio Alberto Nisman,

La verdad permanece oculto cuando Nisman fue asesinado (ó cuando èl se murió)


Y también de sus tierras

Extraídan las Alemanias

Abrumador en sus maneras

Los Nazis que cremaron las otras


And also from your lands

the Germans were extracted

Killing with their ways

Nazi cremation of others exacted


Para las otras, ningúna vez Ud. llorió

Aliado de sus felicidades casados

Tumbieron adjunto el terrorismo

Para Uds., yo no lloro


Not once you cried for others

In allied troth you lie

Beside your terrorist lover

For you I do not cry



Update (October 11, 2017):


See: Politi, Daniel. “Argentine Election Gets More Intriguing Yet”. New York Times; Page 4: October 1, 2017.


In a not-yet-made-public report encompassing a recently concluded nine-month forensic investigation by a team of 28 experts, new evidence reconstructing the 2015 scene of Natalio Alberto Nisman’s death contradicts previous suicide claims in its unreleased determination that a nasal fracture, a hematoma in the kidney, a palm wound, lesions on his legs, the anasthetic, ketamine, in his blood system, and the lack of gunpowder residue on Mr. Nisman’s hands, indicates the possibility of two other people at the scene, which might be reclassified in coming days as murder.



Update (June 22, 2018):

See: AP and United with Israel Staff. “Argentine Judge Declares Herself ‘Unfit’ to Try Case of Prosecutor Nisman’s Homicide”. United with Israel.org; March 2, 2016:



Update (July 5, 2018):

Glick, Caroline. “The Grand Bazaar, AMIA, and Lockerbie”; carolineglick.com; June 29, 2018:



Update (September 29, 2018):

Cohen, Ben. “Ignoring Extradition Request, Russian President Putin Meets With Senior Iranian Envoy Wanted by Argentina for 1994 AMIA Bombing”; algemeiner.com; July 12, 2018:



Chen, Ben. “Iran Rejects Argentine President’s Demand for Cooperation Over AMIA Atrocity”; algemeiner.com; September 26, 2018:



Update (March 25, 2019):

Jerenberg, Batya. “Expert Who Said Jewish Bombing Investigator’s Death Not Suicide Found Dead”. worldisraelnews.com; March 19, 2019:


(* Not sure I believe the cause of death is necessarily “natural” in this case, either…)



Update (September 28, 2019):

Cohen, Ben. “‘I’m Sure It Wasn’t Cristina’: Argentine Presidential Election Frontrunner Makes Bold Claim Over Murder of AMIA Prosecutor Alberto Nisman”. algemeiner.com; August 26, 2019:





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