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Randy’s Recipes: Yogurt Ambrosia


Randy’s Recipes: Yogurt Ambrosia (August 20, 2016)


This light and delicious fruit salad makes a delicious lunch, pot-luck or dinner party dessert addition, and it’ll be a winner for second-rounds. Simply add flavored yogurt to any cut fruits, and you’ve got an exotic taste treat, which is like another little slice of heaven.


Cut fruits: quantity to suit (melons work well; here I used honeydew. Everything works! Bananas, peaches, plums – try it all!)

Yogurt: quantity to taste (lime works great, as does lemon, or substitute other flavors to go in a new direction.)


Cut fruits, straining-off liquids, and leaving as dry as possible to accept the yogurt as a coating. Pat dry, if need be, and place into bowl. Stir-in yogurt, using more than seems needed, as it thins out. Therefore, only add it as close to serving time, as possible.


You can also try additional add-ins, if you like: marshmallows, marshmallow creme, honey, coconut, etc., only limited by imagination. An extra squirt of citrus, such as lime, or a juice, sich as orange, might be nice.


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