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My Words Are These


I recorded various tracks at different locations, and can’t figure out how to get them mixed. I’ve downloaded and deleted so many sound recording apps that haven’t yet worked out. I suspect that soundcloud won’t allow me to redownload my own material, anyways. I’ve set them to private and can’t even seem to change that setting; I think I might need a real computer for that. Meanwhile, I was never sure I wanted to make it public, but keep it just close to my heart. My words say something to that effect. The Hebrew is not from a native-speaker; just a Jewish girl without a real home. They’re also in the wrong tense, coming as if the words were being spoken by a man to a woman. No translation; hearts need none.


Tamid Va’ed (Dates approximated: February 26th, 2017: Sound Effects = Train (Not sure if I was going to use it or not; mostly trying to hide my poor voice); March 1st, 2017 = Instrumentals (synthesized: sitar, guitar, flute); March 1st, 2017 = Poetry (Lyrics); March 4th, 2017: Photography (Poetry/Lyrics))


Ani ohev

Tamid Va’ed

Yachad yoshev

Pituach balev


Ani yoshev

Yachad balev

Anachnu echad

Tamid Va’ed


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Oznaim (Rachelgv/Randyjw; February 15, 2017)


The function of ears:

like friends, and two cups for tea;

collecting the tears.

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Ba’ach (Randyjw; December 29, 2016)


mishmesh b’d’vash

kishmish b’ashishah

shnei yoshvim al

ha’karkah ba’ach

lischak et hamischak

sheshbesh zeh nikrah




Apricots in honey

Sultanas in cakes

Two sit on the floor

by the fireplace

to play a game

backgammon it’s called


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Machar Einav


Machar Einav (Randyjw; December 6, 2016)


Ani lo yodea im hazeh efshar

Nireh lik’she mah et shum devar

Machar efkach et einaiv elai v’klum achar

Od efshar tireh mah ha’she’kumah im ayelet ha’shachar


I don’t even know if this it is possible

It seems to me — that which it is, is like nothing

Tomorrow I will open these eyes of mine,

and nothing, afterwards

Until it’s possible to see

that which arises

with the morning star.


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Bread and Butter

Bread and Butter (Randyjw; August 13, 2016)


My toast is dry.

Its only moisture

the tears I cry.



Lechem v’Chemah (Rachel; Tisha B’Av, 5776)


Lechem kahlui yavesh

Tal yachid


Et haDimati ba’esh



My first Hebrew poem. I don’t know my own language. I hope this is stated correctly.


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